A.02 Questions from QA Industry Day.pdf



Q: Is there a designated Lay-Down area for a Batch Plant etc?

A: There is no designated lay-down area for a concrete batch plant, however there is sufficient staging
area that a concrete batch could be constructed.

Q: Will the power and Telcom related design plans be endorsed by Luma & NEC before the Solicitation
is posted? Or will it be part of the contractors responsibility?

A: Endorsement from the utility agencies will be obtained before solicitation. Therefor the contractor
will not be responsible for obtaining the endorsement of the agencies.

Q: Are temporary tieback anchors permitted to support temporary steel sheet pile walls for working

A: No tieback anchors will be permitted to support the steel pile walls.

Q: Will you allow alternatives?

a. Design
b. Sequencing

A: Yes, USACE would consider design and sequencing alternatives.

Q: How far offshore is the Disposal Area?

A: 2 to 4 miles of shore

Q: Material Higher Than High Water Level (Chuleta Site) falls under the HW level, does it have to go to
the offshore disposal site.

A: Upland disposal areas are limited. Material within the current stream limits that are below the High
High Water Line will have to go offshore, and material that is above the High High Water Line or outside
of the stream limits will go the Chuleta Site.

Q: Can you confirm Defense Base Act Insurance will be required for all contractors working on USACE
contracts in Puerto Rico?

A: Yes, DBA is required for all PR USACE Contracts. Clause 52.228-3 Workers Compensation Insures
(DBA) will be included in the solicitation.

Q: How are Joint Ventures going to be handled? Do the need to be in place in order to respond to

A: Yes, it has to be in place by the time proposals are due.