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Contract Opportunity
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Jan. 23, 2023



**23 January 2023 Amendment 1: Added Introduction to draft solicitation in the Agenda

Industry Day

Operations and Maintenance(O&M) Grounds
Maintenance Contract (High Visible/Visible)

Points of Contact:

Marina Amosin
Purchasing and Contract Specialist
18th Contracting Squadron/PKA

Odini Nikolai Ramos, CFCM, CPCM
Supervisory Contract Specialist 18th
Contracting Squadron/PKA Base
Operator: 098-961-1110 Ext:



18th Contracting Squadron, 18th Civil Engineering Squadron, and
Company Representatives (Grounds Maintenance Industry)
2 February 2023, 09:00-15:30
Kadena USO- Kadena AB Bldg 337

The DoD would like feedback on the draft performance work statement for the Highly visible and
visible areas on Kadena AB. The draft grounds high viability and visible areas Performance Work
Statement currently requires a contractor to provide personnel, equipment, tools, materials,
vehicles, supervision, and other items and services necessary to mow, edge, trim the grounds,
shrubs, landscape. The Performance also requires the monitoring, maintenance and debris disposal as
defined in the Performance Work Statement. The contractor shall perform to the standards in the
contract, as well as Japanese Environmental Governing Standards (JEGS), federal regulations,
international agreements, Status of Forces Agreements (SOFA). We are also interested in feedback
and participation from companies who can provide part of the services listed.



Vendors who operate and have the capacity in the grounds
maintenance and xerioscape industry who can service military bases and camps on Okinawa
Prefecture. Due to the sheer volume of acreage needing maintained, frequency of special cuts
and manpower required, the industry partners should have a firm understanding of the
performance work statement and how they will manage teams, equipment and frequency required. This
event will be conducted mainly in English. Highly recommend to bring English speaking staff. Please also
bring your company capability statement
Industry Day Goals
To ensure cooperation and partnership between DoD and Incorporate industry common

practices into the Performance Work Statement

Ensure that a minimum amount of industry partners know about the grounds



Communicate DoD grounds requirements
Gain a better understanding of industry developments/ capabilities/ limitations/

Provide updates to industry on future DoD acquisitions

Appointment Scheduling: We are offering the opportunity to speak one on one with government
representatives about this requirement, an appointment time is required. Please reach out to the contact
persons to set an appointment if necessary. Due to time constraints, appointments are limited to the first five
(5) companies.,

Base Access: Please reach out to the contact persons to secure your event attendance, and base access. No
more than three representatives are allowed per company. You must also register on the USO app to enter
the building. Please use QR code.

**If you are not on Okinawa and would like to connect via Microsoft Teams please contact us for sign up.

DoD Refuse Contract Industry Day

DoD Overarching Refuse Discussion with Industry Representatives


9:30 Welcome and Agenda
--Purpose of Industry Day--

9:45 Issues that the Government has encountered

10:15 Introduction of Draft Grounds Contract Performance Work Statement

11:00 Introduction to Draft Solicitation
--Answers to questions received from Industry Partners--

Scheduled Appointments with Industry, Mission Partner & Contracting:

11:20 Open Q/A

12:15: Conclusion
-- Break --

o 1:30: Industry Partner 1
o 2:00: Industry Partner 2
o 2:30: Industry Partner 3
o 3:00: Industry Partner 4
o 3:30: Industry Partner 5

USO Kadena #337
Kadena Air Base, Nakagami District, Okinawa
904-0000, Japan


DoD Refuse Contract Industry Day

DoD Overarching Refuse Discussion with Industry Representatives