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Oct. 28, 2021
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Ascension Base Operations Support (ABOS) ContractIndustry Day Briefing27 Oct 2021 WelcomeMike PfisterDeputy Program Manager45 PMD OverviewPurposeAgendaProgram OverviewAcquisition Strategy/Solicitation OverviewIndustry Day Tour OverviewQuestions and Answers PurposeProvide prospective ABOS offerors with an overview of the scope of responsibility for base maintenance, base operations, airfield operations and communications. Agenda0900 Platform Briefings, Questions/Answers ID: 161 9112 7465Passcode: ABOS+1 646 828 7666 US (New York)Meeting ID: 161 9112 7465 Agenda1125 1 on sent to each Company Space Launch Delta 45VISIONThe Worlds Premier Gateway to SpaceMISSIONOne TeamDelivering AssuredSpace Launch, Range and Combat Capabilities for the Nation.Create calm seas and eliminate churn for our units/teammates through innovation. Program Overview -PurposeTo provide personnel, equipment, supplies, facilities, transportation, tools, materials, supervision, & other items and non-personal services necessary to perform Ascension Auxiliary Air Fieldmission support services and base operation services. Core FunctionsBase SupportLogistic Management FunctionsCivil Engineering SupportAdministrative CommunicationsFlight OperationsMission Support Tenants Fire and SecurityBase Operations SupportComprehensive Ground SafetySecurity ServicesBioenvironmental & Public HeathMedical & Emergency ServicesLodging, Dining & Custodial ServicesMorale, Welfare & RecreationServicesFinance Support ATM, Credit Card TerminalsHydroponicsCore Functions Cont'dResidentialHealth Core Functions Cont'dLogistics Management FunctionCargo Preparations & Transportation (Airlift & Sealift)Monitor/Maintain SuppliesFuel SupportVehicle Management/MaintenanceGovernment Furnished Property Ground Transportation & OperationEquipment/Material ProcurementPier OperationsLogisticsWarehousesMaintenance Core Functions Cont'dCivil Engineering SupportCE Project Support to include Project Planning and DesignPreventative and Reliability Centered MaintenanceHazardous Materials & Waste ManagementCE Environmental SupportEnvironmental Sampling & MonitoringCE Asset ManagementFacility Space ManagementCE Infrastructure SupportPowerWaterWaste Core Functions Cont'dCivil Engineering Support Cont'dInfrastructure & Facility Monitoring & AssessmentTest, Measurement, & Diagnostic EquipmentCalibrationPreventive Maintenance InspectionsFacility/Infrastructure Operational AvailabilityCorrosion Prevention & Control Including Antennas Core Functions Cont'dAdministrative CommunicationsClassified and Unclassified Network SystemsCyber Security ServicesInventory/Circuit ManagementAscension Customer SupportMaintaining/Installing/Repairing Voice Networks (Telephone) & Secure Telephone ServiceClient-Level Information Tech Support on Voice Network and Personal Wireless Communications SystemOperate/Maintain Public Address, Intercom, Aural Warning System, & Land Mobile RadioSystems Core Functions Cont'dFlight Operations Tenant/Mission SupportAir Field Operations, Tower Operations, Management & SupportTenant Support to External Customers consists of AFSPC, Air Force Research Laboratory, Air Force Technical Application Center, Naval Research Laboratory, and Mission Partners NASA, Navy, SMC, & any other entity approved by SLD 45Tenant Support consists of Communication, Logistics, Civil Engineering, Antenna Maintenance, & Vehicle SupportFlight Line ManagementEmergency Response Ascension Island LawIt is the responsibility of the contractor to research & comply with all laws at Ascension Island. Laws can be found on Ascension Island laws include but are not limited to:National Protected Areas Ordinance, 2003Port Security Ordinance, 2006Property Tax Ordinance, 2010Public Health Ordinance, 1967Road Safety Ordinance, 2010Road Traffic Ordinance, 1984 Ascension Island LawAscension Island laws include but are not limited to (Cont'd):Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations (Applications) Ordinance, 2001Trials Without A Jury Ordinance, 2016Wildlife Protection Ordinance, 2013Workmen's Protection Ordinance, 1926 St Helena Law (Application to Ascension) Ordinance, 1987Telecommunications Ordinance, 1997DFARS 252.222-7002, Compliance With Local Labor Laws (Overseas) Acquisition StrategyandSolicitation OverviewMs. Tammy DavisProcuring Contracting Officer45 CONS/PKDB OverviewKey Contractual AspectsSmall Business Program AspectsPeriod of PerformanceCLIN StructureScheduleSource Selection ProceduresSource Selection StepsKey EventsPoints of ContactHelpful WebsitesOne-on-One InformationQuestion and Answer Information Key Contractual AspectsSolicitation Number:FA2521-21-R-0023Contract Type:Anticipate aSingle Award Hybrid (FFP/CPFF/CR)Indefinite Delivery Indefinite QuantityTask orders by the customerDraft PWSposted to SAM.govPWS written in performance-based termsIndustry review & feedback is encouraged Small BusinessAspectsSmall Business Set Aside Determination To Be DeterminedAnticipated 100% Small Business Set AsideNorth American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Code:561210 Facilities Support ServicesSize Standard:$41.5 MillionLimitations on Subcontracting for Small BusinessFAR 19.505 and 13 CFR 125.6Contractor Team ArrangementsDefined in FAR 9.601(1) and (2)Joint Venture Prime/Subcontractor Small Business Aspects Cont'dMentor-Protg Program RulesSBA 13 CFR 125.9 Small Business Mentor-Protg ProgramSBA 13 CFR 125.10 Mentor-Protg Program of Other AgenciesSBA Assistance Websites: Period of PerformanceProjected Contract Length:10 Years(one 5-year base period includes 90-day Phase-in, one 4 year-6 months option, andsix-month option toextension)PeriodDurationBase Period (includes a 90-day Phase-In1 Jan 23 through 31 Dec 28Option Period (4 years, 6 mos)1 Jan 29 through 30 Jun 32FAR 52.217-8 Option to Extend (six months)1 Jul 32 31 Dec 32 Anticipated CLIN StructureCLINDescription of ServicesAnticipated TypeX001Program ManagementFFPX002BOS Services, Logistics, and Civil EngineeringFFPX003MaterialsCRX004Contractor Acquired ServicesCRX005CommunicationFFPX006Mission Support/Tenant/OTCPFFX007Royal Air Force SupportFFPX008ProjectSupportFFPX009VehiclesCRX010Contract Data Requirements ListNSPX011Phase-InFFPX012Phase-outFFP Source Selection ProceduresAnticipate TradeoffTradeoff Details:TBD after approval of Acquisition Strategy Source Selection StepsINITIALEVALUATIONRead andevaluate OfferorsproposalsDocumentevalfindings ReachConsensus FinalizeEvaluation NoticesEstablishinitialratings CompetitiveRange or Award w/oDiscussionsInitial Evaluation BriefAwardw/oDiscussions or ReleaseENsINTERIMEVALUATIONEvaluateENresponsesDocumentevalfindings Preparefollow-upENs, if requiredPre-Final Proposal Revision (FPR)BriefIssueRequest for FPRsFINALEVALUATIONReceive& evaluateFPRsfromofferorsDocumentFPR Findings Formulateaward recommendationEstablishfinalratings FinalizedocumentationAwardrecommendationReceiveClearanceSource Selection Decision BriefSSAmakesAwarddecision Key EventsDraftRFPtentativelyscheduled forrelease Dec 21Industryreview&inputencouragedGovernmentwillpostresponsestoquestionstosam.govItems currently on sam.govDraft PWSDraft CLIN StructureDraft Task Ordering ProceduresBahamas Agreements Current ScheduleEventProjected DateDraftRFP ReleaseDec 21RFP ReleaseFeb 22ProposalsReceivedMar 22Initial Evaluation CompletedMay 22Release EvaluationNoticesJun 22Final Proposal Revisions/Close DiscussionsSep22Contract AwardDec 22 Points of ContactsAll questions or comments regarding this acquisition must be submitted in writing to the following:PCO, Ms. Tammy Davis, 321-494-5174 at tammy.davis@spaceforce.milCS, Mr. Oren Gilbert, 321-494-5164 at Internet Linkswww.SAM.govFA2521-21-R-0023 Ascension Base Operations (Federal Acquisition Regulation) One-on-One SessionsDate: 27 Oct 2021Location: VirtualQuestions/recommendationsfromIndustryare highly encouragedVerbaldialog betweenGovernmentand Industry, bothduring todays open forum&one-on-oneappointments,isunofficialOfficialresponsestoquestionsrequiresIndustrysubmittalof questionstotheGovernmenton theform exception of the Government Questions asked for One-on-One Session posted on;however,thenamesoftheIndustry representativesand theircompanieswillnotbepublished Questions and AnswersQuestion sheets are posted on under Attachment L-01 Question and Answer TemplateGovernmentanswerstoindustryquestions:Responsesas aresultofthis briefing or one-on-onesare preliminary/interimThe Governmentwillprovide officialresponsesinwritingvia posting(s)tosam.govContractorsmustsubmitanyquestionsforwhichtheydesirean officialanswertotheContractingOfficer in writingQuestionsreceivedin writingduringIndustryDay will beincludedin officialresponse Questions?