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June 26, 2020
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Air Base Air Defense (ABAD)
Industry Day
May 19-28, 2020
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DISCLAIMER: All answers given are pre-decisional. Should any Solicitation documents conflict with the answers given below, the solicitation documents shall take precedence. These answers are being provided only with the goals of clarifying the Government's intent and obtaining feedback from Industry. Some answers may have changed in light of incorporating Industry feedback since they were answered. The Draft RFP will incorporate more changes than those indicated below.Question
AnswersWhen you set the hours to multiple the labor rates, will the bidders know the hours by labor category?
The Government has provided a workload estimate in the PWS. These will likely be the hours used as the multiplier. During the Draft RFP phase, Industry will have the opportunity to provide feedback if this should be changed.
What is the Joint contribution to this mission? Has there been coordination with the 10th AAMDC who has the mission to defend EUCOM's defended asset list.
The ABAD team has been in contact with 10th AAMDC, yes. However, the Air Force needs to begin implementation of an ABAD system more rapidly than that approach would allow. In the future, this project will integrate with partners.
Is the funding coming from a specific authorization for this effort by HQs USAF or is this being funded by USAFE?
Initial funding is coming via EDI dollars from USAFE, but funds will be coming from multiple streams.
There is very limited overlap in the F2T2EA Kill Chains for cUAS, CMD, BMD, Hypersonic Defense. If defense is desired "from the fence line to hypersonics," could you clarify your priorities and timeline for acquisition for each threat set?
The immediate goal involves cUAS and CCM (Counter Cruise Missile), but the envisioned C2 produced in this effort should support interoperability across current and future threats.
Should the bidders expect to have access to the data feed of cooperative air traffic from national agencies, SWIM, Asterisk etc., or does this need to be independent?
Yes. This data will be made available to the winning contractor after award.
Who is doing the current Ramstein work?
While there is no current ABAD contract in place, the RADSIL is being built by USAFE and MIT/LL. The initial Task Order will be partially to take on the equipment in the RADSIL to maintain and operate.
Is it your intent to limit ABAD to Main Operating Bases, or do you envision application in the deployed/expeditionary environment?
Fixed site will be the focus, but deployability will be desirable in Phase 3 for use in an expeditionary environment. The ABAD system will begin with Ramstein then scale to places such as Aviano, Spangalum, etc.
Please repeat the first past experience criteria. 2 instances of integration of what type?
Past Experience criteria will be updated due to Industry Feedback. However, the versioned annoucned at Industry Day (subject to change in the draft RFP) contains the following: "The Offeror shall submit evidence of at least 3 years of contracting experience (instances where the Offeror performed as a key subcontractor or a prime) within the previous 5 years from date of issuance of solicitation, where the Offeror is or was responsible for at least 2 instances of integrating radar, electro-optical, mobile sensing, and/or multimodal sensor systems into a larger architecture, with a contract value greater than or equal to $10,000,000.

The Offeror shall submit evidence of at least 3 years of contracting experience (instances where the Offeror performed as a key subcontractor or a prime) within the previous 5 years from date of issuance of solicitation, where the Offeror is or was responsible for performing Operation, Maintenance, and Program Management on a $20,000,000 program or greater.

Offerors shall submit a list of contracts meeting the above criteria. Should one contract cover both required categories of Past Experience, that one contract may be listed under each category. However, the Offeror shall still submit two separate lists regardless of whether they share examples of Past Experience. Additionally, each Task Order under a contract vehicle may count as a separate instance of Past Experience as long as each individual Task Order meets all other required criteria, to include dollar value.

Each contract listing shall contain the following elements: the contract number and task order number as applicable, contract period of performance, the offerors role in the contract, a description of how the experience is relevant, 2 customer points of contact (POC), POC titles, and current POC telephone numbers and e-mail addresses."
What was the process for selecting the prototype vendors at Ramstein?
Ramstein systems are being integrated by the Air Force and an FFRDC (MIT-LL). This work is based on both already-in-place and COTS equipment.
What is the relationship between the AFLCMC Medusa program and USAFE ABAD?
The ABAD team is aware of the Medusa program.
Is the "Cognitive Computer" shown in the slides something that USAF already has in the pipeline or do bidders need to offer this capability?
The RADSIL is exploring this possibility at the moment, but would be working with the winning contractor to help determine the best approach regardless of what might be currently planned.
Can companies bid for specific Task Orders?
This is a single-award IDIQ. The winning contractor will receive all subsequent Task Orders and may determine their own team through whatever methods they see fit.
To what extent will bidders need to integrate with existing radar and C2 systems, or alternately, is this a forklift upgrade with all new capabilities?
The Government will leverage air traffic control systems already in place, but are looking for other solutions you may have. Remember that part of the initial Task Order involves helping determine what needs to be integrated.
Will Medusa be directed to use FAAD C2?
The ABAD team does not have an answer to this question. This would be a question for the MEDUSA team.
What will be the page be for each of the volumes?
Current limitations include 5 pages for an executive summary, 25 pages for the Technical Proposal (first task order), no limitation on cost and pricing information nor for additional contract documents as specified in the solicitation. A time limit will be placed on the Oral Proposal. The Government is open to feedback on whether this is adequate.
How long will we have for presentations at Orals?
The Government is contemplating an hour per company, but would appreciate feedback as to how long would be appropriate. The team is also looking for suggestions on how to effectively down-select to limit the number of presentations that would be given.
Will Orals presentation be live (in person) or video submittal?
The Government would like to have in-person presentations. However, this may prove inadvisable due to the physical distancing safety precautions. Therefore a virtual presentation will likely be necessary. The Government is leaning away from video submittals because that would make any post-presentation clarifications that the team needs more difficult, prolonging the evaluation process.
Will there be a draft RFP shared with Industry?
Yes. Additionally, all documents going into it will be released to Industry for feedback as soon as the team is able.
Will dollar thresholds for past experience be calculated on an annual basis or over the life of the contract in order to determine if the experience is acceptable/unacceptable?
While the team is open to feedback on this matter, the intent is to capture total contract dollar value.
What is the funding strategy?
There is a POM submission for EDI, and the program will receive funding from various DOD agencies. The types of money include but are not limited to 3400, 3080 and 3600.
Does the AF anticipate the contractor will have to execute construction/renovations to house new or modify existing locations for sensors, towers, cameras, etc?
This is possible. While there is no MILCON on this project, the basic idea is that if you are deploying a system for the Government, you will need to place it as well. To this end, minor construction may be necessary.
Do you anticipate coordinating with any existing government program offices for like requirements and capabilities?
Yes. The ABAD team is already coordinating with AFRL, HAF, PACAF, FFRDC and a few others.
If construction/renovations are required, will the contract need to acquire land, easements, and permits to place equipment in public and privately owned properties?
Making MOUs and agreements with host nation Governments is an inherently governmental function. Industry can be expected to prepare those MOUs for the Government, but the Government will be doing the majority of interacting with host nations in that sense. Remember that the Government is looking for a partner to help establish what needs to be done for any particular course of action.
If engineering and construction is required, will these capabilities be evaluated in the source selection?
The contractor's overall solution to the scenario will be evaluated. If engineering and contruction is included in the scenario response then it will be evaluated. One of the graded areas for the scenario is the risk to implement the system.
Are the Firm-Fixed Price (FFP) labor rates planned to be burdened cost with no fee?
The Government plans to request fully burdened FFP labor rates without fee (since profit/fee is determined at the task order level). The team is also considering language stating if the contractor has a Forward Pricing Rate Agreement (FPRA), the rates would be modified to use those instead of the existing IDIQ rates. The Government is looking