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Feb. 2, 2023



ARV - Market Survey 2 Distribution A

December 2022

Advanced Reconnaissance Vehicle (ARV)
Market Survey and Request for Information

Market Survey: The Army Contracting Command Detroit Arsenal (ACC-DTA) is
conducting this Request for Information (RFI) as a Market Survey to determine the level
of interest among small and other-than-small business contractors to participate in a
future potential competitive solicitation and obtain feedback on the draft Performance
Specification (P Spec) for the Advanced Reconnaissance Vehicle (ARV). This action
could result in one or more future solicitations for the ARV in support of United States
Marine Corps (USMC) and Program Manager for Light Armored Vehicles (PM LAV).

Purpose: The purpose of publicizing this market survey is to aid in the continued
development of a future acquisition strategy, identify the number of interested small
businesses and other-than-small businesses, gather information for planning purposes
about the capabilities of each industry source as defined in Federal Acquisition
Regulation 15.201(e), and obtain feedback on the draft P Spec. This RFI will also aid in
the development of future industry day(s) for the ARV.

Background: ACC-DTA along with PM LAV are working on a potential future
contracting strategy and competitive solicitation for the ARV. The ARV is a new and
purpose-built combat vehicle system, mobile on land and water, and capable of service
as a battlefield Quarterback, as a gatherer and coordinator of battlefield data and
intelligence to provide a complete and accurate Common Operating Picture to battlefield
commanders. ARV will employ transformational sensor, communications, and combat
capabilities to collect and communicate information, while integrating robotics and
artificial intelligence technologies into manned-unmanned teams. The ARV will enable a
crew to sense the operating environment and convey that information using advanced
on-board sensors and networked communications systems that are augmented by
unmanned systems in order to detect, recognize, identify and report threats at extended
ranges. The ARV will provide the Fleet Marine Force with the survivable, mobile,
networked, sustainable, maintainable and lethal platform optimized for naval transport
and amphibious employment in the littoral operating environment.

The ARV Family of Vehicles (FoVs) is expected to consist of six (6) Mission Role
Variants (MRVs): Command, Control, Communications, & Computers-Unmanned Aerial
System (C4-UAS), Organic Precision Fire-Mounted (OPF-M), Counter Unmanned Aerial
Systems (CUAS), 30mm Autocannon and Anti-Tank Guided Missile (ATGM), Logistics
(LOG), and Recovery (R).

The draft P Spec attached to this survey captures the main body of the ARV and
C4UAS variant specifications.

This action is expected to be solicited under North American Industry Classification
System (NAICS) codes:


ARV - Market Survey 2 Distribution A

December 2022


Definition NAICS
Military Armored Vehicle, Tank, and Tank Components

Proprietary Information. The Government acknowledges its statutory obligations
under 18 U.S.C. 1905 to protect confidential information provided to the Government.
Pursuant to this statute, the Government is willing to accept any trade secrets or
proprietary restrictions placed upon qualifying data forwarded in response to this survey
and to protect such information from unauthorized disclosure, subject to the following:

Qualifying data must be clearly marked TRADE SECRETS or PROPRIETARY and be
accompanied by an explanatory text, stating the rationale to protect the information.
Only mark the data that is trade secrets truly proprietary.
Do not mark data that is already in the public domain or is already in possession of the
Government or third parties on an unclassified basis.
Proprietary data transmitted electronically must have the TRADE SECRETS or
PROPRIETARY legend on both the cover of the transmittal e-mail as well as at the
beginning of the file. Proprietary information contained within the correspondence shall

Disclaimer. The Government is not responsible for marking contractor data. To ensure
protection of contractor data, please ensure it is marked in accordance with Section 4
above. Additionally, marked data that is already in the public domain or in the
possession of the Government or third parties, or is afterward placed into the public
domain by the owner or another party through no fault of the Government, will not be
protected once in the public domain. In the event the Government needs to reproduce
the protected data for distribution purposes between Governmental offices all data will
be reproduced with restrictive legends in place. Additionally, prior to receiving copies of
protected information, Government personnel will sign a Non- Disclosure Agreement
(NDA), which both alerts personnel of the proprietary nature of the information being
provided as well as the seriousness of the Governments obligations to protect such

Clarification of this Request. This request is a Market Survey and not a Request for
Proposal (RFP) or an announcement of a forthcoming solicitation, nor is it an attempt to
seek potential Offerors to be placed on a solicitation mailing list. No solicitation
document exists at this time. Providing a response to this notice is completely voluntary
and no reimbursement will be made for any costs associated with providing information
in response to this market survey or any follow-on requests for information. The
Government will not rank submittal or provide any reply to interested firms. Information
provided regarding the ARV as presented in this Market Survey is subject to change.
Data submitted in response to this market survey will not be returned.

Request for Delivery of Performance Specification (P Spec): The P Spec
referenced in this RFI are Distribution D. For access to the P Spec please email Ms.
Allegra Steinberg at and Ms. Melissa Brown at


ARV - Market Survey 2 Distribution A

December 2022 Please note access is Limited to Department of
Defense (DOD) & US DOD Contractors only.

Instructions for Completing the Questionnaire. Potential vendors who deem
themselves qualified and who would be interested in competing for this action, if and
when there was a request for proposals, are asked to complete the following
questionnaire and provide written responses electronically via email to the ACC-DTA
point of contact, Ms. Allegra Steinberg at and Ms.
Melissa Brown at ACC-DTA will not accept any
telephone inquiries or comments regarding this survey. All questions, comments, and/or
concerns must be submitted via email to the points of contacts listed above or included
in your survey response. Responses to questions may be posted on;
accordingly, questions shall not contain proprietary or classified information. The
Government will use its best effort to remove contractor identifying information when
posting the question and answer.

Response Format. Request that electronic responses be provided in Microsoft Word
2016 or earlier, or compatible with Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader 9.0 or earlier.
Responses shall be limited to 10 pages, text in Times New Roman 12 pitch, with one-
inch margins. Only one response per company will be reviewed. The subject line shall
include the Organization Name and Response to ARV Market Survey.


Interested Organizations are asked to complete the following questionnaire and provide
electronic responses back to ACC-DTAs POC, Ms. Allegra Steinberg and Ms. Melissa
Brown, no later than 1400PM EST, 10 February 2023; responses received after this
date and time will not be reviewed or tallied. If desired, responses may solely address
the question number so as not to repeat the question in each response. Please spell out
acronyms in their first instance. Also, clearly mark any confidential information per the
accompanying market survey guidance. Please answer all of the questions in this
Questionnaire; avoid using not applicable (N/A) type answers.

Administrative Information

i. A brief (no more than two pages) company description, summarizing the
organizations history and pertinent industry experience. (Company Description: CAGE
code, location of facilities, mailing address and website).

ii. Are you currently registered in the System for Award Management (SAM) and the
Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment (PIEE)?

iii. In addition to the CAGE code provided in Section 3, please list any applicable NAICS
codes your organization believes applies. Please create a similar table in your response
and put an X in the cell(s) that are applicable, per NAICS code. List your
organizations size status for each of the NAICS code your organization provides; each


Code is not
e of the type
of industry in
which my
entity does

ARV - Market Survey 2