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Contract Opportunity
Jan. 19, 2023




Gary Snider HDT 859-372-8272

Wade Milek HDT 513-673-0032

David Erekson NGC 801-523-3453

John Oechsle NGC 801-510-8237

Rob Cate Boeing 801-391-1700

Lara Blum Boeing 801-317-7444

Tony Klingensmith Boeing 801-775-3974

Brian Dawson USAF/NMSM 801-775-3974

Dan Minert LDTO 801-695-5794

From Government Team: Des Armstrong, Jeremy Bruening, Alex Bird, Quinton Wayman, Sean Taft, Terrance Marks, Meg Godwin

Notes for Industry Day, December 7, 2022:

Des (PM) - Agenda and Introductions

John Oechsle (NGC) asked, If the Q&A was in POE or 847?

Rob Cate (Boeing) asked, Are pictures allowed?

Brian (GM) answered Yes, nothing in that building is classified.

Jeremy (CO) Contracting Disclaimer

Des (PM) Procurement Overview

Lara (Boeing), Will slides be released?

Jeremy (CO) answered, Most likely.

Wayman Technical

HDT (Wade Milek) : Any updates to obsolescence will be difficult, can we update the TDP?

Wayman (EN), Yes, we will hang EOs.

NGC (JOHN Oechsle): Expected time frame for release of RFP with Drawings?

Jeremy (CO), Expected January.

Des (PM), Draft RFP expected Feb 23 and RFP Mar 23

Des (PM) Notational Schedule

Dan Minert (LDTO) Added Comment, One of the functions of the carriages is when the stages are mated together, they have to be adjusted in such a complex and complicated, adding complexity to this situation.

HDT (Wade Milek), When was the last time they were manufactured/ produced?

Des (PM), a long time ago

Brian (GM), 1970s

NGC (JOHN Oechsle): Why do you need 5 of the last stage?

Brian (GM) We have plenty of Stage 1 and 2, but 3 is lacking.

HDT (Wade Milek), Will there be GFE?

Brian (GM), Depends on mission requirements.

Des (PM) - Prep for Leaving, Jeremy (CO) assisting with Directions and Parking Information

HDT (Wade Milek)- Asked a Series of the Following Questions:

RMS/ PST: Why the separation from MATH?

Des (PM), To give the contractors ability to simplify and opens it up to more competition.

RFI Stage, there were a few things about a requirement for design and analysis?

Jeremy (CO): There is analysis for obsolescence.

Proof Load Testing, Certifying the Functional Test, is that provided? Is that GFE? He then explained, Once asset is built, it has to be tested, is this part of the development or is there a government provided one?

Alex Bird (EN) and Brian (GM): there is a test dummy, but we will have to ask for permission to use it

Are a set of rails apart of testing or will we have to develop/ provide it? Or will it be apart of the dummy asset provided?

Des (PM), We will likely be provided one of the ops demos for testing.

What other test documents be provided?

Des (PM), Bidders Library is large, and holds a lot of information, and will need to be requested.

ILS Updates, Manuals/TOs: Is that part of the scope?

Des (PM) If you make changes to the assets and the TOs will need to be updated and that will be a part of your responsibility.

What is the expected Contract Type?

Jeremy (CO), Too early in the process to have been decided yet.

Des (PM) We are considering the materials being costly, and economic adjustments before making a decision.

Anticipated Section M? Is it going to a LPTA?

Jeremy (CO): LPTA is expected/ anticipated.

Question and Answer Session:

Des (PM) Opened Discussion

Gary (HDT) In regard to retired carriages, any technical defects, common failure, why are they getting retired?

Jeremy Ward (MMXS): Due to the age of the assets, the common failures were due to fatigue and wear.

Wayman (EN) We will not be making any changes.

HDT (Wade) Does the drawings address the manufacturing process?

Wayman (EN) Drawings should include that information and we will use Technical Interchange Meetings to address any concerns.

Wade What about the RFP process?

Jeremy (CO)- The Draft RFP will include all technical data. We will not be posting TDP, the contractor will need to request full package.

Wade- Do you have the tooling or tooling callouts?

Alex (EN) It is not available.

Rob (Boeing) Who approves and controls EOs?

Des (PM) Program Office will approve.

John (NGC) If a part is not found and will need to be produced, will it need to be requalified?

ENs It depends on the part but will need to be requalified somehow.

Boeing Are we going to follow the specification for S-133? Are we going to test to KPPs/KSAs or are they going to flow down from the requirements?

ENs- We will test to the derive from the requirements that flow down from the specifications.

Boeing So we will test to KPPs/KSAs?

ENs Yes, because the KPPs are derived from the spec.

Boeing Are we going to test to compliance to the DODI 5000.89_DAFI 99-103?

ENs- You will be complying with the MTA portion, section 4.3.

Des (PM) Do your research on MTA Rapid Fielding Path, its Adaptative Acquisition Framework.

Wade (HDT) Is the test set going to be included as GFE?

Des (PM) OPS Demo will occur either here at Hill or at UTTR.

John (NGC) Review time for draft?

Jeremy (CO) Couple of weeks, but it has yet to be determined.

John (NGC) So we will have 30 days for industry to comment?

Des (PM) Yes.