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March 10, 2020



Welcome to the Advanced Enterprise Global Information Technology (IT) Solutions (AEGIS) Industry Day March 11, 2020 Virtual 3:30 p.m. Welcome to the AEGIS Industry Day Jenny Arkinson Lead Contracting Officer @ Agenda Speaker Subject Jenny Arkinson, Lead Contracting Officer Welcome to Industry Day, Introductions JSC Office of Procurement Welcome Rob Watts, Small Business Specialist Welcome Keith Bluestein, Associate ClO Organization Vision and Objectives Michelle Berdux, Contracting Officer Current Contract Overview Rick Basting, RDT Chair Technical Overview Jenny Arkinson, Lead Contracting Officer Procurement Schedule and Question/Answer Disclaimer Sy These slides are for information and planning purposes only. No solicitation exists at this time This presentation shall not be construed as a commitment by the Government or as a comprehensive description of any future requirements If a solicitation is released, it will be synopsized on the Government-wide point of entry (GPE), as defined by FAR 2.101 Goals of Industry Day oe Provide industry with a current and proposed contract overview, a synopsis of the AEGIS scope of work and an understanding of the planned procurement strategy Provide industry understanding of the Governments current vision and objectives Promote competition and solicit feedback on the proposed acquisition The Government will respond officially to all questions submitted by posting them to the Governmentwide point of entry (GPE) and AEGIS websites Provide Industry with the opportunity to communicate with the Government early enough in the procurement process to provide input into the proposed AEGIS procurement strategy Industry Day Logistics A copy of this presentation has been posted on the AEGIS website at: Clarifications concerning the way in which NASA conducts business today will be answered in the Question and Answer period @ Comments and Questions Sy Verbal questions will be answered during Industry Day Responses to verbal questions shall not be considered Official The Government expects that verbal questions received from Industry will be followed up in writing Questions submitted electronically and in writing will be answered and posted to the procurement website and will be considered official responses Ifa difference exists between verbal and written responses to questions, the written responses shall govern AEGIS e-mail address: Requirements Development Team Sy (RDT) Members Rick Basting, RDT Chair Jenny Arkinson, Lead Contracting Officer Michelle Berdux, Contracting Officer Terry Bailey, Core Member Kevin Boswell, Core Member Vinay Patel, Core Member Shannon Walsh, Core Member Welcome JSC Office of Procurement Welcome Rob Watts Senior Small Business Specialist Industry Assistance Office of Small Business Programs 10 Industry Assistance Office Contact Sy Information Main phone number: (281) 483-4512 Robert Watts, Senior Small Business Specialist Monica Craft, Small Business Specialist Richard Slater, Small Business Specialist All emails should be sent to: Location: Building 1, Suite 453 Address: NASA Johnson Space Center, Industry Assistance Office Mail Code: BA 2101 NASA Parkway Houston, TX 77058-3696 1 Vision and Objectives Keith Bluestein Associate ClO Enterprise Service & Integration Directorate 12 AEGIS Vision & Strategy Sy NASA innovation demands a network that can adapt and adjust at the speed of compute End User Services is transforming how NASA computes virtually at the end point. AEGIS must move to erase the edge ARTEMIS * Quality and timely enterprise and local service delivery * On-the-fly segments and zoning AEGIS must provide Advanced cybersecurity solutions following Zero the technical Trust principles _ connective tissue to * Enable the NASA Mission through innovative take us back to the IT solutions that integrate computing and Moon and beyond. communications capabilities Improved collaboration, increased IT security, reduced cost Enterprise Data Center transformation with continued transition to Managed Cloud Services 13 Current Contract Overview Michelle Berdux Contracting Officer 14 Current Contract Overview Sy Contract Number: NNM11AA04C, NASA Integrated Communications Services (NICS) Prime Contractor: Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) Contract Type: Cost Plus Award Fee/Cost Plus Incentive Fee Period of Performance: 06/01/2011 05/31/2021 Requirements currently provided on contract include: Transform, manage and operate an end-to-end seamless communications network and infrastructure that encompasses both Wide-Area Networks (WAN) and Center Local Area Network (LAN) services at NASA centers and associated component facilities. These services include: Mission and corporate wide area networks and local area networks Collaboration tools (e.g., video and audio) Center services (e.g., cable plant, emergency warning and public address systems, and radio and phone systems) Telecommunications infrastructure and services Security infrastructure (e.g., firewalls, proxies, web application firewalls, and remote access services) 15 Proposed Contract Sy Solicitation Number: TBD - RFI 80JSCO20AEGIS NAICS Code and Size Standard The NAICS Code is 541512, Computer Systems Design Services * The size standard is $30 million Period of Performance contemplated is 06/01/2021 05/31/2031 Contract Types Under Consideration: Cost Reimbursement; Fixed Price; IDIQ In accordance with FAR 16.301-3(a)(3), a cost-reimbursable contract may only be used when the contractors accounting system is adequate for determining costs applicable to the contract or order. This requirement also extends to subcontractors performing under a cost-reimbursable subcontract 16 Special Consideration Sy NOTE TO PROSPECTIVE OFFERORS Prospective offerors are reminded not to contact incumbent personnel (either directly or through electronic means) during duty hours or at their place of employment, as such contacts are disruptive to the performance of the current contract 17 Technical Overview (Current Contract & Anticipated Changes) Rick Basting RDT Chair 18 Technical Overview Agenda Sy Communications Program (CP) Vision Contract Goals Service Offerings Contract Overview 19 CP Vision via NICS Contract Sy Vision: The NASA Chief Information Officer (CIO) established the following principles to guide tactical decisions and planning now and in the future: a. Mission Enabling: IT at NASA serves to enable NASA's business and mission processes b. Integrated: NASA will implement IT that enables integration of business and mission processes and information across organizational boundaries c. Efficient: NASA will implement IT to achieve efficiencies and ensure that IT is efficiently implemented d. Secure: NASA will implement and sustain secure IT solutions Strategy: a. Clearly define that the CIO shall provide reliable and efficient IT infrastructure services; and b. Standardize and consolidate infrastructure to provide end-to-end visibility, improving security, reducing cost and enabling collaboration 20 NICS Contract Goals . Consolidate the provisioning of IT communications infrastructure services across all NASA Centers and facilities using a single Agency solution . Ensure NASAs mission is enabled by the Agency IT communications infrastructure solution . Improve NASAs IT security posture . Improve the management of NASAs IT infrastructure . Enable a mechanism for transformation of NASAs IT communications infrastructure in support of emerging mission requirements AEGIS Envisions Gay . Network automation and automated segmentation across all NASA Centers and facilities . Increased Mission engagement . Flexible, cost effective, and secure communication services . Continue to advance NASAs IT security posture . Be adaptive and transforming with innovation built in Keys to success might include: Zero Trust Architecture Software Defined Networking Machine Learning/Predictive Analytics Artificial Intelligence 21 NICS Contract Services Pen > a Introduction and Overview Contract Management Enterprise Services Center and Associated Component Facility Services Infrastructure Projects Unique Services Per Ss on AEGIS Envisions Sy Introduction and Overview Contract Management Enterprise Services Center and Associated Component Facility Services Infrastructure Projects Security Infrastructure Services Agency Computing Services Specialized Services 22 Service Offerings Voice systems & * Telephone/VoIP services + Switched Voice Services Jabber Network connections Wide Area Networks (WAN) mission/corporate * General internet connectivity and Trusted Internet Connections (TIC) Network Security a + NASA Data Border protection Network Identity verification DNS,DHCP and IPAM service Cable Plant Local Area Networks (LAN) wired/wireless & S * Cable connectivity between buildings Public Address and Emergency Warning Systems Radio Land Mobile Radio S Video Q Enterprise Video and Content Delivery Network * Special Events * Cable TV Collaboration gae + WebEx and Desktop Mobile ViTS (DMV) * Conference Room Services (video and audio) Instant Meeting Service Mission Services eS Human Space Flight (HSF) International Space Station (ISS) Mission Critical Data, Voice and Video Services in support of: * Space Network (SN), Near Earth Network (NEN), Deep Space Network (DSN) Flight Dynamics Facility (FDF) + Launch Complexes ee . + International partners Mission Services in Russia 23 Service Offerings Voice systems (POTS, VoIP, Soft Phone) Network connections (WAN/LAN, Trusted ~) Internet Connectivity (wired/wireless)) Network Security (Boarder Protection, Identity verification) DNS,DHCP and IPAM services **AEGIS success enablers might include: Cable Plant (interconnectivity, construction) e - On Premises Data Center