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Dec. 6, 2019



2nd Industry Day 11/12 Vendor Questions 1. Past Performance Questionnaires - if the Government (GSA specifically, no region identified) refuses to complete the past performance questionnaire, what recourse do vendors have? Can vendors directly submit the CPARS evaluation report? Answer: GSA is routinely checking CPARS as part of our evaluations. Past Performance Questionnaire procedures will be updated in future RFQs. 2. Does the current small business size status of a contract have any influence on the new requirements coming up, e.g. if a current contract is an 8(a) set-aside, will the new one also be an 8(a) set-aside? Answer: No. The new enhanced PWS is considered a new requirement and a new appropriate set-aside decision will be made independently. 3. How will contractors be notified of upcoming RFQs (messaging for initial ones was not clear i.e. eBuy was not used) Answer: eBuy will be used for all future requirements . 4. Consolidated contracts/SINs; questions on timeline for FASs new consolidated contract Answer: FAS to provide additional slide for more information. 5. Relating to FAS contract administration of base schedules, when adding SINS to update existing contracts, what is the typical timeline? One vendor cited example when an administrative modification took 10 months to complete because of CO availability. Answer: FAS will look into this and in these instances it might be a good idea to try to elevate it to the COs supervisor. 6. With a focus on energy initiatives, why are the energy SINS not being utilized? Answer: While SIN 811 002 covers minimal energy related items with the current 03FAC schedule, when the new consolidated schedule is rolled out, SINS will be re-evaluated at that time. 7. How do options work within the potential five (5) or ten (10) year period of performance? Answer: All contracts will be awarded as a base year with multiple option years. The Government reserves the right to not exercise an option if there is an issue with performance but anticipates options will be exercised for the total period of performance.