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May 7, 2021
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Legacy Tanker Division
Online Industry Day

KC-135 Center Console Refresh (CCR)

1st Lt Kyle Appelt
Program Manager
AFLCMC/WLTM Modifications Branch

Mr. Hassan Hammi
Contracting Specialist
AFLCMC/WLTK Legacy Tanker Contracting
Government is not currently soliciting proposals
All information provided is subject to change
Any presentation points in the following briefing or any ensuing discussions DO NOT constitute direction to the contractor. Only the Contracting Officer can communicate direction to the contractor to initiate, change, or suspend work performance
Following is preliminary information exchange only
Anything discussed at this Industry Day is not an obligation on the part of either partyAgenda
10 May 2021
0730 0800: Online Registration & Check In
0800 0830:
Program Overview & Center Console Refresh Technical Overview
0830 0900: Vendor Questions/Open Discussion
0910 0940: One on One Discussion Skytexus
0950 1020: One on One Discussion Aery Aviation
1030 1100: One on One Discussion ECI Defense
1110 1140: One on One Discussion PATS Aircraft
1140 1240: Lunch
1240 1310: One on One Discussion SAFRAN
1320 1350: One on One Discussion Collins Aerospace
1400 1430: One on One Discussion Support Systems
1440 1510: One on One Discussion Simmonds Precision
1520 1550: One on One Discussion Astronautics Corporation
1600 1630: One on One Discussion Northrop Grumman
1640 1710: One on One Discussion iAccess Technologies
Open RemarksPurpose
KC-135 Program Office is seeking industry feedback on replacement of the KC-135 Fuel Management System and Multi-Functional Displays
Fuel Management System indication, command, and weight and balance
Multi-Functional Displays pilot input/output displays on flight deck

Identify potential sources possessing the expertise and capabilities capability to design, integrate, test, produce and field for:
USAF approx. 300 aircarft
Foreign Partner Aircraft TBD

Provide a forum for program and technical information exchange

Provide a networking opportunityProgram Office Team
PM: 1st Lt Kyle Appelt / 2d Lt Hunter Love
ENG: Mr. Rafael Lorenzo
PCO: Ms. Maisie Heck
Contracting Specialist: Mr. Hassan Hammi
ES: MSgt James Mabe
LG: Ms. Amber Lenora
FMS: TBDAerial Refueling KC-135Missions
Air Refueling (primary)
Cargo/passenger transport (secondary)
Command & Control interoperability (emerging)
Aeromedical Evacuation

Program Office at Tinker AFB
System Operational Safety, Suitability, and Effectiveness
Programmed Depot Maintenance (PDM) requirements, funding, engineering dispositions
Logistics support Aircraft Availability (AA) improvement initiatives, a/c disposal/migration, supply chain support
Aircraft modifications/upgrades

KC-135 Program of Record

What We Need
Integrated Fuel Management Panel (IFMP), Fuel Management Advisory Computer (FMAC), Tank Interface Unit (TIU), and Multi-Functional Displays (MFD) are facing obsolescence in the next 5-10 years

Provide Fuel Quantity Transfer System and MFD system solution to allow continued KC-135 operations beyond 2040

Center Console Refresh Scope

MFD Control Panels
MFD Screens

CCR Upgrades
Future Considerations
Control Display Units (CDU)
MFD Control PanelsCDUIFMP

Creative Adaptability
Contract Scope
Effort will include design, integration, test, production and fielding of the solution
Open to commercial solutions
Open to all installation strategies, to include:
Programmed Depot Maintenance (@ Tinker AFB)
Contractor Field Team(s)
Contractor Maintenance Repair and Overhaul Facility
Small business goals will be included
Current Technical Requirements
DO-160G (commercial) and MIL-STD 810 (military) minimum standard
Standard Data Bus 1553
Available Power
115 VAC, 400Hz 3-Phases
28 VDC
Block 45 aircraft only
Submit electronically via email or via form provided

Questions and answers will be uploaded to Beta.SAM.Gov Mr. Hassan Hammi
Contracting Specialist
AFLCMC/WLTK Legacy Tanker Contracting
Office: 405.739.2041
Open Discussion