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U.S. Department of Homeland Security CAT Industry Day TSA25-04-3640 Transportation Security Administration 6595 Springfield Center Drive Springfield, Virginia 20598 1 TSA Industry Day Announcement Credential Authentication Technology 1.0 Introduction The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Acquisition Program Management (APM) office is hosting a virtual Industry Day for the Credential Authentication Technology (CAT) Program. The goals of this Industry Day are to: •Communicate TSA's CAT Program expectations and milestones;•Share system requirements for the next generation of the CAT systems (CAT-2), discussTSA's vision for their implementation, and allow the industry to provide feedback orquestions regarding the requirements; and•Initiate discussions between industry and government surrounding TSA's strategy to procureCAT-2 systems based on new capabilities.2.0 Purpose The TSA leverages technology advances when possible to meet aviation security challenges. In support of advancing security capabilities, APM is seeking systems that are capable of meeting TSA’s operational, functional and network interface requirements for identity document authentication and biometric matching. This Industry Day offers the opportunity to initiate discussions with industry representatives, access market information and innovations, and attract interest in next generation identity authentication technology. 3.0 Event Description Date: September 8, 2021 Location: Virtual [ WebEx Link to be sent to attendees prior to event] The TSA intends to cover its vision, challenges, scope, expectations, requirements, and milestones for the CAT program. Question and answer discussions will be held at the end of each topic to ensure that the TSA and attendees are in alignment with expectations. This Industry Day will be held virtually. Details will be provided to companies after attendance and security requirements have been met (see Section 5.0 and Section 6.0 for details). 4.0 Draft Agenda The following topics will be discussed during the Industry Day: Welcome and IntroductionsCAT Program OverviewCAT-2 Draft Requirement Documents: Operational Requirements Document (ORD),Functional Requirements Document (FRD), and the Security Technology Integrated Program(STIP)TSA Network Security RequirementsCybersecurity Assessment U.S. Department of Homeland Security CAT Industry Day TSA25-04-3640 Transportation Security Administration 6595 Springfield Center Drive Springfield, Virginia 20598 2 IT System ConfigurationIntegrated Test & EvaluationConfiguration Management*A finalized Agenda will be sent out prior to the Industry Day.5.0 Required Criteria for Attendance Participation in this Industry Day is limited to (a) current CAT manufacturers; (b) potential CAT manufacturers; and (c) third-party organizations with relevant experience in algorithm development, integration, and/or identity authentication using identity documents and/or biometric matching. To be considered for attendance, each company must submit a list of projects relevant to identity authentication and biometric matching that has been successfully completed, and/or identity authentication and biometric matching algorithm research papers that they have authored, together with a short summary of each, and/or any other relevant information that will show a, b, or c above. The total page count for the project list and summary shall not exceed one (1) page. In addition, individuals requiring participation in the Industry Day will need to declare what company they are representing. Attendance at this event is subject to TSA’s sole review and discretion. 6.0 Security Requirements to Attendance: As part of this event, the TSA intends to release the draft CAT-2 requirements: ORD, FRD, and IRD for the STIP. The goal of sharing these documents is to ensure industry understands both the requirements and their operational/mission context, allow industry to ask questions, and to provide the opportunity for early engagement and product development. All documents are classified as Sensitive Security Information (SSI), and those interested in viewing these documents must satisfy the following requirements prior to receiving them. Only those participants that are accepted by the TSA to participate in this Industry Day based on the attendance criteria will be eligible for vetting. The process to gain access to SSI is as follows: SSI will be available to participants in preparing responses for this Industry Day. Potential participants must obtain specific authorization to obtain SSI. SSI will not be available or otherwise provided or disclosed to any person not specifically authorized to receive it. SSI provided pursuant to this Industry Day event may only be used to satisfy requirements for participating in this event. A.Senior Corporate Official. Each participant (and subcontractor/team member) must separatelydesignate in writing to the TSA Contracting Officer a single, corporate official who will serve asthe single point of contact for sensitive information. This individual must certify that allappropriate protections will be followed, only authorized individuals will have access to sensitiveinformation, and that those individuals adequately understand their responsibilities to protectthis information. This official must also certify to the TSA Contracting Officer every 60 days that U.S. Department of Homeland Security CAT Industry Day TSA25-04-3640 Transportation Security Administration 6595 Springfield Center Drive Springfield, Virginia 20598 3 all appropriate protections have been followed, only authorized individuals have access to sensitive information, and that those individuals with access adequately understand their responsibilities to protect this information. A copy of this certification shall also be emailed to This official will also ensure that the TSA Contracting Officer is notified of staffing changes or circumstances in which individuals no longer need access to SSI. B. Participant Responsibility. The TSA will review the System for Award Management (SAM) and Dun & Bradstreet report to ensure that the corporate entity would not otherwise be precluded from receiving a contract award. While this review does not replace the responsibility determination required by FAR part 9, it may prohibit participants from receiving SSI information during the pre-solicitation phase. C. Criteria for Release. As part of this Industry Day, SSI may only be accessed by individuals who have successfully passed a Security Threat Assessment. This assessment may include a verification of site facility clearance in the National Industrial Security Program (NISP), contractor suitability determination or other federal background investigation, individual security clearance(s), and if required, a criminal history records check (CHRC) and/or a check against terrorism or other databases. D. Information Requirements. Consistent with the criteria for release described above, any Industry Day participants’ Senior Corporate Officials must provide the appropriate information to the TSA as identified below. Note that this requirement applies likewise to any prospective subcontractor, joint venture partner, or “team” company whose access to the specified SSI and subsequent input into a planned proposal is necessary to prepare and complete the proposal. All information must be emailed to This information will be handled in accordance with the applicable Privacy Act System of Records Notice (SORN), DHS/TSA 002, Transportation Security Threat Assessment System (T-STAS), noted in Paragraph F, below. a. Senior Corporate Officials shall provide the TSA Contracting Officer, via email, with the CAGE code of the participant’s facility that will manage the SSI, company DUNS number, and address; and b. Senior Corporate Officials shall provide the following information for all employees who require access to SSI in a single password protected Microsoft Excel spreadsheet emailed to the TSA Contracting Officer. The password for the password protected spreadsheet shall be sent to the Contracting Officer in a separate email, at the same time.  Employee Full Name  Employee Gender (i.e., Male or Female)  Employee Birth Date  Employee Citizenship  Indication of whether any nominated employees have:  Previously received a TSA suitability determination;  Undergone a federal background investigation; or  Possess an individual security clearance U.S. Department of Homeland Security CAT Industry Day TSA25-04-3640 Transportation Security Administration 6595 Springfield Center Drive Springfield, Virginia 20598 4 While not required in the original information provided by the Senior Corporate Official, it should be noted that in rare instances Social Security Numbers may be required for individuals. In those instances, the Senior Corporate Official will receive an email from requesting the Social Security Number for the select individuals and the Senior Corporate Official will provide the requested information back to in a password protected document using the same password previously provided. E. Privacy Act Statement. The TSA will use the information provided to conduct a security threat assessment on individuals who seek access to Sensitive Security Information. The information will be shared within DHS with personnel who need the information to perform their official duties. Additionally, DHS may share the information with law enforcement, intelligence, or other government agencies as necessary to identify and respond to potential or actual threats to transportation security in accordance with the routine uses identified in the applicable Privacy Act System of Records Notice (SORN), DHS/TSA 002, Transportation Security Threat Assessment System (T-STAS… Show All