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Explosive Detection System (EDS) E-Industry Day Announcement: TSA25-04-03543 Date Posted: December-11-2020 1 Second TSA e-Industry Day Participant Requirements for Explosive Detection Systems (EDS) Track 1 Functional Requirements Document (FRD) Serial Number: TSA25-04-03543 Important Dates Event Date Submission Requirements e-Industry Day Registration January 6, 2021, 5PM EDT 3 representatives and entrance criteria – See See Section 7.0 for details e-Industry Day January 19, 2021 N/A- See Section 3.0 for details 1.0 Introduction The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is hosting a second e-Industry Day for the Electronic Baggage Screening Program (EBSP) Explosive Detection Systems (EDS) Competitive Procurement 2 (CP2) Qualification Product List (QPL) for EDS Functional Categories Type I (FC1) and Type II (FC2), Track 1. The goals of this e-industry day are to communicate and discuss the updated changes to the FRD based on industry feedback and to provide an overview of the Qualification Process. 2.0 Purpose: In order to advance security capabilities, the Acquisition Program Management (APM) office is seeking EDS that offer improved detection, lower false alarm rates, higher throughput, enhanced functionalities, and improved system performance. The purpose of this Industry Day is to: • Provide industry with high-level changes to the EDS requirements • Discuss improving security effectiveness through incremental capability enhancements • Notify Industry of upcoming qualification window • Review certification and qualification process with corresponding notional timelines for milestone events 3.0 Event Description: Date: Tuesday, January 19, 2021 Location: The second e-Industry Day event will be held through CISCO WebEx. TSA will provide information on how to attend prior to the event. Explosive Detection System (EDS) E-Industry Day Announcement: TSA25-04-03543 Date Posted: December-11-2020 2 TSA intends to cover its updates, expectations, requirements, and milestones for EDS qualification activities. Question and answer discussions will be held at the end of each topic to ensure that TSA and attendees are in alignment with expectations. 4.0 Agenda: Prior to e-Industry Day, the agenda will be finalized and sent out to all registered attendees prior to the event. 5.0 Required Criteria for Attendance: Participation in this e-Industry Day is limited to (a) current TSA Checked Baggage EDS manufacturers, (b) potential TSA Checked Baggage EDS manufacturers, (c) third party screening technology manufacturers and (d) potential explosives detection algorithm developers that have analogous experience in technology readily adaptable to the checked baggage environment. In order to be considered for attendance, each company must submit a short summary of the company background including any relevant EDS projects and other pertinent information that will show a, b, c, or d above. The total page count for this Project List and Summary shall not exceed one (1) page, per Section 7 below. Attendance at this event is subject to TSA’s sole review and discretion. Note: If your company registered and attended the first EDS Track 1 FRD e-Industry Day recently on 8/24/2020, your company does not have to resubmit a new summary. Please make sure a list of attendees is provided and registered, per Section 6 below. 6.0 Registration: Virtual space is limited, therefore registration for this e-Industry Day will be on a first come, first served basis. Satisfaction of the Required Criteria for Attendance, registration for the event and acceptance by TSA is required. Due to space limitations, attendance is limited to only three (3) representatives from each accepted organization. Attendees shall register electronically by submitting the required information specified below to the following email address: no later than 5:00 PM EDT on Wednesday, January 6, 2021. Note: If you attended the recent e-Industry Day on 8/24/2020, you are still required to register for this new e-Industry Day event. Explosive Detection System (EDS) E-Industry Day Announcement: TSA25-04-03543 Date Posted: December-11-2020 3 Description Format Institution/Company Name and Institution/Company Type (i.e. manufacturer, academia, private sector organization, small business, non-profit organization, FFRDS, Department of Energy National Laboratory, or other federally funded entity) (1 page) Password Protected Microsoft Word or Excel* Names, Titles, and Contact Information of Representatives (Limited to three (3) persons. Contact information must include phone number and email address) (1 page) Password Protected Microsoft Word or Excel* Project List and Summary See Section 5.0 for required information (1 page) Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF *Can be combined into one (1) document. Email password separately. Due to TSA restrictions on the size of email, ensure that all emails submitted are less than 5MB. If the submission exceeds 5MB, please divide into multiple emails and include in the subject line the Institution/Company name and # of # emails. There will be no exceptions to the time and date on which responses are due, unless determined otherwise by the Government. TSA will send a confirmation email with e-industry day details and any required documents to those who are accepted by TSA to attend this second e-Industry Day. 8.0 Post e-Industry Day Vendors are allowed to submit questions and/or feedback regarding Industry Day via email to, no later than 5:00 PM EDT on Tuesday, February 2, 2021 if desired. TSA does not anticipate providing responses to post e-Industry Day feedback submissions. **Disclaimer- This e-Industry Day is being held for market research and vendor engagement. Attendance is voluntary and the Government will not pay for attendance or travel. Vendors responding to this announcement are solely responsible for any and all expenses associated with their responses to this announcement and with attendance. **