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Original Source
Contract Opportunity
Oct. 8, 2021







4 October 2021

Section L
Instructions to Offerors


This is a best value source selection conducted in accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulation
(FAR) 15.3 as supplemented.

1.1 Proposal Compliance. To ensure timely and equitable evaluation of proposals, each Offeror must
follow these instructions and the Offeror's proposal shall include all data and information requested by
this Instructions to Offerors and shall be submitted in accordance with these instructions. The offer
shall be compliant with the requirements as stated in the Request for Proposal (RFP) Letter, the
Performance Work Statement (PWS) for the Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) Contract,
as well as for the Initial Task Order (TO), Model Contract, and all other parts of this solicitation. If an
offer fails to conform to the instructions provided in this instruction, the Government may deem it non-
responsive and the Offeror may be deemed ineligible for award.

Offerors are NOT permitted to take exception to any terms and conditions within the RFP.

1.2 Proposal Clarity. The proposal shall be clear and concise, and shall include sufficient detail for
effective evaluation and for substantiating the validity of stated claims. Offerors shall assume that the
Government has no prior knowledge of their experience and will base its evaluation on the information
presented in the Offeror's proposal.

Offerors shall not submit elaborate brochures or documentation, detailed artwork, or other

1.3 RFP Discrepancies/Ambiguities. If an Offeror believes that any portion of this solicitation contains
a perceived error, omission, or is otherwise unclear, the Offeror shall immediately contact the
Procuring Contracting Officer (PCO) and Contract Specialist via e-mail, clearly describing the portion
of the solicitation in question and the impact the discrepancy or ambiguity has on the Offerors ability
to prepare their proposal. Questions pertaining to the proposal shall be submitted no later than the date
and time identified in Paragraph 1.4 below.

1.4 Point of Contact. The PCO is the sole point of contact for this acquisition. Offerors shall address any
questions and concerns to the PCO as soon as possible, but no later than 1500 Central European
Summer Time (CEST), XX XXX 2022. The subject of the email shall be Questions
FA564121RXXXX. Questions shall include a reference to the specific solicitation element to which
they pertain. The Government will take into consideration all questions submitted by the deadline set
forth above and will answer them via posting to Written requests for clarification and
questions shall be sent to the PCO, Mr. Nathaniel Searing at A courtesy
copy shall be sent to the Contract Specialists, Capt Derek Chaplin at, Ms.
Christin Grub at

1.5 Communications. All exchanges of source selection information between the Government and the
Offerors will be controlled by the PCO. Source selection information will be transmitted to Offerors
electronically (e.g via email, or DoD SAFE site ( If transmitted via email, the
transmission shall be sent and received encrypted and must include Source Selection Information
See FAR 2.101 & 3.104 in the Subject line.

1.6 Electronic Reference Documents. All referenced documents for this solicitation can be found on, the authoritative source for Government Contract Opportunities. Offerors are

Section L
Instructions to Offerors

DRAFTencouraged to subscribe for real-time email notifications when information has been posted to the
website for this solicitation. Offerors may contact the PCO if they are unable to locate any of the
referenced material.

1.7 Proposal Records. In accordance with FAR Subpart 4.8 (Government Contract Files), the Government

will retain one copy of each Offerors proposal.

1.8 Debriefings. The PCO will promptly notify Offerors of any decision to exclude them from the source
selection; whereupon, the Offeror may request and receive a debriefing in accordance with FAR 15.505.
Offerors desiring a debriefing shall make their request in accordance with the requirements of FAR
15.505 or 15.506, as applicable. Offerors are entitled to no more than one debriefing.

1.9 Page Format.

1.9.1 Page Limitations. Page limitations shall be treated as maximums. If exceeded, the Government
will not read or consider the excess pages in the evaluation of the proposal. Each page shall be
counted except the following: cover pages; table of contents and indexes; list of figures, tables, or
drawings; tabs; blank pages; glossaries; cross reference matrices, and document revision history
tracking records. The Government may place page limitations on responses to Evaluation Notices
(ENs), if ENs are determined necessary.

1.9.2 Page Size and Format General Page Instructions. A page is defined as each face of a sheet of paper containing
information. Page size shall be 8.5 x 11 inches unless stated otherwise within this document. Pages
shall be single spaced, and the text size shall be no less than 11 point Times New Roman or Arial
Font unless stated otherwise within this document. All proposal text shall be written in English.
Offerors shall use at least 1 inch margins on the top and bottom and -inch side margins unless
stated otherwise within this document. Pages shall be numbered sequentially by volume, with each
volume starting at page one. Pages that do not count towards the page limitation shall be numbered
in a manner that clearly identifies the page as a page that does not count toward the page limitation.
These page size and format restrictions shall apply to responses to ENs if clarifications are
determined necessary. Table and Chart Instructions. Legible tables and charts may be used. These displays shall be
uncomplicated, legible, and shall not exceed 11 x 17 inches in size. 11 x 17 may only be used for
large tables and charts; they shall not be used for pages of text. For tables and charts, the text shall
be no less than 10 point Times New Roman Font, and margins shall be no less than inch on all
sides unless stated otherwise within this document. An 11 x 17 inch page, as authorized under this
section, will count as one page. Submission Format. The Offeror shall submit each volume in electronic format. The proposal
shall be submitted in a format readable by Adobe PDF and MS Office Excel 2016 (where
applicable). Offerors shall use separate folders for each proposal volume. Offerors shall also use
separate electronic files for each proposal section listed in Table 1 to permit rapid location of all
portions of the proposal. Exhibits, annexes, and attachments which are provided in support of a
section shall be included in the electronic file for that section. Offerors shall provide each work
sample as a single separate electronic file. If files are compressed, the necessary decompression
program shall be included.

Section L
Instructions to Offerors

DRAFT Proposal Markings. Proposals shall be marked in accordance with FAR 52.215-1(e), Restriction
on Disclosure and Use of Data, and FAR 3.104-4, Disclosure, Protection, and Marking of
Contractor Bid or Proposal Information and Source Selection Information. Offerors shall not
include proprietary markings on attachments and documents that will become a part of the contract
(i.e. Volume IV documents).

1.9.3 Cross-Referencing. To the greatest extent possible, each volume shall be written on a stand-alone
basis so that its contents may be evaluated with no cross referencing to other volumes of the
proposal. Information required for proposal evaluation which is not found in its designated volume
and/or section will be assumed to have been omitted from the proposal. Cross-referencing within a
proposal volume is permitted where its use would conserve space without impairing clarity.

1.9.4 Table of Contents. Each volume shall contain a more detailed table of contents to delineate the
subparagraphs within that volume. Tables of contents do not count against the page limitations for
their respective volumes.

1.9.5 Glossary of Abbreviations and Acronyms. Each volume shall contain a glossary of all
abbreviations and acronyms used, and with an explanation for each. Glossaries do not count against
the page limitations for their respective volumes.

1.10 Teaming Arrangements. Offerors submitting a proposal as the prime Offeror in response to this
solicitation are not permitted to submit a separate proposal under which they would be a Subcontractor,
or team member to another prime. Subcontractors are permitted to support multiple primes.

1.11 Use of Non-Government Advisors. Data submitted to the Government in response to this

solicitation will not be released to individual(s) who work as non-Government advisors.

1.12 Discussions. The Government intends to award without discussions, but reserves the right to
conduct discussions if necessary. In the event Discussions are warranted, they will be limited to either
(a) solely the highest technically