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March 25, 2022




AFCEC CE CS Cybersecurity Initiative Follow-On

Virtual Industry Day Agenda


(Primary) Flavio Ely, 772 ESS/PKD,

(Alternate) SSgt Noah Platz, 772 ESS/PKD,


The purpose of this Industry Day will be to provide industry more insight into the Governments CE CS Cybersecurity Initiative requirements by encouraging feedback on provided draft documents and allowing potential Offerors the opportunity to ask questions in order to both better define this requirement and ensure it is understood.

Day 1 30 Mar 2022

Industry Day Main Briefing

Connection Instructions:

All registered vendors will access the industry day via MS Teams with the link below. Please refer to Industry Day Dry Run (Atch 4) for instructions on how to join a Government initiated MS Teams meeting using your browser.

CE CS Cybersecurity Industry Day Briefing

If a vendor is not able to access the above link via the browser version of MS Teams, the call number below can be utilized (audio only).

Phone: 410-874-6740, Conference ID: 632823563#

NOTE: Questions for the main industry day Q&A shall be submitted in writing through the chat box. If a vendor is only able to connect via call in, all questions must be submitted via email to Mr. Flavio Ely and SSgt Noah Platz.


All Industry day events will be accomplished virtually

All vendors are limited to 3 machines accessing the Government Briefing

All times are in Central Daylight Time, CDT

All times are anticipated times. Schedule may be accelerated based on the speed of briefings

Government intends to provide briefing audio recordings on a by-request basis after Industry Day

Government intends to publish list and contact information for attendees after Industry Day

0900-1130CE CS Cybersecurity Initiative Mission/Contract Briefings

MS Teams meeting

0900-0915Window to log into MS Teams session

0915-0930Instructions, Agenda, Introductions, Purpose, Schedule, & Rules of Engagement

0930-0945OCI Brief

POCs: Ms. Karen White

0945-1000CE CS Cybersecurity Initiative Mission Brief / AFCEC/COOI

POC: Parrish Smith, Mark McClellan, Christopher Correl

1000-1015CE CS Cybersecurity Initiative Contract Brief /772 ESS/PKD

POC: Mr. Flavio Ely, SSgt Noah Platz


1030-1130Industry Q&A


Industry Day One-on-Ones


All times are in Central Daylight Time (CDT)

Vendors are limited to 3 people calling into a scheduled 1-on-1 meeting.

Each vendor will be allotted 20 minutes per session. One-on-one Q&As from all vendors will be consolidated and posted on SAM.

The schedule below outlines all assigned start times for each vendor. NO requests for date or time change will be accepted. Any missed sessions will NOT be re-scheduled for make-up.

1200-1600Industry One-on-Ones

MS Teams Link: Industry One-on-Ones Day 1 - Gov Team 1

Via Audio Teleconference: Phone: 410-874-6740, Conference ID: 350004267#

1200-1220Contractor 1 - Industry Q&As (One-on-Ones)

1230-1250Contractor 2 - Industry Q&As (One-on-Ones)

1300-1320Contractor 3 - Industry Q&As (One-on-Ones)

1330-1350Contractor 4 - Industry Q&As (One-on-Ones)

1400-1420Contractor 5 - Industry Q&As (One-on-Ones)

1430-1450Contractor 8 - Industry Q&As (One-on-Ones)

1500-1520Contractor 10 - Industry Q&As (One-on-Ones)

1530-1550Contractor 11 - Industry Q&As (One-on-Ones)

1600End of Sessions

Day 2 31 Mar 2022

0800-1600Industry One-on-Ones

MS Teams Link: Industry One-on-Ones Day 2

Via Audio Teleconference: Phone: 410-874-6740, Conference ID: 187784139#

0800-0820Contractor 12 - Industry Q&As (One-on-Ones)

0830-0850Contractor 13 - Industry Q&As (One-on-Ones)

0900-0920Contractor 14 - Industry Q&As (One-on-Ones)

0930-0950Contractor 15 - Industry Q&As (One-on-Ones)

1000-1020Contractor 16 - Industry Q&As (One-on-Ones)

1030-1050Contractor 17 - Industry Q&As (One-on-Ones)


1200-1220Contractor 18 - Industry Q&As (One-on-Ones)

1230-1250Contractor 20 - Industry Q&As (One-on-Ones)

1300-1320Contractor 23 - Industry Q&As (One-on-Ones)

1330-1350Contractor 27 - Industry Q&As (One-on-Ones)

1400-1420Contractor 28 - Industry Q&As (One-on-Ones)

1430-1450Contractor 29 - Industry Q&As (One-on-Ones)

1500-1520Contractor 30 - Industry Q&As (One-on-Ones)

1530-1550Contractor 31 - Industry Q&As (One-on-Ones)

1600End of Sessions

Day 3 1 Apr 2022

0800-1600Industry One-on-Ones

MS Teams Link: Industry One-on-Ones Day 3

Via Audio Teleconference: Phone: 410-874-6740, Conference ID: 216504063#

0800-0820Contractor 32 - Industry Q&As (One-on-Ones)

0830-0850Contractor 33 - Industry Q&As (One-on-Ones)

0900-0920Contractor 34 - Industry Q&As (One-on-Ones)

0930-0950Contractor 35 - Industry Q&As (One-on-Ones)

1000-1020Contractor 36 - Industry Q&As (One-on-Ones)

1030-1050Contractor 38 - Industry Q&As (One-on-Ones)


1200-1220Contractor 40 - Industry Q&As (One-on-Ones)

1230-1250Contractor 41 - Industry Q&As (One-on-Ones)

1300-1320Contractor 42 - Industry Q&As (One-on-Ones)

1330-1350Contractor 43 - Industry Q&As (One-on-Ones)

1400-1420Contractor 44 - Industry Q&As (One-on-Ones)

1430-1450Contractor 46 - Industry Q&As (One-on-Ones)

1500-1520Contractor 50 - Industry Q&As (One-on-Ones)

1530-1550Contractor 52 - Industry Q&As (One-on-Ones)

1600End of Sessions

Day 4 4 Apr 2022

0800-1300Industry One-on-Ones

MS Teams Link: Industry One-on-Ones Day 4

Via Audio Teleconference: Phone: 410-874-6740, Conference ID: 612181225#

0800-0820Contractor 53 - Industry Q&As (One-on-Ones)

0830-0850Contractor 58 - Industry Q&As (One-on-Ones)

0900-0920Contractor 59 - Industry Q&As (One-on-Ones)

0930-0950Contractor 62 - Industry Q&As (One-on-Ones)

1000-1020Contractor 63 - Industry Q&As (One-on-Ones)

1030-1050Contractor 64 - Industry Q&As (One-on-Ones)


1200-1220Contractor 66 - Industry Q&As (One-on-Ones)

1230-1250Contractor 68 - Industry Q&As (One-on-Ones)

1300End of Sessions