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July 15, 2020





A-10 SPO Hill AFB, UT

A-10 Central Interface Control System (CICS)


1.1.NOTICE: The CICS Program Team is planning on holding a Virtual Industry Day for this effort on 25 27 August 2020.

1.2.Due to Covid-19 concerns and restrictions, this industry day will be comprised of multiple one-on-one sessions with individual offerors over this two-day period. However, in keeping with traditional Industry Day formats, the Government CICS team will release a slide-show presentation prior to the industry day. This slide-show will provide the Government teams most current information on the CICS requirement to help drive input and questions during the one-on-one sessions.

1.3.The Air Force is seeking participation in this Industry Day from potential contractors who are interested in the total redesign of the A-10 CICU. And as a courtesy notice to our industry partners, one potential course of action for this program is to utilize an Other Transaction Authority for Prototypes as an acquisition platform for CICS. If it is decided to utilize an OTA for this program, it could potentially be through the System of Systems Consortium (SOSSEC). This COA is one of many potential avenues for this program, and has not been vetted or approved; it is simply a courtesy notice for potential offerors to consider in developing a business strategy for the CICS program.


2.1. The format for a Virtual Industry Day is still in work; however, the A-10 SPO will release a schedule with either one (1) or one and a half (1 ) hour time slots for individual one-on-one sessions. Participants will be able to reserve slots on a first-come-first-served basis. As the Governments Industry Day briefing will have been previously distributed, all available time during one-on-one sessions will be turned over to the offeror. This time can be filled with Q&A or each offeror may decide to give a formal presentation to the CICS IPT. If presentations are planned, a copy of the presentation shall be sent to the Contracting Officer and Contracts Specialist (listed below) for distribution to the IPT no later than one business day prior to the one-on-one session.


For those parties who did not previously receive a copy of the draft requirements documents (released in conjunction with the latest RFI) and are interested in participating in the Virtual Industry Day, please read the following.

The current Draft Requirements Document and associate technical specifications contain data that is subject to export control laws and regulations. Only contractors who are registered and certified with the Defense Logistics Services Center, and have an approved DD Form 2345, will be provided copies of the current draft requirements document and related technical specification documents. To receive a disk, or a secure file transfer from DoDSAFE, containing the Draft Requirements Document(s) please send your companys DD Form 2345 to and


This Industry Day Notice is not a request for proposal (RFP) or an invitation for bid, nor is it to be construed as a commitment by the Government. The Government does not intend to make an award on the basis of this Industry Day or otherwise pay for the information which will be received. Only non-classified information shall be provided in any Industry Day presentations, and any presentations should be reviewed to assure that there are not any operational sensitivities identified.


Due to strong industry interest in this program, the upcoming industry day will be held over a three day period (25 27 August 2020) to accommodate the number of one-on-one sessions that are anticipated.

One-on-One sessions will be held in accordance with the attached schedule. All sessions are planned for 1.5 hrs each; if you do not require 1.5 hrs, please let the Contracting Officer or Contract Specialist know when you submit your request and a shorter time-slot can be accommodated.

RESPONSE Instructions:

Virtual sessions will be held via Microsoft Teams.

Requests for a one-on-one session shall include the Name, Company, Email Addresses, Phone Number, and Citizenship Status/Nationality* for each attendee; this will enable the Government team to add the appropriate persons to each Microsoft Teams group. It is requested that attendance be limited to 10 persons per company.

*As the virtual one-on-one sessions are primarily for industry to give a presentation to the Government team, foreign participation is not prohibited. However, citizenship status/nationality must be provided so the Government team does not inadvertently discuss or release Unclassified / No Foreign information to foreign nationals during these virtual sessions.

The request shall include a focal point of contact with which the Government team may coordinate the time/day of the one-on-one session, ensure all attendees have successfully downloaded Microsoft Teams, and that all attendees have been invited to join the correct team.

The Government team will be available on 14 August 2020 between 0900 and 1100 (MDT) to perform Connectivity Checks with industry to ensure all participants can log-in with their company team and also with the Government team at the same time. These connectivity checks are not mandatory, but recommended so we can reduce computer related errors on the day of one-on-ones. If a connectivity check is wanted, the focal point shall coordinate a time with the Contracting Officer or Contract Specialist prior to the 14th.

The request shall indicate if a specific day and/or if a morning or afternoon slot is more desirable. The Contracting Officer will do everything possible to accommodate desired days/times on a first-come-first-served basis; however, the Contacting Officer reserves the right to schedule one-on-ones as necessary to accommodate the number of interested parties.

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Focal POC





Ben Peterson


Cooper Brown



Josh Burton

XYZ Corp



Per the initial industry day post, presentations shall be submitted to the Contracting Officer or Contract Specialist no later than one business day before the scheduled one-on-one session. This will allow the Government team time to upload the presentation into Microsoft Teams, thus making the presentation available to all participants of that one-on-one session.