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Nov. 10, 2020, 12:42 p.m.
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Presented By:CPT Audrey Griffith-Project Manager Glenn Moon -Contracting SpecialistCrystal Harbin –Deputy of Small Business 10 November 2020 at 1300VIRTUAL INDUSTRY DAYNIAGARA FALLS AIR RESERVE STATION, NY“The views, opinions and findings contained in this report are those of the authors(s) and should not be construed as an official Department of the Army position, policy or decision, unless so designated by other officialdocumentation.” •Introductions & Admin Announcements •Overview of Hydrant Fuel System Project •USACE ProcurementProcess•Small Business •Questions AGENDA INTRODUCTIONS & ADMINISTRATIVE ANNOUNCEMENTS•Introductions –state name, company, and role •All attendees will be in listen only mode•Use the chat feature for questions•Norecording•This briefing and the attendee roster will be posted toSystem for Award Management (SAM)•Please be advised that none of the information discussed today iscontractually-binding PROJECT INFORMATIONoGeneral Description: Currently, the Hydrant Fueling system contains two POL facilities which are connected by a bulk transfer line. One POL facility is in the 914thAir Refueling Wing (most of the off-loading and bulk storage is in this area) and the second POL facility is in the 107thAttach Wing. Due to a change in primary mission set in 2005 to present, the hydrant fueling system was not maintained. In 2017, a construction contract was awarded to complete repairs but was terminated after it was discovered that New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) required the replacement of the entire underground pipeline. AE was responsible for identifying the components not repaired during the 2017 construction contract.oScope: Repair an existing hydrant fueling systemand provide a serviceable, defect-free transfer line between jet fuel bulk storage areas to provide necessary jet fuel storage capability for KC-135 operations. Replace the existing underground bulk transfer line and underground hydrant fuel line and provide cathodic protection system for the piping system. Existing apron fuel pits will be demolished and relocated, existing tanks will be repaired, and existing pumphouse will be repaired.oAcquisition Strategy: Design BidBuildoUnrestricted ProcurementoEst. Construction Duration: 560 DaysoExecuting District:LouisvilleoConstruction Management District: New York NIAGARA FALLS AIR RESERVE STATIONN NIAGARA FALLS-HYDRANT FUELING PROJECT44Bulk StorageNHydrant Pumphouse1 FILL STAND/PUMPHOUSE AREA Pump HouseTank 2524Tank 2523Fill StandoFill StandoDemolish existing 2,000-gallon underground product recovery tank and replace with a new aboveground tank.oInstall bollards, stainless steel basket strainers, seal cracks/joints oPumphouse oA government furnished pump control panel will be installedoNew Emergency Fuel Shut off pushbutton, fuel receipt station (offload), issue station (fill stand) and hydrant loop control devices. oExisting pumphouse exterior paneling removed and replaced with government furnished siding oExisting roof and canopy will be removed and replaced oPumphouse man doors and overhead doors will be removed and replacedoHVAC in pumphouse will be removed and replaced oDistribution lines:oDemolish the existing underground lines (1,740 LF) and replace with new 10’’ carbon steel pipes.oStorage Tanks 2524 & 2523:oSpot coating oNew thermal relief valve and piping oUpdate high level control valve with a high-level floatoComplete removal of existing Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF) piping from tank to containment areaoNew sump separator, tank water draw-off system oRefueler truck parkingoSaw cutting to replace sections of spalled concrete and sealing cracks and joints with jet fuel resistant sealantoTruck loading/offloading concrete pavementoRepair and reseal concrete with jet fuel resistant sealantN TRANSFER PIPELINE AND HYDRANT LOOPTransfer pipelineHydrant LoopTransfer PipelineoDemolish approximately 5,025 LF of aircraft fuel transfer line and replace with new 6’’ carbon steel pipe including cathodic protection oRepair all asphalt and concrete pavements damaged due to the replacement of the fuel lineoReplace five low point drains (LPD) oInstallation of a new third-party certified tightness testing and leak detection systemHydrant LoopoDemolish approximately 2,250 LF of existing underground hydrant loop and replace with a 10’’ carbon steel issue and return line oReplace three LPDs in the hydrant loop pipingoInstallation of a new third-party certified tightness testing and leak detection system AIRFIELD HYDRANT PIT AND LOW POINT DRAIN PITSHydrant Pits x5oRemove and replace five existing fuel pits and one new isolation valve pitoNew Striping oRepair and replace concrete pavement in-kind BULK TANK AREATank 2515Tank 2513Tank 2513oRepair approximately 50 LF of joints and approximately 50 LF of concrete cracking Tank 2515oRepair approximately 100 LF of joints and approximately 120 LF of concrete cracking ANTICIPATED OPTIONS•Add a sixth hydrant outlet pit on the airfield apron•POL Contaminated Soils•POL Contaminated Water •HAZMAT Contaminated Soils •HAZMAT Contaminated Waters PROCUREMENT SCHEDULEDATES ARE APPROXIMATE AND SUBJECT TOCHANGEISSUESOLICITATIONNOV2020SOLICITATIONCLOSESJAN 2021EVALUATIONBOARDJAN2021AWARDFEB2021BEGIN CONSTRUCTIONAPR2021 PROCUREMENT PROCESSGlenn Moon -Contracting OfficerLouisvilleDistrictOffice Phone: HOW TO OBTAIN THE SOLICITATION•Beta.SAM–•SolicitationNumbers will begin with “W912QR” •Interested vendors list•Register to receive notifications and updates / amendments•RFP technical information will be posted on OBTAINING THE ISSUE DOCUMENTS•Requirements to download Technical Data Package:1)Need to be registered in•Any amendments issued to the RFP will also be posted on•Pre-Solicitation Notice –will be posted on www.beta.sam.govat least 15 days prior to the initial issuance of the Solicitation package•Advertisement –minimum 30 days to prepare proposals THE PROCUREMENT PROCESS•This project will be Design-Bid-Build (D-B-B) Request for Proposals (RFP).•Project award will be made on a “Best Value Trade-off” basis as described in the evaluation criteria.•Proposals must be submitted on time. Proposal submission will be electronic via DOD Safe. You will be required to request a drop-off link within 5 business days of the proposal due date. The time & date of proposal receipt will be the upload completion / delivery time & date recorded within DOD SAFE site. Do not assume that electronic submission will occur instantaneously. The Louisville District is in the Eastern time zone.•The Source Selection Evaluation Board (SSEB) will evaluate contractors’ proposals based on specific factors which are defined in the RFP Package. PROPOSAL REQUIREMENTS•Potential Source Selection Criteria:1)Past Performance Evaluation•Renovation projects of at least 5,000 Linear Feet of new or replaced underground fuel line piping that have been completed by the Prime within the last 5 years•Projects that included retrofitting existing fuel pumping facilites2)Technical Evaluation•Management Plan•Schedule Narrative3)Small Business Participation Plan4)Pro-Forma Evaluation (Price, JV agreements, Bonding, Subcontracting Plan, etc.) •Submit your best proposal the 1sttime. If we receive an initial proposal that is awardable, discussions may not be opened. PROPOSALREQUIREMENTS (cont.)•Instructions for submitting a Request for Information (RFI) will be included in the Solicitation.•RFIs for this project will be received and answered through the ProjNet system•Any RFIs submitted directly to the project team will not receive a response, and will be directed to the ProjNet system.•This project will have a Projnet Bidder’s Key and instructions included in the solicitation. SMALL BUSINESSCrystal Harbin, Deputy for Small BusinessLouisville DistrictEmail: VIRTUAL INDUSTRY DAY•Although we are not meeting face-to-face, networking is an important part of preparing for the upcoming project. If you’d like to be included on the sign-in sheet for this Industry Day, please email the following to Glenn Moon no later than 13 November 2020.•Company Name•POC Name, Email, Phone•Are you interested in being the Prime or Subcontractor•If you’re interested in being a subcontractor, state the type of work you are interested (Electrical, Mechanical, Roofing, etc.)•The sign-in sheet will be posted to the www.beta.SAM.govnotice on 13 November 2020. Please be sure to use this information to network with other firms and build your team. SMALL BUSINESS PARTICIPATION PLAN AND SUBCONTRACTING PLAN•The Small Business Participation Plan is a rated evaluation factor in all unrestricted procurements•Both large and small business offerorsmust submit a participation plan•The participation plan is based on total contract value•Large Business offerorsmustsubmit a Small Business Subcontracting Plan•Mandated by FAR 19.702•This is not a rated element as a part of the Source Selection process but the offerorshall submit an acceptable plan priorto award •The subcontracting plan is based on total subcontracted dollars•Failure to comply in good faith is in material breach of the contract ADDITIONAL OPPORTUNITIES•Contracting opportunities are posted in the System for Award Management (SAM) website at Use “W912QR” to search for Louisville District projects.•Construction forecast is maintained on the Small Business page of LRL website,–To view Louisville District prime contract holders, please visit QUESTIONS