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Contract Opportunity
April 27, 2020



Fielded Training Systems Support
Industry Day
29 April 2020
Training Systems Support
Industry Day
29 April 2020Welcome!
Please silence all cell phones and mute your microphone, etc.
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Todays briefing and attendees list will be posted on website as an attachment to opportunity Notice ID N6134021R0001Welcome!
In the course of the Industry Day, Q&A and 1-on-1s, companies are responsible for informing the Government of any information that they view as proprietary and that should not be released.
Additionally, companies should not include any proprietary information in questions for which they would like Government response, because the Government must try to provide a response that is available to all potential Offerors.
Todays Agenda

12:00 PM 3:00 PM Welcome and Administrative Notes
Ms. Janet Fondriest
Opening Remarks and Program Overview
Ms. Deborah Barnes
General Information
Ms. Janet Fondriest
Contemplated Acquisition Strategy
Ms. Jana McEntegart
Draft Milestone Schedule
Ms. Jana McEntegart
Government IPTDisclaimer
Todays remarks by Government officials involved in the FTSS V procurement should not be considered a guarantee of the Governments course of action in proceeding with the project. The information shared today reflects current Government intentions and is subject to change based on a variety of circumstances, including internal and external comments. The formal solicitation is the only document that should be relied upon in determining the Governments requirements.Todays Rules of the Road
All information released to date and during this conference is to be considered draft and for informational purposes only.

Internal source selection plans and procedures will not be discussed.

Questions can be asked in the open forum or in the one-on-one sessions.
Program Overview
Ms. Deborah BarnesPRODUCT LINE
New/Modified Training Systems
Engineering / Damage Control Trainers
Weapon Systems Trainers
Aircrew Trainers
Maintenance Trainers
Operational Flight Trainers
Ship Handling Trainers
Tactics Trainers

Research & Development
PrototypesProtection of Human Subjects
Front End Analysis
Requirements Analysis
Media Selection
Work Year Support
Courseware Development
New Development
COTS Courseware Acquisition
Operation & Maintenance Services
Instructor Services
Full Spectrum Services

Recurring RequirementsFTSS V Scope
Provide the fleet users with a wide range of Fielded Training Systems Support:
Contractor Operation & Maintenance Services (COMS)*
Contractor Maintenance Services (CMS)*
Contractor Instructional Services (CIS)*

Limited Training Device Modifications (TDM)
Training Device Relocations (TDR)
Training Systems Management (TSM)
Spares and Product Support
Training Device De-militarization and Disposal Support

*Represents the vast majority of the total requirement
Reserve Forces
NAWCTSD Vision: to be the supplier of choice for training and human performance solutions enhancing the capability of the Nations Warfighters.

Customers served by FTSS V include, but are not limited to Navy & USMC Wings, Fleet units, Fleet Replacement Squadrons, weapons training units, CNATRA HQ and Training Air Wings & squadrons, school houses (such as NATTC), NAVSEA Surface and Subsurface training commands, aviation survival training units, USN and USMC Reserve squadrons, and Foreign Military Sales users. User organizations are in both overseas and CONUS locations.
Submarine Learning Center
FMS and Others General Information

Ms. Janet FondriestTodays Communications Communications
Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Prior to formal RFP release
FAR 15.201, Exchanges with industry before receipt of proposals
Pre-Solicitation Conferences constitute an Informal Exchange of Information
Insight into Government plans
May change based on Pre-Solicitation / One-on-One discussions as well as follow-up comments/questions
No Guarantee as to Governments final course of action
To improve the understanding of Government requirements and industry capabilities, thereby allowing potential offerors to judge whether or how they can satisfy the Governments requirements, and enhancing the Governments ability to obtain quality services, at reasonable prices, and increase efficiency in proposal preparation, proposal evaluation, negotiation, and contract award.
Formal RFP is the only contract action to allow industry to formally respond with proposalAsk your questions as the briefing proceeds. The Government reserves the right to request any question be submitted in writing.
Due to time constraints, not all questions may be answered in open forum.
Questions not answered in the open forum may be reviewed, answered and posted on the website.
Written questions can be asked and answered after draft RFP release
All documents will be issued on the web at as an attachment to opportunity Notice ID N6134021R0001
Draft Scope Document
Draft PWS Template Addendum A & B, etc.
Guidelines & Information see if it will be able to meet our needs?Follow-on Communications

Upon Draft RFP release (anticipated Dec 2020), all follow-on communications shall be coordinated via the Contracting Officer, with the primary POC being the Contract Specialist below.

Contracting Officer: Ms. Jana McEntegart
Telephone No.: (407) 380-4997

Contract Specialist: Ms. Janet Fondriest
Telephone No.: (407) 380-8454
Where Weve Been, a little history
FTSS I FAR 16.5 MAC (ordering period 2000-2005)

Seven awardees (Two small businesses)
37 Task Orders (majority FFP)
32 Awarded Competitively (5 SBSA)
18 Awarded w/o discussions
5 Awarded Sole Source
$400M ceiling
Acquisition History
(ordering period 2005 through April 2010)

11 awardees (Two small businesses)
$800M Ceiling ($626.6M used so far)
37 Orders issued
Majority FFP
10 Sole Source orders (FMS, Bridge efforts)
8 Small Business Set-Asides
11.6% of dollars awarded to SBs
48% - Awards to other than lowest price.Acquisition History
(Base ordering period 2010 through June/Nov 2016)

Option 1 order period tentatively planned (Both MACs)
13 awardees (Eight in Unrestricted, five in TSBSA)
$980M Ceiling ($602M used to date)
20 Orders issued
All FFP (except two orders: MAFTD Repair and Submarine CMS)
2 Sole Source orders under Unrestricted MAC
5 Small Business Set-Asides
$35M awarded to SBs
6 of 18 Competitive Awards to other than lowest price (Non Price Factors Warranted a Price Premium)Acquisition History
(Base ordering period July 2016 through July 2021)

Lot 1 Option 1 order period tentatively planned
Lot 1 Unrestricted 9 awardees (Lot 2 SBSA Cancelled)
$1.6B Ceiling
20 Orders issued including guaranteed minimums
(as of 1 Apr 2020)
~$460M Awarded value
~$212M Obligated to date
9 Competitive Orders, 2 Sole Source
Of competitive orders, all awarded via tradeoff
6 awards to lowest TEP, 3 not
Of competitive orders, incumbents won 3 and lost 6
RichieOrganizational Conflict of Interest
Organizational conflict of interest means that because of other activities or relationships with other persons, a person is unable or potentially unable to render impartial assistance or advice to the Government, or the persons objectivity in performing the contract work is or might be otherwise impaired, or a person has an unfair competitive advantage. (FAR 2.101)

An organizational conflict of interest may result when factors create an actual or potential conflict of interest on an instant contract, or when the nature of the work to be performed on the instant contract creates an actual or potential conflict of interest on a future acquisition. In the latter case, some restrictions on future activities of the contractor may be required. (FAR 9.502(c))

Contracting Officers responsibility to identify and evaluate potential organizational conflicts of interest as early in the acquisition process as possible; and avoid, neutralize, or mitigate significant potential conflicts before contract award. (FAR 9.504)

Seeking industry assistance in identifying the need for the inclusion of OCI Clauses in the FTSS V solicitation and with early identification of any conflicts.

NAVAIR clause 5252.209-9510, Organizational Conflicts of Interest (Services), shown next. Organizational Conflict of Interest
(a) Purpose. This clause seeks to ensure that the contractor (1) does not obtain an unfair competitive advantage over other parties by virtue of its performance of this contract, and (2) is not biased because of its current or planned interests (financial, contractual, organizational or otherwise) that relate to the work under this contract.
(b) Scope. The restrictions described herein shall apply to performance or participation by the contractor (as defined in paragraph (d)(7)) in the activities covered by this clause.
(1) The restrictions set forth in paragraph (e) apply to supplies, services, and other performance rendered with respect to the suppliers and/or equipment listed in Attachment [insert attachment number]. [insert either Task orders issued under the contract or The contract] will specify to which suppliers and/or equipment subparagraph (f) restrictions apply.
(2) The financial, contractual, organizational and other