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March 7, 2021, 3:10 p.m.
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Notes for 84th Training Support Services Industry Day


Attendees: 37 according to Teams participant list, including:

Tony Steinhoff

Jana Knapp

John (Cap) Kauffman


9 Unknown (only phone #s)

Candra Scott

Tom Arellano

Jodi Carey

Gregory Celesky

Dawn Poppler


Jeremiah Mohr

Frank Ricupati

Kelly Gordon

Nacykate Baugher

Eric White

Russ Mayhue

Eli Langley

Laura Burrough

Demetrius Walker

Tim Sellers

Laurie Ehlinger

KJ Hietala

DA Lannom


Lynn Herrman

John Brannis



Mrs. Dawn Poppler gave welcome notes and went over the Agenda and POC information. She then discussed an overview of the MICC Fort McCoy mission and discussed the Mission Partners and commands that MICC Fort McCoy supports.

Mr. Eli Langley gave a history of 84th Training Command and an overview of typical logistical support requirements that would be required including approximate number and length of training exercises that require contractor support.

Mr. Langley discussed the possible location requirements for this proposed contract. 4 big ones: Fort Hunter Liggett, CA; Fort McCoy, WI; Camp Atterbury, IN; and Joint base McGuire-Dix, Lakehurst, NJ.

Mr. Langley talked to the specific requirements of the PWS for the 20 types of potential services needed while giving some specific examples.

A. Tent Support-sleeping, office space,

B. Environment Control Support

C. Generators and Power Distribution

D. Light-set Generators- for remote areas and night operations support

E. Material Handling Equipment Support

F. Non-Tactical Vehicle Rental- could include pick-up trucks, all-terrain vehicles, 15 pax vans

G. Fueling Support- all types, mostly diesel

H. Subsistence Support- haven’t needed food in the past, but have needed people to prep and serve food

I. Refrigerated and Frozen Container Support- for food storage

J. Consumable Ice Delivery

K. Refuse and Recycling Removal

L. Shower Support

M. Laundry Support

N. Potable Water Onsite Storage/Containment—all water type requirements are needed for practically every exercise

O. Water (Potable) Delivery

P. Water Removal

Q. Portable Chemical Latrine and Hand Washing Station Support

R. Personnel Movement Support

S. Area Cleaning and Disinfection

T. Water Trailer Sanitation- sanitization for containers and water at forward locations

Mrs. Poppler went over the desired outcomes of this Industry Day:

Identify any holes or challenges in the PWS

Type of set aside

Most appropriate NAICS

Discover capabilities available within the market place (RFI responses due 19 Mar 21)

Is COVID-19 affecting how you provide services or supplies? If so, in what way and how are you mitigating the issues?

Mrs. Poppler discussed the RFI response submission information, talked about how the government will use that information in market research, and set aside decisions.

Mrs. Poppler went over the anticipated timeline:

RFI capability statements due-- 19 March 2021

Projected Solicitation posting --November 2021

Projected Award Date-- Feb 2022

Exercise requirements expected to start -- April 2022

Meeting was opened up for any questions or discussions.

Mr. Steinhoff asked Mr. Langley if the mobile command centers were something that he needed. Mr. Langley did not see a need as that can need has always been by a tent

Mr. Langley asked about holes in PWS or seeking areas that were unclear from Vendor. Vendors did not identify anything unclear or missing

Mr. Langley asked about COVID-19 effects and challenges?—Vendors responded with no problems. Vendors gave some examples of performing rapid tests for employees and temperature checks for workers.

Scheduled Vendor Capability Briefs:

ECI Management Group (gave oral overview of capabilities)

LTDR JV (gave slide deck briefing/presentation)

EMG-EMG Ammo (Ecology MIIR Group) (gave oral overview of capabilities)

Automation Precision Technology (was not available during the event)

VetJet Fuels/ITS-Industrial Tent System (gave slide deck briefing/presentation)

Darpar Corporation (withdrew from providing a briefing)

Mrs. Poppler opened the meeting up for additional questions, discussions or any additional companies wanting to offer capabilities briefings.

Mrs. Poppler informed everyone the sign-in sheet and briefing slides would be posted to Beta.sam later today or Monday.

Participants were thanked and the meeting was closed.