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May 20, 2022, 7:47 p.m.
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1-2 February 2022

Facilitator: Christianna McElheny, Program Manager

Welcome & Introductions:

MPSSF Attendees – Christianna (Primary POC/PM), Chris LeDuc, Mandy Medina-Harris, Brent Schrock, Cavan Rhodes, Lonny Clippinger

HAFB Contracting Officer(s) - Casey Hodson/Marshall Neilson

HAFB Small Business Office - Alysha Caldwell

Interest Parties/Attendees

A2M Consulting llc.; A5RS; ABSI Aerospace and Defense; American Systems;

Atlas Business Consulting Inc.; Beshenich Muir & Associates llc.; Brandes Associates Inc.; BTAS Inc.; C4 Planning Solutions llc.; DCS Corporation; Decipher Strategies Consulting;

Diligent Consulting Inc.; Eagle 6 Technologies; EL Blake Corporation;

Enhanced Veterans Solutions; ERC llc.; GEDC & Gray Venture; GEBC llc.; GSD llc.; HX5;

Ignite Fueling Innovations llc.; Jacobs; Key ERP Solutions llc.; Kihomac Inc.; Leidos Inc.; Linquest Corporation; Micro Health llc.; Next Gen Federal Systems; Northrop Grumman;

Nova Technologies; Plans Systems International; SAIC; Sawdey Solution Services;

Sabre Systems Inc.; Semper Valens Solutions Inc.; Software Engineering Services;

Spiral Solutions and Technologies; Steel Gate llc.; Strategic Resilience Group llc.;

Sumaria Systems llc.; Summit Technologies Inc.; Sudolynx; UNCOMN; Vector Solutions Inc.;

Veterans Solutions and Services llc.; YKJV llc.

General Information

RFP Release – March through May (intended) with a 60 day response deadline. UPDATE: RFP release is now anticipated in the May to July timeframe.

Contracting – check the SAM website (link to be received from PCO/Casey Hodson)

General Discussion

General expectations and contract proposal information was presented by the Program Manager (PM). PM reviewed the Performance Work Statement, Sections L&M, pricing and staffing tables, and other draft RFP attachments and answered general questions from the attendees

PWS Review

Configuration Management and distribution of software:

Is the Government willing to consider suggestions and innovative ideas/solutions?

The MPSSF Network SME mentioned that the electronic distribution processes are being actively investigated as a stopgap solution until we establish/achieve a connected environment, or a mostly connected environment. The physical disk distribution process is the current solution but we are including other digital options/methods as we implement more automated digital data transfer methods. PM mentioned the contractor is not expected to identify and implement a new solution. We are asking the CM team to follow the established processes provided/established by the Program Office.

JOMS: PM explained that we realize bidders will not have existing JOMS experience, as JOMS is not yet fully operational, but they will be given an opportunity to develop the necessary experience as JOMS progresses and evolves. The main responsibility of the contractor in reference to JOMS is to follow and support enterprise processes, whether they apply to JMPS or JOMs etc.

Composition of MPC Team and the Agile Release Team ( The specific MPSSF requirement for 7 personnel on the Agile Software Release Team was confirmed and the need to have a team with a specific skillset was identified by the technical team and Engineer. Sections 2.11.3 and 2.11.4 were also explained.

Equipment: The equipment currently used for the MPSCIII contract will be transferred from the MPSCIII contractor to MPSCIV contractor

Facility/facilities: The prime contractor will assume the existing facility lease from the current MPSCIII contractor (Summit Technologies). The Government will pay/be billed for the lease on a cost-reimbursable basis.

Transition of Activities/workload: The phased transition will within 30 days.

Update: The transition of MPSSF activities will occur within a 30 day window following the award of the MPSSF task order. SSR task orders will end with MPSC III and then be picked up on MPSC IV as they phase out. For example, if a task order on MPSC III ends on 30 June 23, it will be awarded to begin under MPSC IV on 1 Jul 23. It will be the expectation that the MPSC IV contractor will begin providing services on Day One of their awarded task orders, the transition period exists prior to the start of services, as there are no billable transition costs prior to the start date of a task order.

On-Aircraft work: The PM said the contractor(s) would NOT be working with/on the aircraft directly. She explained that the SSRs are typically on-site to maintain the mission planning equipment/systems. It was asked if the funding provided from the MAJCOMS will be explained/reflected to offerors. The specific details of MAJCOM provided funding will not be explained to offerors, other than the notion that MAJCOMs pay for their own requirements and the PM works with MAJCOM to determine what requirements will be placed on each task order.

Task Review Notes/Information with additional details:

* – additional system support – noted that additional systems may be added in the future at locations, as identified by the RFS(s) - no questions were asked

*2.3.2 – Assault Zone SSR – this designation/category will have a different requirement than standard SSRs, as noted in the PWS

*2.4- 2.11 - overview of sections with summaries provided – no specific questions asked

Section L Review

The selection procedures for the MPSCIV contract are very similar to what they were in the MPSCIII contract. Offerors must provide concise information noting any exceptions. Assume that the Government has NO PRIOR KNOWLEDGE of your previous work history. Documents must be consistent and address the Section L, Section M and PWS information/requirements. Debriefing can be requested after contract award. By offering a proposal bidders agree to the requirements posted with the RFP.

Pricing Clarification: Will MPE Prices be considered (for pricing clarification) if all other factors are equal?

Update: This question was noted in the minutes, but no answer was documented. The question is not clear enough to provide an answer without clarification. If anyone is in need of this question being answered, please follow up with a RFI/Q&A to Casey Hodson.

Data Transfer: Digital data transfer methods and tools, like Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment (PIEE) have been suggested as potential systems for delivering proposal documents. The government has identified that they would research these systems and take them into consideration, but a final position would be identified before RFP release. There is a desire to implement/utilize increasingly digital data transfer methods in the future (to transition away from CD’s and initiate more secure and automated systems with system status tracking/monitoring capabilities). Information was provided in the “chat” screen during the meeting.

UPDATE: Regarding the proposal, the PCO and Program Office have determined that CD/DVDs will be the requested soft copy approach. We realize this may not be ideal for offerors, but it has been determined to be the most beneficial way for the Government to review proposal information and proceed at this time. Regarding, digital data transfer requirements for the MPSC IV scope; details are contained within the draft RFP documents.

Section M

All factors are important. A “technically acceptable” rating is required. We reserve the right to trade off past performance. The Government reserves the right to award the contract without discussion. For details on this, please reference Section L&M.

Data Submission: Documents will be submitted as requested, with hard copies. The PM mentioned that we need hard copies to enable the team to easily cross-reference documents and to facilitate the evaluation process. We understand this may not be ideal for offerors, but after much discussion it was still determined to be a requirement for the Government.

Contract Award Target Date: The PM mentioned the predicted timeline for RFP is early March for proposal receipt and December for award, however timelines may shift to the right, or left as opportunities, issues or delays are encountered during the review and approval phases/processes.

UPDATE: Timeline has indeed shifted to the right, and the RFP in intended to drop in early-mid May, with estimated July date for receipt of proposals.

General Questions/Comments/Notes

The SSF workload will be issued as a main task order, the FMS workload will be identified as a separate task order, as will each SSR and FMS travel task order. Our goal is to align task orders as soon as MPSC IV is awarded, however task orders may join MPSC IV at different intervals as they end on MPSC III.

The Agile Release Team for MPC is the only requirement with a definite amount of staffing attached. For other requirement, it is important that the contractor retain personnel to ensure proper performance and ensure the requirements are satisfied. There may be turnover, but the contractor is always required to provide the services as described in the PWS even during turnover. The question was asked if the contract has a lot of turnover, and it was answered that it is not excessive and is considered normal overall.

The Mission Planning software is primarily delivered via disks but the data transfer processes are transitioning to digital methods and are also using data download capabilities. These details are referenced in the PWS. The Government has more restrictions that must be taken into consideration when transmitting/transporting data than some industry partners are used to. The PWS states where offerors a… Show All