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•When Joining:–In the messenger, provide your company name, one e-mail address, and attendee names for attendance and to populate the list of Industry Day participating vendors via –Please note that this Live Broadcast service allows briefing slides, messenger text, and Question and Answer (Q&As) to be recorded during the session. By joining this session, you automatically consent to such recording and posting via If you do not consent, you may exit the session.•Meeting will be Audio and Video–Questions will be permitted through ‘Chat’ option, click icon –Provide your Company and Name (Company Name.Last Name) to facilitate asking questions during the Live Broadcast. –Please type your questions in now or during the presentation. –Q&As during live brief will be answered as time allows, all remaining Q&As will be answered via Q&As requiring research will be included in this posting and questions answered today will be revised for accuracy. Email additional Q&As to PCO NLT 21 July 2020.1Industry Day Instructions AFSAC … Your Trusted Airpower Partner!Parts and Repair Ordering System(PROS VI)Virtual Industry Day30 June 2020Ben Walters Program ManagerMichael Logue Contracting Officer •Purpose•Industry Day Schedule•Industry Day Rules of Engagement / OCI Brief•PROS Mission Brief•Contract Information3AgendaFDO CASE: MN-RA-147 4Purpose•Allow Industry to gain a better understanding of the PROS requirement•Provide the opportunity for Industry to give constructive feedback on the Government’s Acquisition Plan and documentation•Enable Industry to propose alternative courses of action for the Government•Nothing stated in this meeting is contractually binding. Any discussion or suggested information at this meeting which pertains to the proposed effort are for discussion purposes only. Any costs incurred prior to receipt of a contract signed by the Contracting Officer is at your own risk. All Government official communication will be through the Contracting Officer. 5Industry Day ScheduleTuesday 30 June 20200900 -1000Industry Day Instructions Slide (POC Sarah Harris)1000 -1005Opening Remarks 1005 -1035PROS Mission Brief1035 -1050Contract Information1050 -1100Biological Break 1100 -1200Question and Answer Session1300 -1600One-on-One Sessions with ContractorsWednesday 1 July 20200900 -1600One-on-One Sessions with ContractorsMonday 6 July 2020TBDOne-on-One Sessions with Contractors 6•30 June 2020 Briefing may be found on the posting•One-on-one sessions will be conducted 30 June and 1 July •Vendors will be allotted 45 minutes per session •Date & timeslots were coordinated and verified through e-mailIf you have registered and not received a timeslot for a one-on-one, you can e-mail Sarah Harris, before the end of today’s briefing.( Day Schedule INDUSTRY DAY RULES OF ENGAGEMENT 7Michael LogueContracting •Contracting Office (AFLCMC/WFK)•Any remarks, explanations, or answers to questions at this conference are pre-decisional; should anything conflict with the terms of any future solicitation, the future solicitation will take precedence•All questions for which Offerors desire an answer must be submitted:–During the briefing or one-on-one session or in email to the Contracting Officer no later than 21 July 2020–All questions and answers will be posted on, and done to not reveal proprietary information as practicable–The Contracting Officer is the focal point of any exchange with potential offerors, FAR 15.201(f) Exchanges After Release of Solicitation Rules of Engagement8 •FAR 3.104-3(a) Ban on Disclosing Procurement Information–Federal law prohibits disclosure of contractor proposal information and source selection information–Ban applies to present or former Federal Employees and Contract Advisers•FAR 3.104-3(b) Ban on Obtaining Procurement Information–Federal law prohibits individuals from knowingly obtaining contractor proposal information or source selection information before the award of the contract to which such information relates–Ban applies to everyone (including government employees and contractor personnel)•FAR 15.201(f) Exchanges After Release of Solicitation –The Contracting Officer is the focal point of any exchange with potential offerorsEthics Issues9 ORGANIZATIONALCONFLICT OF INTEREST (OCI)10 Definition of OCI•FAR 2.101 -Definitions•“Organizational conflict of interest” means that because of other activities or relationships with other persons:–a person is unableor potentially unable to render impartial assistance or advice to the Government, or–the person’s objectivityin performing the contract work is or might be otherwise impaired, or –a person has an unfair competitive advantage•FAR 9.504 -Contracting Officer Responsibilities –Contracting officers shall analyze planned acquisitions in order to–Identifyand evaluatepotential OCIs as early as possible–Avoid, neutralize, or mitigatepotential conflicts before contract award11 Types of OCIs•Biased Ground Rules–Requirements Development (FAR 9.505-2) –When contractor assistance is necessary in developing solicitations, the contractor might often be in a position to favor its own products or capabilities. •Impaired Objectivity–Providing EvaluationServices(FAR 9.505-3)–Contracts for the evaluation of offers for products or services shall not be awarded to a contractor that will evaluate its own offers for products or services or those of a competitor.•Unequal Access to Information–Access to Proprietary Information (FAR 9.505-4)–When a contractor requires proprietary information from others to perform a Government contract and can use the leverage of the contract to obtain it, the contractor may gain an unfair competitive advantage unless restrictions are imposed:»Protect information/encourage companies to provide when necessary »Are not intended to protect information furnished voluntarily or readily available form other sources (w/o restriction)12 Identification of OCI•It is the Contractor’s / offeror’s responsibility to identify any potential or actual OCIs and bring them to the Contracting Officer’s attention•Contracting Officer determinesif an OCI requires mitigation•Prime contractor / offeror submits OCI Mitigation Plan to Contracting Officer (prime contractor incorporates all subcontractor OCI plans)–Common elements:»Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA)»Controlled access to sensitive information»Establishment of an employee OCI awareness/compliance program»Physical separation of contract employees from sensitive data»Organizational separation and management separation»Limitation on personnel transfers»Training Reinforcement provisions (reporting, disclosure, consequences)13 I n t e g r i t y -S e r v i c e -E x c e l l e n c eThe FMS Provider of Choice, today and tomorrowBenjamin WaltersLead Program Program Overview14 •Concept/Background•PROS Mission •Program Overview•Customer Expectations•SummaryOverview15 PROS Concept/Background•PROS is a major procurement contract-Tri-Service capable program for 100+ FMS customers (no USG customers)-6thGeneration contract and over 30 years of support-Over lifetime approximately 10% -20% of FMS requisitions cancelled due to lack of qualified sourceContractPoPOrders ProcessedEst’d ValueActual ValueNIPARS1990-1996100,000$250M$470MPROS I1996-2001174,652$750M$900MPROS II2001-2006184,968$2B$1.9BPROS III2006-2012142,678$1.5B~$943M PROS IV2012-2016128,592$975M$1.6BPROS V2017 -Current83,318*$4.2B~$1BPROS VIMarket Research in process*Data as of 17 June 202016 •Mission: Provide our Foreign Military Sales (FMS) customers world-class logistics support for non-standard and hard-to-support standard item requirements-Non-standard Item:An item that is NOTactively managed, procured, stocked, stored or issued within the United States Air Force (USAF) Logistics System -Standard Item:An item that is actively managed, procured, stocked, stored or issued within the USAFLogistics System-Supply: Purchase spares and end items-Maintenance: Repair, overhaul, upgrade, modifications-Task Orders: Studies, Analysis, Site Surveys, Installation, Familiarization training, Technical Services, and may also include minimum material items or maintenance support in conjunction with related PROS requirements when coordinated with PCOPROS Mission14 PROS Mission18•Commitment: Provide allied customers the best value by focusing on:-Competition to achieve best mix of Cost, Schedule, Performance (best value)»Requisition to Delivery Timeline »Timely Support»Quality Customer Service »Transparency and Communication of Requisition (Cradle to Grave) •Eligible Items Supported (Security Asst. Mgmt. Manual (SAMM))–Clothing –Computer equipment -laptops–Aircraft components -wings, heads-up displays, tires, propellers–Navy ship components–Engine components–Tactical vehicles–Support Equipment•* Historical excel file of all requisition’s Item Description from 2017109 Julian Day to 2020171 Julian Day will be available on–Approximately 83k Requisitions that generate approximately 3.7 Million parts needing fulfilledPROS MissionFMS Material Supported16 Program Overview•Program Purpose:PROS is aTri-Service compatible Program to support the FMS customers’ non-standard and hard-to-support standard item requirements and Task Orders with supply and repair support services–Contractor Responsibilities: Ensuring the supply support and repair support deliver quality material for the following –Nonstandard Items »Meet or exceed commercial, Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) or Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) design specifications–Standard Items »Use of only USAF approved and qualified sources for AF standard items»Use of current DoD recognized sources with documented traceability to the OEM for Navy and Army standard items–One-Year Warranty: -For all parts and repair»Less than One-Year shall be a