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Contract Opportunity
May 19, 2020
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AF Life Cycle Management Center

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Afghanistan C-208B/AC-208
Contractor Logistics
Support Industry Day
20 May 20

Legacy Training Aircraft Division

Rules of Engagement

AFLCMC Providing the Warfighters Edge

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AFLCMC Providing the Warfighters Edge

Wednesday, 20 May Industry Day Briefing
1300-1305 - Welcome: Mr. Anthony Day, Contracting Officer
1305-1335 WLDI & TAAC-Air Organizational Overviews
1335-1350 - Contract Overview, Notional Roadmap to Contract

Award, Acquisition Strategy

1350-1415 - Question and Answer

Thursday 21 May One-on-One Sessions

Draft Schedule

AFLCMC Providing the Warfighters Edge


Release Draft RFP

Industry Days

Release Final RFP

Proposals Due

IDIQ/TO 1 Award

Performance Start

Proposal Evaluation Complete


7 May 2020

20-22 May 2020

15 June 2020

30 July 2020

16 October 2020

6 April 2021

1 May 2021

* Estimated


AFLCMC Providing the Warfighters Edge


TAD Mission:
Deliver & Sustain World Class Training Systems to Make World Class Aviators

Our Customers

AFLCMC Providing the Warfighters Edge

Primary organization
responsible for building
the Afghan National
Defense and Security
Forces (ANDSF)

Train, advise, and assist
our Afghan partners to
develop a professional,
capable, and
sustainable Air Force


AFLCMC Providing the Warfighters Edge

C-208B Combat Caravan
17 Contractor Responsible
HKIA and Kandahar

AC-208EX Eliminator
10 Contractor Responsible

HKIA, Kandahar, Mazar-e-

6 Afghan Air Force Responsible




AFLCMC Providing the Warfighters Edge

Main Operating Bases:

AAF Operating Location:

Possible Forward
Operating Bases:

*Afghanistan is an austere location and contractors should not expect US style accommodations

Contractor Logistics Support

AFLCMC Providing the Warfighters Edge

Integration of the AAF workforce

Site Management Field Service Representative (FSR) Support
Facilitation of Task Transition
C-208B and AC-208 Aircraft Maintenance
Aircraft/Aircrew Training Device (ATD)/Mission Training
and Support System (MTSS) maintenance management
to include AC-208 Mission Systems

Tools and support equipment management
Configuration control
OEM Publications/Library

Contractor Logistics Support

AFLCMC Providing the Warfighters Edge

Maintenance Schedule

6 days/week, 12 hours/day at each location
Normal hours: 0700-1900 Afghanistan Local Time (AFT),


AC-208 Night Operations 7 days/week outside normal hours
C-208Bs and AC-208s have separate utilization

(UTE) rates (hours per month)
Maintain 70% aircraft availability
Aircrew Training Device

Support 8 hrs/day, 6 days/week

Mission Training and Support System

Contractor Logistics Support

AFLCMC Providing the Warfighters Edge


For Contractor Responsible A/C: Must meet Federal
Aviation Administration (FAA) Standards, Service
Bulletins, & Airworthiness Directives

AAF Responsible A/C: Utilizing training received under

previous contracts to meet FAA standards, but not held to
those standards for flying

Potential Remobilization

AC-208 Mission Systems

AFLCMC Providing the Warfighters Edge

Night Ops requirement
Northrop Grumman owns the Data Rights

for the Mission Systems
Contractors will be required to implement an

Associate Contractor Agreement with
Northrop Grumman

Oversight and Guidance (O&G)

AFLCMC Providing the Warfighters Edge

Formal maintenance training will be

conducted by the Afghanistan
Maintenance Training Center (AMTC)
Contractor will provide continuous O&G

to all AAF maintainers working on C-208B
and AC-208 A/C

Contractor will track individual AAF

progress against the Master Task List and
work towards upgrade readiness

O&G shall be consistent with established

FAA and best commercial practices.

Off Base Housing and Security

AFLCMC Providing the Warfighters Edge

In Kabul, contractors have been required

to live off base, Hamid Karzai International
Airport (HKIA).

Safe Houses have been selected and
information on these locations will be
provided within the bidders library.

Contractors are responsible to set up their

own security and transportation for
transferring from the Safe House to HKIA.


AFLCMC Providing the Warfighters Edge

Security Requirements

On-site contractors must be US citizens meeting

Afghan entry and exit visa requirements

All companies must be registered in Joint
Contingency and Expeditionary Services

Contractor must obtain all import/export

licensing requirements

Bidders Library

AFLCMC Providing the Warfighters Edge

As stated in the Instructions to Offerors, a

Bidders Library is being compiled and will be
made available. Due to ITAR issues, Offerors will
need to request the documents once the final
Request For Proposal is released. Anticipated to
be included in the Library are the following:


Maintenance Manuals Illustrated Parts Catalog
Structural Repair Manual
Wiring Diagram Manual AC-208

Technical Specs

MSO Mx Manual
Technical Specs
Combined Pilot Operating

Special Tools and Ground Support


Mx Manual
Illustrated Parts Catalog

Propeller Manual Artex ELT Manual
LAU-131 Rocket Launcher Ground
MX-15 Pamphlet Off Base Housing Information

Flight Hours History

Contract Strategy

AFLCMC Providing the Warfighters Edge

5 Year Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity

(IDIQ) to one Offeror
Draft CLIN Structure:


AC-208 CLS
AAF Spares Replenishment
Over and Above
Other Direct Costs
Design Changes
Off-Base Housing
C-208 CLS (Option)
Extension of Services (Option)
Data (NSP)


Contract Strategy

AFLCMC Providing the Warfighters Edge

Pricing Matrix on IDIQ will be utilized to

determine the prices for future Task Orders

IDIQ Ordering Period: 01 May 2021 30 April

Task Order 0001 Period of Performance:

01 May 2021 30 April 2022
Phase In 01 May 2021 31 July 2021
AC-208 CLS 01 August 2021 30 April 2022
C-208 CLS 01 August 2021 30 April 2022 (Option)

All dates are subject to change

Evaluation of Proposals

AFLCMC Providing the Warfighters Edge

The Government will select the best overall offer, based
upon a tradeoff between Past Performance and Price
among those offerors who have been determined to be
technically acceptable. Past Performance is
significantly more important than Price. However, price
will contribute substantially to the source selection
Intend to award without discussions
If discussions are held, evaluation notices (EN) and a final

proposal revision (FPR) will be considered

Failure to comply with solicitation may result in Offeror

being ineligible for award

Evaluation of Proposals

AFLCMC Providing the Warfighters Edge

Factor 1: Technical

Subfactor 1: Phase-In

Measure of Merit (MOM) 1: Sound approach

Subfactor 2: Contractor Logistics Support

MOM 1: CLS Sustainment
MOM 2: Oversight & Guidance
MOM 3: Remobilization
MOM 4: Supplier/Vendor/Subcontractor Management
MOM 5: Personnel Management
MOM 6: Small Business Participation

Subfactor 3: Off-Base Housing and Security

MOM: Sound approach

*Each MOM must be determined acceptable for the entire Subfactor to be acceptable

Evaluation of Proposals

AFLCMC Providing the Warfighters Edge

Factor 1: Technical
Technical Rating

The Government will evaluate the technical proposals on a

pass/fail basis, assigning ratings of Acceptable or
Unacceptable to each Technical Subfactor

Technical Risk Rating

Applies to Subfactor 1 MOM 1, Subfactor 2 MOM 1&4
Low and Moderate Risk is considered Awardable
High and Unacceptable Risk is considered Unawardable

Evaluation of Proposals

AFLCMC Providing the Warfighters Edge

Factor 2: Past Performance (PP)
Offeror may submit up to 5 PP samples

Two of the samples may come from a significant or critical


Relevant: Work that closely relates to the current

requirements of this solicitation. Examples of more relevant
work would be: work in Middle Eastern/SW Asian nations
and work on maintenance of commercial aircraft

Recent: Within 5 years from the date of RFP release or is

ongoing with at least 6 months performance

Quality: Government will consider the performance quality of

recent, relevant efforts.

Evaluation of Proposals

AFLCMC Providing the Warfighters Edge

Factor 3: Price

Reasonableness (FAR 15.404)

Unbalanced pricing (FAR 15.404-1(g))


Did the proposal answer everything

Pricing Matrix

Total Evaluated Price (TEP)

Weightings placed against the C-208B and AC-208

CLS Prices

Weightings will