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April 7, 2021, 12:27 p.m.
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This Briefing is:UNCLASSIFIEDHeadquarters Air Combat Command1Q&A Review(from RFI)Mr. Gabe FloresAMIC Det 2 Questions from RFIQ1:Are the further defined task areas from the 2019 RFI still relevant?A: None of the 2019 release are valid on this effort. The 2019 effort is null and fully replaced by this one. Questions from RFIQ2:Will this IDIQ be categorized as an OMB Best in Class (BIC) vehicle?Or would the existing GSA MAS with the 54151HACS SIN Small Businesses (which incorporates the 541512 NAICS code and prequalifies the cybersecurity capable firms) or OASIS Pool 3 Small Business be a more efficient BIC vehicle?A: This EC2 IDIQ has not been designated by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) as a Best in Class (BIC) vehicle nor has it been designated by the Air Force as a mandatory use vehicle. The EC2 PWS is tailored to support the ACC Cyber Mission (ACC/AMIC, 16AF, and 16AF’ s subordinate Cyber wings (specifically the 67 CW and the 688 CW)) to support a full breadth of current and future cyber requirements. The intent of the EC2 is to award a single vehicle to multiple contractors, according to pre-established criteria, who are specifically capable of supporting the overarching ACC Cyber mission, therefore expediting the time to award resultant task orders. The EC2 PWS is tailored to support ACC Cyber Mission, and even though the PWS is designed to an overarching PWS, additional mission specific requirement could be incorporated into the PWS following the outcome of the results of Market Research, RFI, and Industry day. Even though other BIC may satisfy requirement using the same NAICS, the EC2 program will be focused on cyber requirements. Questions from RFIQ3:Based on the task descriptions, we believe different funding types (3400, 3600, 3080 etc.) would be applicable.Can the Government provide any estimates, thresholds, or percentages for different types of funding anticipated for EC2 IDIQ?A: The majority of projected funding for the EC2 program will be 3400. A minor portion will be funded with 3080 and 3600 funding. Q4:Please break down all of the named programs and individual programs across the merged organizations to identify the precise contracts, incumbents and Total Contract Values by contract.A: We cannot do this at this time. Questions from RFIQ5:Is there any information on how the current incumbent (if any) is performing?A: Information on probable incumbent contracts will be provided on the Beta.sam. However, please note that there is no guarantee that the follow on acquisition will be similar (due to timing, changes in mission, technology, etc.) Performance assessments on incumbent contracts cannot be provided. Q6:How is the incumbent currently performing and what are their ratings over the life of this contract?A: Information on the incumbent contracts will be provided on the Beta.sam, at a later time. We cannot discuss the incumbent’s ratings. Questions from RFIQ7:Why is the government seeking to commercial contracting to meet the requirements of this opportunity?A: As part of market research, we are actively seeking information to make a commercial or non-commercial determination. Q8:Are there additional RFIs, Industry Days, or other milestones that can be expected related to this acquisition?A:Continuous engagement with industry is expected, however, at this time no specific plans are known. Questions from RFIQ9: How many contract awards are anticipated?A: This has yet to be determined, but it will be a multiple award IDIQ. Q10: How many RFI responses were received from the most recent RFI request?A: We received 132 full responses to the RFI. Q11:Is there an estimate of the number of Task Orders anticipated during the first year?A: This has yet to be determined. Questions from RFIQ12:Will labor category pricing be required i.e. a rate card or will there only be pricing done for each Task Order?A: The current plan is to have labor categories priced out at the IDIQ level and have a sufficient offers available to award competitive Task Order awards.Q13:Will the Air Force provide labor categories and descriptions for vendors to bid?A: The tentative plan is to provide labor categories with respective qualifications for vendors to complete. Q14:Will the source selection be done within the 16thAir Force?A: The source selection will be accomplished by AMIC Det 2, at LacklandAFB, with representatives from multiple organizations. Questions from RFIQ15:Will the Air Force require CMMI level 3 certification to reduce software development risk?A: The certification level will be clearly addressed when the final RFP is released.Q16:Will a list of attendees be made available?A: We are not certain if we will release the list of attendees as we did not request authorization to release this data at the time of registration. Questions from RFIQ17:When will the EC2 ordering guide be available to enable vendors to effectively posture for the desired capabilities? Does the Government envision this as capability-based, labor-based, or a combination of both?A: The ordering procedures will be part of the Draft RFP. The guide will be released afterwards. Additional selection criteria will be disclosed when the Draft Section L&M and RFP are issued.Q18: Does the Government have a timeline for sharingamplifying information regarding number, skills, locations of FTEs to support this effort?A: More information on this question will be provided at a later time. Questions from RFIQ19: What is the Government's plan for organizing the MA IDIQ (e.g., will it be broken up by subject areas or will all vendors be able to bid on all TOs)?A: The current plan is to award the IDIQ to contractors who can satisfy the entire scope. However, more information will be provided on this question at a later time. Q20:When will the Government be prepared to provide additional details regarding the acquisition strategy and evaluation criteria for this procurement?A: You will find this information in draft Section L&M when it is provided for comments. Questions from RFIQ21:How soon after the Industry Day will the Government post copies of the slides presented at the event?A: Depending on the number of questions received during Industry Day, we plan on posting the slides and with questions/answers within 2 weeks. Q22:What is the IGCE number for this contract?A: The IGCE will not be disclosed, but the maximum program limit/maximum order amount will be posted with the RFP.Q23:What is the anticipated number of awardees for the EC2 contract?A: The number of IDIQ awards has yet to be determined. Questions from RFIQ24:What percentage of those awards do you anticipate to be SBSA?A: The set asides/pools have yet to be determined.Q25:Does the Government plan to break up the procurement by Pools? If so, how many pools?A: The set asides/pools have yet to be determined. Questions from RFIQ26:Does the Government anticipate requiring a pricing volume in the RFP, or will pricing only be bid at the task order level?A: A pricing volume will be required for evaluation of the IDIQ award. Q27:Are there any incumbent task orders that the Government plans to release on EC2?A: Information on “incumbent” efforts will be provided at a later time and will be posted on beta.sam. Q28:Does the Government anticipate releasing an additional DRFP that takes the previous sources sought responses into consideration?A: No. Questions from RFIQ29: Will the Government release a draft Section L prior to RFP release?A: Yes. Q30:What is the estimated timeframe for the RFP to be released?A: See the initial slides for the most current information. Q31:Will the Government allow a Mentor Protégé Joint Venture (MPJV) prime to bid on this procurement?A: Joint ventures will be entertained. Questions from RFIQ32:Would the Government please clarify if the intent of DPWS 2.2 is for industry to create and execute training for stakeholders in the Air Force; training for users of systems and applications that may be supported in a particular task order; or training of our own contractor personnel?A: Can be either and is task order driven.Q33:What is the expected dollar value and number of awards projected for the first year?A: The program amount will be disclosed as part of the RFP process. The projected number of awards (Task Orders) for the first year has yet to be determined. Questions from RFIQ34: How many contracts do you anticipate awarding?A: The total number of award has yet to be determined. Q35:Will the RFP have an actual TO as part of the proposal?If not, how soon after award is an expected Task Order Competition?A: For now, a sample task order will be issued as part of the Source Selection evaluation. Task Orders could be competed shortly after award of the IDIQs. Questions from RFIQ36:Does the Government intend for there to be two pools of contractors? Small and Large Business Pools or will all Offerorsbe in the same pool?A: The number and types of pools has yet to be determined. However, it is very likely that we will have a Small Business pool in which only Small Businesses would compete against other Small Businesses. We cannot discuss the possibility of a Large Business pool at this time. Q37: Will Offerorsbe able to bid on some vice all of the PWS major areas for basic contract award?A: More information on this question will be provided at a later time. Questions from RFIQ38: Is FFP the only CLIN type? Will there be a possibility for FFP-LOE type work or Cost-Plus?A: We are anticipating awarding IDIQ’s with a wide variety of CLINS (FFP to Cost Type CLINS). Q39:Are there any alternate CLIN structures besides traditional FTEs contemplated? i.e.Sprint type performance or completion based?A: The award criteria will be based at the Task Order level. Q40: Are any incentives contemplated? If so what type?A: For now, an incentive type IDIQ CLIN/Task Orders have not been contemplated. Questions from RFIQ41: When is the RFP contemplated to be rele