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Contract Opportunity
Aug. 5, 2022
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Evolve Industry Session

Katherine Vultaggio
Contracting Officer (A/OPE/AQM/WW)

Kimberly Baltimore
Evolve Program Manager (IRM/BMP/ITA/CM)

July 26, 2022


Industry Session Logistics

Evolve Overview

Technical Questions and Answers

Contracting Questions and Answers

Open Forum Questions

Closing Remarks

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The Impact of Todays Session

Validation of what works well

Refinement of the RFP



Suggested Improvements &

Clarification for Industry &

Evolve Overview

Multiple award, Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) acquisition

Contract ceiling of $8-10 Billion*

Period of Performance of five (5) to seven (7) years*

Task Orders will be competed within Functional Categories (formerly pools).

This contract will immediately support expiring IRM contracts and new requirements.

Upon award, Evolve contracts will be centrally managed by the IRM IT Acquisitions office


*Will be definitized for final RFP

Evolve Technical Goals

The overall objective is to foster innovative, effective and interconnected diplomacy by constantly improving and refreshing

tools and services in a manner that supports national interests and provides the best value to the American people.

Evolve will allow department technology to work better for democracy while reducing risks to mission and personnel.

Evolve will enable improved processes, a better customer experience to our citizens and a flexible working environment for

our employees. For example:

Building and maintaining the computer systems State Department needs to advance foreign policy interests uniting allies,

confronting adversaries and protecting our citizens.

Keeping our information safe from hackers and other cyberthreats.

Using the data we have to more efficiently advance the interests of the American people.

Operating the information highways we need globally to send data safely and securely from one place to another.

Evolve Acquisition Goals

1. Create a strong supply chain of best-of-

5. Reduce lead time from requirement to award

breed service providers;

via standardized ordering procedures;

2. Advance the diplomatic mission and support
CIO responsibilities with a centralized IT
services contract vehicle for the Department;

6. Reduce administrative lead time, burden and

costs through greater standardization;

3. Allow for flexibility of contract type

(FFP, T&M, LH, Cost type);

7. Improve CX through centralized AQM/IRM

contract management and vendor
performance oversight; and

4. Allow Task Orders under $10M to be awarded

8. Hold vendors accountable for performance.

without protest;

Evolve Functional Categories Overview

IT Management

PMO Support
Communication &
Strategic Planning
Performance Mgmt.
Program Mgmt.
Transition Mgmt.
Finance & Budget
Process Improvement

Executive Program
Cybersecurity &

Incident Response
Governance, Risk, Audit

& Compliance

Enterprise Architecture

Cloud & Data Center

Application Development

Network & Telecom

Customer & End User

Data Access &

Integration Program

Virtual Compute and


Technology Lifecycle

Cloud Services

System Management &
Configuration Changes
Security and Contingency
Preparation &

User Experience Design
Release Mgmt.
Database, Mainframe &


Systems Design &

Help/Support Desk
Change Management

& User

Technical Security

Mobile and Remote



Domain Services
Data & Voice
Radio Network
Installation &

Tactical Operations
& Field SupportStructured Cabling
Operations Center
LAN/WAN Services

IT Management: Strategy, Planning, Design, Business, and PMO functions.
Remaining Functional Categories: Execution of IT Services (Engineering, Testing, Operations and Maintenance)

Cross-Cutting Requirements: Compliance, Security, Disaster Recovery, Client Mgt, IT Service Mgt, Project Mgt, Modernization

Evolve Small Business Considerations

IT Management

Four (4) Full and

Cloud & Data Center

Application Development

Network & Telecom

Customer & End User

Two (2) Full and

Four (4) Full and

Open IDIQ contracts

Six (6) Full and

Six (6) Full and

Four(4) Small

Business Set-aside
IDIQ contracts

Four(4) Small

Business Set-aside
IDIQ contracts

Four(4) Small

Business Set-aside
IDIQ contracts

The Government reserves the right to award more than the number of contracts listed above; however, if any additional large contracts are issued,
parity of opportunity will be maintained. For example, if a 5th large business contract is awarded under IT Management Services, a 5th small
business contract will also be awarded in that functional Category.

Functional Category Summary

Functional Category
FC type

# of Evolve
Prime Contract
Awards Possible*

Can Subcontract
under 2-5?
under 1?

IT Management


Cloud & Data Center


Application Development


Network & Telecom


Customer & End User


# Proposals
allowed, per

*IDIQ proposals submitted by the same prime for more than 2 Execution FCs, or for both Strategy and Execution FCs
are subject to Government discretion at time of award decision.

**Alternate proposals (more than 1 proposal for 1 FC submitted by the same prime) will not be evaluated.

Functional Category Constraints & Flexibilities

IDIQ contracts for the IT Management functional category, will not be allowed to perform work under any other functional

Functional Category 1:

category, as either a prime or subcontractor.

Functional Categories 2-5:

No prime contractor may perform work in more than two functional categories. This limitation also applies to subsidiaries that fall

under the same parent company or corporate umbrella and to any JV or Mentor-Protg relationships.

A subcontractor may team with multiple Prime contractors;

A Prime contractor may only be a subcontractor within a separate functional category.

A small business may bid as part of a Joint Venture and may bid separately in different functional categories, subject to the

restriction for IT Management Services contractors.

Q&A Period

Questions & Answers to pre-submitted Technical Questions*
Questions & Answers to pre-submitted Contractual Questions*
Open forum

*Answers provided to frequently asked questions. A full list of questions and answers will be posted on

Evolve Technical Questions

Kimberly Baltimore
Evolve Program Manager (IRM/BMP/ITA/CM)

July 26, 2022

Technical Questions (1 of 4)

SOW Section, Title &
C.2.1 IT Management

Section C, C.2.2, Cloud and
Data Services, pg. 29

C.2.2, Cloud and Data
Center Services, p. 29

C.2.3 - Application
Development Services,
Technical Question or Recommendation


Is ITIL V4 a MANDATORY requirement? Can the
government consider successful ITIL V3 implementation, as
several clients are still in the process of moving to ITIL V4?.
Please clarify

ITIL V3 implementations may be considered as long
as they properly demonstrate the governance and
management framework. Also, Vendor must discuss
activities that demonstrate ITIL V3 to V4 transitions.

This paragraph section states "..;Provide enhanced
security monitoring."; Is the Contractor expected to
provide security monitoring tools for the Government or
will security monitoring tools be provided?

"Cloud and Data Center Services contractors under Evolve
shall provide FedRAMP compliant enterprise public cloud
services including IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS."

Is DOS looking for a company that is a reseller of AWS,
Azure, and other cloud services?

What are current Open Source tools used for Application

The security monitoring tools will be provided to the

The Department is not looking for a company that is
a reseller of cloud services. The Department is
looking for a company to assist in managing cloud

Varying application stacks and open-source tools are
used for application development. Bidders should
describe their broad and/or specialized experience
delivering with industry technology stacks and open-
source tools. May vary by task order.

Technical Questions (2 of 4)

Technical Question or Recommendation


SOW Section,