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March 10, 2020
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50th Space Wing

3IS III Industry Day

3 Mar 19

Administrative Details

No electronic devices (i.e. cell phones, computers, Fitbit, Apple

watches, etc)

No food/drink inside auditorium

Do not leave any bags unattended

Briefcases, etc. must remain with you at all times


This industry day is for informational purposes only

The content of any future RFP takes precedence over remarks
and explanations provided during this briefing and/or one-on-
one sessions

Q&As from this session and one-on-ones will be posted to

Contract Opportunities (beta.sam) and are considered public
record; company identity will be masked

If you are scheduled for a one-on-one session and decide to

cancel, please send an email to

Costs incurred as a result of attending this meeting will not be

reimbursed by the Government

Sign In sheet information will be published unless you state do

not publish on the roster

Registration Details

Questions concerning the Mission Brief will be addressed after

each mission area brief

After Industry Day submit questions via email to: and by 10 Mar


8 (a) able to perform 50%

Experience with cost contracts

Finance and Accounting System

Provisional and Final Billing Rates

Top Secret Facility Clearance

Experience managing multiple subcontractors and personnel

Company Domestically Owned for prime and all teaming partners

30-60 day transition period

Draft request for proposal, updated performance work statement,

and bidders library

Capabilities and past performance to be determined

Risks identified by Industry

Industry Recommendations

NAICS top two responses

541715, Research and Development in the Physical,

Engineering, and Life Sciences (except Biotechnology)

541330, Engineering Services

Period of performance to be determined if more than 5

Tradeoff mixed comments between past performance price

versus full trade-off

Criteria in technical, management, key personnel, and OCI

Priority of technical, past performance, and price

Single Award IDIQ

CPFF, FFP, CPIF, Award Fee

Alternatives OASIS, NETCENTS, etc. will not be used.

Conflict of Interest

Potential conflict of interest may exist for support contractors

Discuss OCI issues early

Be prepared to refine the plan through exchanges

Government may more freely discuss potential OCIs before

RFP release early discussion benefit all parties

If OCI is present, only companies submitting acceptable

mitigating plans will be eligible for contract award

FAR 9.5

Provide mitigation plan through Contracting Officer

Mitigation plans are vetted through Legal


Review draft request for proposal and provide comments

Section L: Ensure all documentation is submitted IAW the


Section M: Review the definitions of Recency and Relevancy

Past Performance: Offerors and teaming partners will only be

evaluated in the area they are proposed to work



Only written questions will be entertained