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Original Source
Contract Opportunity
May 26, 2021



Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection
Office of Research

Virtual (Online) Research Support
RFP# 9531CB21R0005
Pre-Proposal Conference
May 20, 2021 2:00 p.m.



3. Contract Clauses/Provisions

2. Request for Proposals (RFP)

4. Evaluation Criteria

5. Pricing Templates & Sample

Price Table
Recommended Payment Table
Participant Overhead Table

6. Questions/Answers

Background information

Online Panels
Recruitment & Screening
Participant Payment
Matched Participant Data
Other Information Requested



Office of Procurement

Office of Research

RFP Background Information

Dodd-Frank Act established CFPB and the Office of Research
Controlled experiments and surveys
Online studies


RFP: Request for Proposals
PWS: Performance Work Statement

RFP Section B.1 (page 5)

RFP - Scope

Contractor will help CFPB to execute research, experiments, and

studies via the internet.

Contractor will carry out support tasks only, including

supporting submission to the Office of Management and Budget

(OMB) for Paperwork Reduction Act (PRA)

obtaining Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval, if necessary;
recruiting and screening for high-quality participants;
paying participants;
and, possibly, matching study data with administrative data.

RFP Section B.3 (pages 6-8)

CFPB researchers will determine recruitment requirements for each

RFP - Scope


Study Workflow:

CFPB sends the Contractor details of the study in a Study Request.
CFPB and the Contractor will discuss and finalize the Study


Contractor provides support tasks to carry out the study.
CFPB and the Contractor meet to debrief after the study.

RFP - Objectives

Implement studies quickly

2. Forecast prices accurately for current and upcoming work

Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval, if necessary

4. Technical support for CFPB (study materials, PRA paperwork)

5. Technical support for participants

6. Recruitment of high-quality participants

7. Online panels meet the needs of a variety of studies

8. Payment amounts are flexible

9. Payments are made quickly

10. Matched data

11. Feedback

RFP Section B.5 (pages 8-10)

RFP - Requirements

6.1 Required Capabilities

IRB Approval

2. Online Panels
3. Recruitment

4. Screening

5. Participant Payment
6. Matched Participant Data

7. Personnel

6.2 Added Value

1. Online Panels

2. Recruitment and Screening

3. Matched Participant Data

4. Personnel

RFP Section B.6 (pages 10-15)

RFP Online Panels

Online panel: A collection of individuals who volunteered to be

contacted for the purpose of participating in research via the internet.

Offerors may propose more than one online panel for use.
For each online panel, the Offeror shall provide the information

requested in the PWS. This includes, but is not limited to:
A. Conditions under which the Offeror will use the panel.
B. The panels approximate number of active members.
C & D. For each of the demographic groups listed in the
Requirements and, if applicable, Added Value sections:
The incidence of each group.
An estimate of the maximum sample size of each group that the Offeror

believes it can recruit for a 30-minute study.
(See Example Incidence Table on pages 60-61).

E. A description of how the Offeror determines incidences.

RFP Sections 6.1.2 (pg.10-11), 6.2.1 (pg.14), 3.4 (pg.57-61)

Snapshot of Example PWS Incidence Table
(RFP pg.60-61)
Population Incidence (%) Maximum Sample Size for

a 30-Minute Study (N)


18-29 years old
60 or older



Black/African American
Asian American
American Indian or Alaska Native

Hispanic / Latinx
Non-Hispanic / Non-Latinx

Less than a college degree
Associates degree or technical or
Vocational degree

Bachelors degree
Graduate or professional degree
(e.g., MA, MSW, MD, JD, PhD)

RFP Recruitment and Screening

6.1 Required Capabilities:
Participant Criteria: Age 18+ residing in the US. Participation is voluntary. Participants are

accustomed to participating in online studies, including studies that take up to 30 minutes to

Screening Criteria: (A) Demographics and respondents characteristics, (B) Participant


6.2 Added Value: The Contractor can provide a sample of participants that matches the
demographics of certain populations (e.g., American adults according to the U.S. census). This
may increase the external validity of CFPB studies run under this Contract.

Information requested on the PWS includes:
G. The method the Offeror will use to broadcast or advertise studies to panel members. This

should include example recruitment materials.

H. The method(s) the Offeror will use to screen for participants and the methods by which
the Offeror will measure and determine participant quality (as defined in the SOO). If
methods include data collection, such as surveys, then the Offeror shall provide example
screening materials.

I. The method the Offeror will use to push links to the Bureaus studies to eligible


RFP Section 6.1.3-4 (pg.11-12), 3.4 (pg.57-61)

RFP Participant Payment

6.1 Required Capabilities:
Study Requests will describe how participants payments will be

Some studies may specify fixed payments for all participants who

complete a study, other studies will determine payments as a function
of participants choices in the study.

The Contractor must be able to take payment instructions from the
CFPB after a participant completes a study and pay participants
individualized amounts in accordance with those instructions.

The Contractor shall confirm with CFPB that participants were paid

as instructed.

Information requested on the PWS includes:
L. The method by which the Offeror will pay participants.
M. The method the Offeror proposes that CFPB will inform the Offeror
which participants should be paid and how much they should be paid.

RFP Section 6.1.5 (pg12), 3.4 (pg.57-61)

RFP Matched Participant Data

6.1 Required Capabilities
The Contractor shall provide to the CFPB all data collected to determine participants

eligibility for a study.

If the Contractor screens volunteers using information collected prior to the study

(e.g., demographic information collected from all members of an online panel), then
the Contractor shall provide, for each screened attribute:

The nature of the data used, a list of all possible values, and, if applicable,

individual survey items.

Summary statistics for the entire sampling frame
Individual values for all individuals who responded to the studys recruitment


6.2 Added Value: The Contractor provides additional demographics data about
members of its online panels. This allows CFPB researchers to create more succinct study
instruments and therefore increases the value of this Contract. In its response to this
RFQ, the Contactor would provide a list of available demographics.

Information requested on the PWS includes:
N. The method by with the Offeror can provide matched participant data for the panel.

RFP Section 6.1.6, 6.2.3 (pg.12-14), 3.4 (pg.57-61)

RFP Personnel

6.1 Required Capabilities
Key Personnel Research Scientist:

Responsible for reviewing Study Requests to ensure each study is
feasible. Shall have significant experience running online studies,
including studies that include tasks for individual participants, such
as surveys; as well as studies that include tasks for multiple
participants, such as games (e.g., a prisoners dilemma game) or
economic simulations (e.g., an auction).

Non-Key Personnel Research Associate

6.2 Added Value
Has experience running online studies using the Qualtrics platform.
Has experience running online studies using oTree software

Submission includes resume and personnel narrative

RFP Section 6.1.7, 6.2.4 (pg.13-15), 3.4 (pg.61-62)

RFP Other Information Requested

Information requested on the PWS also includes:
The method by which the Offeror can obtain IRB approval
F. How study durations will be determined for each study
J. The method used to provide technical assistance, as needed, to

participants who need help successfully navigating issues they may

K. How the Offeror defines completes and how it will determine if an

individual has completed a study

RFP Section 3.4 (pages 57-59)

RFP Constraints

Budget Constraint: $315,400.00

Estimate based on completion of twenty (20 studies) over the base and all options.

Actual number of Study Requests and effort may vary depending on the needs.

Option period funding is not currently secured and may impact the continuation or

completion of this contract beyond the base period.

Adhere to all Security and Non-Disclosure information within the

clauses of this RFP

All deliverables must be 508 compliant

RFP Section B.7 and B.8 (pages 15-18)

RFP Deliverables


Kickoff meeting

Final Quality Control Plan (QCP)

Intermittent Project Status Reviews


Study Feasibility

Finalized Study Request

Support with OMB Package

IRB Approval

High-Quality Participants

Confirmation of Participant Payment

De-Identified Demographic and/or Other Matched Participant Data

Study Wrap-Up Meeting

RFP Section B.7 and B.8 (pages 15-18)

Contract Clauses and Provisions

Local Clauses/Provisions
Period of Performance

Base Period:

Number of Option Periods:

One (1) year base period

Four (4) one-year option periods

Option IAW FAR 52.217-8

Up to 6 months (may be exercised

FAR Clauses and