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VoICE APC Industry Comment Form Announcement No. 693KA8-21-PSIR-APC-02
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FAA ResponseSection B
(Attach 02 Draft Section B 20210909)
tab "support services"
Column D
Please clarify in the final RFP what "non-FFP" is so offerors understand the contract type applicable to each CLIN. Is the FAA providing offerors flexibility to choose our own recommended contract type for these CLINS? For example, CLINs that are non-FFP (e.g. x002a System Engineering) are described in B.1.5 as items which are subject to change post award. For bidding purposes please confirm prices submitted are for evaluation purposes only.
The FAA is soliciting feedback regarding the CLIN type and ways to incentivize performance. The FAA will provide the CLIN type with the final SIR (if not in PSIR Part C).Section B
(Attach 02 Draft Section B 20210909)
tab "support services"
Column E
Please provide billing units in the next update of the draft RFP and in the final RFP.
The FAA will provide billing units with final SIR.Section B
(Attach 02 Draft Section B 20210909)
tab "support services"
Column E
Please specify the billing unit frequency (e.g. - monthly, per unit, lot, each)
The FAA will provide billing unit frequency with the final SIR.Section B
(Attach 02 Draft Section B 20210909)
tab "Labor Categories"
Please provide labor descriptions for defined labor categories so all offerors provide rates for the same position requirements to ensure apples to apples pricing comparison across each offerors proposal.
The FAA will provide labor category descriptions in the final SIR.Section L
This section requires pricing for all years. Section B does not allow for more than 1 year. (B.1.2 indicates all years are in Section B). Please provide an updated Section B that includes all years, or provide direction on how pricing is to be provided to cover the full period of performance.
The final version of Section B will include worksheets for the base period as well as all option years.
The Section B provided in Part B was intended to show all CLINS that may be ordered throughout the life of the contract, not a specific contract period.Section M
CLINs that include fixed costs requires an understanding of the timing and quantities of units ordered in order to recover fixed costs and/or investments.Please provide additional information in Section B, col E with regards to number and frequency of units to be ordered. We request that the FAA provide a bid model so that the quantity and schedule of APC systems to be deployed over time are being priced the same across all offerors.
As mentioned in Section M.7.7.1, the Offeror's Total Evaluated Price (TEP) will consist of proposed pricing for the base and all option years based on the FAA's notional schedule and estimated quantities. The FAA will provide the notional deployment schedule and estimated quantities in the final version of Section L. In addition, Offerors should follow the Price Proposal Requirements in Section L.7.7.1, which includes completing all tables in Section B for the base and option years as well as submitting a set of hardware ordering rules.APC TLG
2.3ATLG Computer Human Interface (CHI) FunctionsTechnical Requirement
Can the FAA provide clarification to this reference: "The CHI must permit users to perform the following operations as a minimum: Tool Development Plan (TDP)." The tool development plan (CDRL APC-SWT001) describes processes to develop a tool, it does not describe CHI operations. This appears to be a reference error, but would ask the FAA to clarify.
This was an error and will be corrected in the next version release of the TLG Specification. The reference to the Tool Development Plan (TDP) will be removed.Section B
(Attach 03 Draft Section B Narrative Requirements)
"CLINs under X0010 (Labor), X0011 (Travel/Transportation/ODCs) and X0012 (OCONUS Travel/Transportation/ODCs) may not exceed the dollar ceiling established for each contract period."
Please provide NTE values for these CLINs.
The FAA will provide NTE values for any CLINs that will not require competitive pricing prior to making an award.Section B
(Attach 03 Draft Section B Narrative Requirements)
"Any equipment, material, work effort, facility, service, or other cost element required in the performance of this contract for which a price is not specifically identified in the price tables will be considered to be included in the price of another item or provided at no cost to the FAA."

This statement is very expansive, to include any 'new requirements' identified by the customer after proposal submission. We request that the item be removed from the RFP. If FAA will not remove it, We recommend changing this to; "Any equipment, material, work effort, facility, service, or other cost element specified in the SIR documents, or in response to this RFP in the performance of this contract for which a price is not specifically identified in the price tables, will be considered to be included in the price of another item or provided at no cost to the FAA.
FAA appreciates this input and will consider the suggested edits to the statement in the final SIR.Section B, Section L, Section M
B1.5, L.7.1.5, M.7.1.5Acquisition
The three "draft" ECPs FAA requires per section L.7.1.5, including the analog transport capability, require that the offeror submit proposals in accordance with CDRL/DID APC-CMP003, Engineering Change Proposals (ECP). It is unclear if the FAA is requesting a price for these ECPs in the original submission. Section B.1.5 indicates that ECPs do not need to be priced CLIN X002h, however CLINSs X002e, X002f, and X002g are also associated with the 3 ECPs. Will the FAA remove these CLINs from requiring a price at this time similar to X002h? Will the FAA allow these 3 draft ECPs be submitted as an appendix not subject to page limit restrictions? Furthermore, will the FAA confirm that the ECPs are not contractually binding and are for informational purposes only?
The final SIR will have sufficient details in order for all Offerors to develop adequate pricing for CLINS X002e, X002f, and X002g. All requirements and provisions included in the final SIR will be contractually binding upon final award. The pricing for these three specific ECPs will be contractually binding. The three specific ECPs will not be counted against the proposal page limitation. CLIN x002h will be provided with an NTE and will not require pricing.Section L
L.5.5 Interactive Assessment ActivitiesAcquisition
The level of APC compliance may differ significantly between the last customer delivery and the available version at the time of proposal stage 2 submittal. We see value in the FAA understanding both the most recent fielded units and the most recent developed units (both are Previously Developed). We recommend that 15 of the 30 PDP pairs be the latest fielded version and 15 of the 30 PDP pairs be the latest developed version. Both would be documented in the VRTM to understand the level of APC technical compliance."

The FAA's interactive assessment will be performed on the Offeror's proposed PDP baseline. The PDP baseline is defined as a (possibly modified) COTS product that is ED-137 Volume 1-compliant and has been deployed to a major Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP) in an FAA National Airspace System (NAS)-like environment. The FAA is assessing the Offeror's ability to meet the contractual requirements in the timeframe allotted, including requirements related to product stability and inclusion of key features. The Offeror is permitted to propose whatever version of its PDP it feels best demonstrates that its solution can meet FAA requirementsOpportunity Announcement, Section I (not yet released), Section B
6. Acquisition Schedule & Strategy UpdateAcquisition
Given the long period of performance would the FAA consider including a clause in section I that would allow for economic price adjustment / price renegotiation of the FFP elements to reflect the possibility of changes to costs in the circumstance where the FAA wants to adopt technology improvements into the contract. FFP elements would be locked in at contract award and prevent changes to prices that may impact both the FAA and contractor. Alternatively, are offerors permitted to change their prices for FFP elements with the proposal updates required for each option year?
FAA clauses for price adjustment typically only allow cost adjustments in the downward direction. The ECP Process could be used to introduce new technology into the contract, and could be used to adjust FFP pricing associated with the corresponding technology upgrades. With respect to allowing changes to FFP elements with execution of each Option period, the Option is exercised using pricing established at contract award; there is no proposal involved in execution of the Options.Opportunity Announcement
6 // 7.1.1
Acquisition / Program Milestones
For planning purposes, will the FAA clarify the anticipated award date as the milestone table indicates FY23 2nd Quarter while the section 6 indicates FY23 3rd Quarter.
The FAA anticipates award in early Q3FY23.Section LTechnical Requirement
When will FAA released a revised J.1 so offerors will know what the FAAs abridged set of requirements contained in Attachment J.1.1, APC System Technical Specification, Section 7, ED-137C Volume 1 Clarification Matrix Appendix will be required.
The FAA intends to release an updated Attachment J.1.1, APC System Draft Specification, with APC PSIR Part C. The FAA goal is to have this final draft released in early calendar year