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April 25, 2023
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As of 20APR2023:

The United States Army Aviation Center of Excellence invites you to the 10th Annual Army Aviation Industry Days, 8-10 August 2023 at Fort Novosel, AL, sponsored by the Directorate of Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation.

The purpose of Army Aviation Industry Days 2023 is to:

Allow industry partners an opportunity to showcase their capabilities to the Army Aviation community.

Allow visitors to learn about technologies that support the Armys modernization priorities.

Provide leaders throughout the military, government laboratories, acquisition agencies, and industry partners a forum to share equities and build partnerships.

To provide industry access and insight to future modernization efforts.

Army Aviation Industry Days is an annual event conducted at the Home of Army Aviation, Fort Novosel, Alabama. The event is open to Industry and the Fort Novosel Community.

The first formal session of Army Aviation Industry Days begins on the afternoon of 8 August, with plenary session(s) on the future operating environment at the Army Aviation Maneuver Battle Lab. The purpose of this session is to share Army Aviation concepts, experiments and analysis for Army Aviation in support of Large Scale Combat Operations (LSCO). A security clearance, validated through Defense Information Security System (DISS), is required to attend the session and is open to U.S. only. Validation of your security clearance through your industry security manager by sending a visit request in DISS.

SMO Code: W3U224 (Note, this is a new CEAD SMO code)

Visit Name: 23 AAID BDP

Name of government POC is Mr. Russell Cliett, 334-255-1340,

Purpose of the visit: 2023 Aviation Industry Days BDP Review.

Recommend your security manager process visit requests for one year to facilitate future visits to the Aviation Maneuver Battle Lab.

On Wednesday, 9 August, Army senior leaders welcome Army Aviation Industry Days participants with overarching requirements and scene setter presentations on Army Aviation readiness and signature modernization activities. CDID Director and Army Program Manager briefings will continue Thursday morning. These briefings are unclassified so there is no need to submit DISS information to attend these briefings.

Throughout Army Aviation Industry Days, industry partners are invited to establish product/ capability booths, conduct static displays of equipment and aircraft prototypes (or mock up). These displays are highly encouraged at Army Aviation Industry Days 2023 and both covered and uncovered space is available upon coordination.

We encourage early and prompt reservations to ensure your participation. The United States Army Aviation Center of Excellence and Fort Novosel are currently observing local, state, DoD, and Federal guidelines with respect to COVID. Ensure that you check guidelines closer to the event.

Point of contact for general questions or inquiries: LTC Benjamin Saad, Army Aviation Industry Days Lead Planner, (334) 255-2500,

For coordination of industry participation, booth space, static displays, and sponsorship opportunities, please contact Ms. Shannon Burke, Sponsorship and Advertising Manager, USAG Fort Novosel FMWR, (334) 255-1898, or Chris Mendez, Marketing Manager, USAG Fort Novosel FMWR, (334) 255-2292,

Tentative Schedule Below:


0800-1600Industry Days booths, displays setupThe Landing

TBDPlenary SessionTBD

1700-1900Industry Social EventTBD


0830-1630Industry Displays OpenThe Landing

0800-0830BrieferFort Novosel Theater

0830-0900BrieferFort Novosel Theater

0900-0930BrieferFort Novosel Theater

0930-1000BrieferFort Novosel Theater


1015-1045BrieferFort Novosel Theater

1045-1115BrieferFort Novosel Theater

1115-1145BrieferFort Novosel Theater

1300-1320AV CDID BrieferThe Legends

1320-1420CEAD BrieferThe Legends

1430-1500AMCOM BrieferThe Legends

1500-1630Dedicated Booth TimeThe Landing

1700-1900Industry Social EventThe Landing


0830-1230Industry Displays OpenThe Landing

0830-0850EDGE 23The Legends

0850-0910AE-RDD / PM ASEThe Legends

0910-0930AE-RDD / PM AMSA UpdateThe Legends


0940-1000AP-RDD / PM UAS UpdateThe Legends

1000-1020AP-RDD / PM FARA Update The Legends

1020-1040ACM RA / PM Apache UpdateThe Legends

1040-1100ACM Lift / PM Utility UpdateThe Legends

1100-1230Dedicated Booth TimeThe Landing