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Aug. 20, 2020



Defense Enclave Services Pre-Solicitation Conference Video Transcript



Clark Miller: Hello and welcome. I am Clark Miller from the Defense Information Technology

Contracting Organization and your narrator for today. Thank you for attending the virtual Defense

Information Systems Agency Defense Enclave Services Pre-Solicitation Conference.

It is my pleasure to introduce you to Ms. Debra Daniels, the Deputy Director of the Defense

Information Technology Contracting Organization.

Ms. Daniels: Thank you for the introduction. Im Debra Daniels the Deputy Director for the

Defense Information Technology Contracting Organization and also DISAs Senior Services

Manager. And I am pleased to welcome you to the Pre-Solicitation Conference for the Defense

Enclave Services acquisition. In 2019 the Deputy Secretary of Defense designated the Defense

Information Systems Agency as the single service provider to optimize network capabilities for

the 4th estate defense agencies and field activities or DAFAs. This is comprised of 22 agencies

more than 400 thousand users and 800 plus locations worldwide, and as the Senior Services

Manager for category management I am happy that we are having the Pre-Solicitation Conference

for the DES. Because this optimization initiative seeks to modernize the DoD Architecture, reduce

cost, improve business practices and mitigate operational and cyber risk. Through this acquisition

effort the government is seeking to leverage commercial industry best practices, technical

expertise, and the development of capabilities to provide responsive innovative services for

DISAs mission partners. DISA will leverage a Statement Of Objectives to promote the submission

of truly innovative efficient performance based and cost effective solutions to provide the required

capabilities to our mission partners for both today and for providing solutions for tomorrow. So

again, thank you attending this pre-solicitation conference for the DISAs planned acquisition for

the Defense Enclave Services.

Clark Miller: Thank you very much Ms. Daniels.


For the remainder of todays agenda we will hear from Colonel Autry who will review the Program

Overview and Objectives of the DES Program, we will then hear from Ms. Beury who will give

us an overview of the DES Acquisition. Finally we will hear from Ms. Capenos, who will discuss

Small Business considerations.


But first, I will discuss several disclosures to you, which I will read verbatim.

The goal of this event is to provide offerors with information regarding the program objectives,

and to discuss the upcoming solicitation package, statement of objectives, and scope.

The purpose of the pre-solicitation conference is to facilitate communications and answer

questions regarding the program and contract process. Interested parties should continue to

monitor the Contracting Opportunities website at for DES-related announcements,

the final Request for Proposals (RFP) and associated attachments.

Offerors shall refer ONLY to the Final RFP on


All communications shall be conducted only in writing and directly to the Contracting Officer.

Offerors shall not contact any other Government personnel other than the Contracting Officer

identified. Contacting any other Government personnel other than the Contracting Officer

identified may result in an organizational conflict of interest (OCI) and may result in an offeror

being excluded from competition and award. Do not share any proprietary information with the

Government at this event. The Government will not discuss the solicitation or requirements with

any participant one-on-one at todays event.

At this time I would like to give the stage to Colonel Chris Autrey, the Program Manager for the


DES Program.



Col Autrey: Hello, my name is Colonel Chris Autrey and I am the program manager for DoDs

4th Estate Network Optimization Program. Id like to take a few minutes to talk to you about the

purpose of the program and its goals so you have a better understanding of what we need our

mission partners to provide in making it successful. Next slide please.

As part of ongoing DoD reform initiatives, the Deputy Secretary of Defense designated the

Defense Information Systems Agency as the single service provider to optimize network

capabilities for Fourth Estate Defense Agencies and Field Activities.

Our role here is to migrate these Defense Agencies from their legacy commodity IT networks to a

single network were calling DoDNet, which DISA will operate. The goal of this effort is to

modernize the DoD IT architecture, reduce costs, improve business practices, and mitigate

operational and cyber risks. Next slide, thank you.

The role of the DES contract in support of this effort can be seen here. DISA will take on areas

defined as common use IT. The agencies will be responsible for maintain their mission IT

systems. Common Use IT is the set of telecommunications and applications that all government

employees require to perform their daily jobs. This includes identity services, personnel apps, IT

support, infrastructure, and all the monitoring and cybersecurity needs to operate a network.

The IT reform tied to this effort of this program has been broken into two phases, with 13 agencies

in Phase 1 and an additional 9 agencies in Phase 2 of the effort. The first agencies are being

migrated now, with the majority of organizations moving as part of the DES vehicle. Phase 1

agencies are projected to migrate through Fiscal Year 2025 with the phase 2 agencies following

As I alluded to earlier, the primary goal of the IT Reform efforts are to provide better and more

cost effective IT services to the Defense Agencies. This will be accomplished through several

areas including the consolidation of common use IT networks and services under a single service

provider, eliminating overhead of running 22 separate networks. This is expected to strengthen

the cyber security oversight of this network through more rapid refresh of aging hardware and

So why do we need DES? While DISA started this effort, we recognize the importance of

partnering with industry to bring innovation and best practices forward to enhance our pathfinder

efforts. Only through this teaming will DISA be successful in meeting the efficiency goals of

running the consolidated NIPRnet and SIPRnet Networks.

The 4th Estate agencies have historically contracted for their own separate network management

and service desk support services with widely varying performance requirements, sustainment







plans and personnel requirements, leading to multiple differing solutions and levels of success.

As part of the 4th Estate Network Optimization effort, these agencies will merge their networks,

processes, tools, infrastructure and contracts under DISA as the Single Service Provider.

DES will leverage the commercial industry best practices, technical expertise, and development

capabilities to provide responsive, innovative services for the DISA mission partners and make the

program fully successful.

Thank you for your time.


acquisition on the next slide.


agencies upon transition.

Clark Miller: Thank you very much Colonel Autrey. I would like to now turn our attention to Ms.

Susan Beury, Acquisitions Analyst for Defense Enclave Services.

Susan Beury: Hello, my name is Susan Taylor Beury, and I am the Acquisition Analyst

assigned to the Defense Enclave Services procurement. I work within the 4th Estate Network

Optimization program office, and I will start with a summary of the Defense Enclave Services

The scope of Defense Enclave Services procurement is to merge the networks, processes, tools,

and infrastructure of 22 separate DoD agencies under a Single Service Provider. NIPR and SIPR

domains will use the DISA DoDNet as the technical baseline for standardization between

We have planned for the Defense Enclave Services to be a Single Award, Indefinite-

Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract. Under the IDIQ, we will issues task orders for

Fourth Estate agencies, and these task orders will include firm-fixed-price, labor hour and cost

reimbursable contract line items numbers. This acquisition has a ceiling value of $11.7 Billion

dollars; we are projecting a 10 year period of performance, with (1) four year base period and (3)

two-year option periods. Our source selection approach will be Best Value Trade Off, and

competition will be Full & Open.


The Defense Enclave Services procurement started with the requirements planning and a Sources

Sought announcement in Fiscal Year 2019. We have completed several acquisition milestones in

the past year, to include market research, developing the Independent Government Cost Estimate

and acquisition plan, as well as submitting requirements documentation to the DISA contracting


We are now at the virtual pre-solicitation conference stage; once this is complete, we anticipate

the release of the final Request for Proposals in late September 2020, with a proposal due date

approximately 60 days after the release of the solicitation. Our final timeline for award is

projected for the first quarter of FY22, in December 2021.


As Ms. Daniels mentioned earlier, this acquisition will employ a Statement of Objectives. The

specific purpose of the Statement of