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Contract Opportunity
Nov. 18, 2022



Industry Day One on One Questions
(Verbal responses, can follow up with written responses by 5 Dec 22)

1. How would your organization transition from the incumbent contractor?

a. Briefly describe your approach to staffing
b. Personnel security accesses (this is Special Access Program) are
required. Does your company have any experience obtaining SAP

c. A Special Access Program Facility (SAPF) will be required right away.
Does your company have experience obtaining SAPF accreditation?
d. Describe the duration needed for transition (the time in which it will take to

build up from zero to 100+ sites).

2. Expected contract award is May 2024. Describe how your company would

transition from the incumbent. Please consider that network down time should
be avoided.

a. Describe (top level) your transition approach for if the software (to include
the data rights and source code) and hardware was given as Government
Furnished Equipment. Describe any factors/risks that might affect this

b. Describe (top level) your transition approach for if the software and

hardware is not provided. Describe any factors/risks that might affect this

Transition plan Example: When could you have your network operations center
operational inside of a SAPF? Would you incrementally transition portals, if so,
how can network down time be avoided?

3. Can your company meet Top Secret/Sensitive compartmented Information and

Special Access Program Security requirements?

4. The existing approximately 110 CONUS and OCONUS sites require

maintenance, sustainment, and period technology refresh. Describe your ability
to quickly procure, maintain and install equipment with minimal disruption to

5. Describe your companys experience with providing COMSEC services, key
management, and remote management (from a central location) of all NSA-
approved encryption equipment for a global network.

6. What life cycle logistics support challenges do you forsee?

7. Describe the risks you foresee in executing an effort of this scope. What steps

will you likely take to manage these risks?

8. Discuss any other relevant topics, concerns, and information that will help the

Government in forming an effective acquisition strategy.

Provide Written Responses by 5 Dec 22

9. Describe your companys experience with successful execution of contracts
providing secure global network services where all positions require security
clearances (most positions require access to multiple special programs) detailing
how a gap in service during the transition was avoided.

10. What recent and relevant experience does your organization have with

developing and sustaining a world-wide network of training simulators? Include
contract numbers, brief description of the work performed, period of performance
and agency/organization supported.

11. Describe your companys experience with providing global network services to

both CONUS and OCONUS sites with multiple simultaneous virtual networks that
are quickly established and reconfigured on-demand for daily distributed training.

12. Describe your organizations experience with the JSIG, Risk Management
Framework, Authorizations to Operate, Authorizations to Connect, and
Interconnection Service Agreements.

13. Describe your companys experience developing and testing Cross Domain

Solutions and /or Multi-level Security Solutions.

14. Describe your companys experience in networking training simulators and in
working with interoperability mechanisms such as DIS, HLA, and TENA.

15. Describe your companys experience with providing a turnkey network gateway

that allows federates using DIS, HLA, and TENA to connect to the global network
and interact in distributed training events as if they were using the same protocol

16. Describe your companys experience with establishing, implementing, and

maintaining tools for generating, manipulating, and managing training scenarios;
manipulating, managing and controlling exercises; analyzing network
performance and PDU traffic; and manipulating and managing Federation Object

17. Describe your companys experience with establishing, implementing, and
maintaining tools for managing test results and certifications of federates
compliance with standards and tools that automate verification of compliance.

18. Describe your organizations qualifications with respect to standards

development, implementation, and compliance testing.

19. Describe your companys experience with providing VTC bridge and scheduling
services for multiple virtual LANs on a global network, and management of VTC