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Aug. 31, 2020



Building and Maintaining Readiness to Win in a Complex World
TRADOC Enterprise Classroom Program
Industry Day

This requirement is to obtain classroom technology modernization and sustainment services for digital classrooms at TRADOC and non-TRADOC schools/centers.
Centrally coordinated management of all functions to complete a turnkey modernized solution to include scheduling support and analysis, design, engineering, technology solutions, integration, procurement, installation and testing and quality control and training. Sustain previously fielded ECP classrooms with installed instructional technology capabilities to ensure that the information technology/audiovisual (IT/AV) equipment is fully functional and operational.

ECP is looking for industry recommendations regarding program improvement, efficiencies and cost savings.

Army University Chancellor
Commanding General, U.S. Army Training And Doctrine Command

Maneuver Support Center of Excellence

Directorate of Army Credentialing and Continuing Education Services for Soldiers
(As of 1 OCT 19)
Mission: The Army University provides academic policy, governance, and innovation to establish the Armys academic enterprise to train and educate agile and adaptive Soldiers, leaders, and the Army Civilian Corps to achieve cognitive overmatch to win the complex operational environment.
Army UniversityECP
The ability to provide centrally coordinated management of all functions in providing a true turnkey modernization solution to include analysis, design, engineering, technology solutions, integration, and installation.
Established methodology to purchase and provide leading audiovisual, networking, and computing equipment and supplies.
The ability to sustain up to 3,700 existing analog/digital ECP classrooms located across CONUS.
Experience in managing simultaneous projects at different geographical locations.

Provide program lifecycle process to sustain, upgrade and refresh as needed.
Program Requirements
Turn-key classroom describes a classroom that is fully operational, with all of the technology and audiovisual equipment in working condition after government acceptance.
Classroom Technology Modernization
Design and Engineer
Install technology and audiovisual equipment
Rehabilitation can preceded Classroom Technology Modernization

Sustainment Services
Of the inventory 3,700 classrooms across TRADOC
For each new or modernized classroom 1 year warranty from Prime after installation
Help desk supports sustainment with a 3-tier system

Repository maintenance and updating
Tracks 300,000 + IT and AV components
Tracks 55,000 + devices

Centrally coordinated management of all functions to complete a turnkey modernized solution to include scheduling support and analysis, design, engineering, technology solutions, integration, procurement, installation and testing and quality control and training.
Classroom Lifecycle
Engineering Design
Final Turnkey Classroom Documentation
Repository Upload
Program Challenges
ECP manages 3,700 TRADOC classrooms with continued growth in costs associated with enhanced technology solutions. That inventory includes over 330,000 Audio Visual, IT components and over 52,000 student devices

Information Assurance - privacy and data restrictions

Keeping the young, technology-aware students engaged

Variety of learning environments
It must support traditional training when needed and team collaboration inside and outside the physical space
The definition of the classroom is beyond the conventional thought of four walls
The teacher-student relationship exists, and will continue to exist, within a learning space

Next generation of Army classrooms will have the flexibility to arrange the physical space in multiple ways while allowing students to continue sharing work with their peers

Thirty percent of the classrooms in the ECP inventory are 8 years or older

Life Cycle Replacement is an essential function of the ECP and is required to replace legacy/aging analog technology that continues to fail and can no longer be supported by repair. When failure occurs it disrupts instruction, delays the training schedules and graduation - ultimately impacting Army readiness

ECP must refresh 10% of its current inventory annually to maintain an environment conducive to learning
Classroom Inventory
Lecture Classroom (Basic, Standard, Enhanced)
Support instructor-centric facilitation
One networked Instructor Presentation System
Designed for an average of 24 students
Configuration is driven by course content and method of instruction
Tailored design realizes maximum savings
Include wireless capability, where available
Common in BCT/OSUT and IMT

Collaboration Classroom
Configurable to support student-centric collaborative instruction (U-Shape/Pods/Linear)
One networked Instructor Presentation System with enhanced control/display capabilities
Designed for an average of 24 students
Common in NCOAs and PME

Simulation Classroom
Support operationally fielded systems such as Mission Command, virtual, and gaming
One networked Instructor Presentation System
Vary in configuration and capability based on the fielded systems it supports
Designed for an average of 16 students
The capabilities that facilitate methods of instruction define ECP-managed classrooms. Classroom capabilities evolve, consistent with relevant training and education strategies and emerging technologies.
Components common in the Army classrooms:

Two large display monitors with touch screen technology or Laser Projectors
Compact Crestron touch panel
Instructor monitor with adjustable stand
Speakers and wireless microphones
Audio Visual rack or compact configuration located in monitor stand (eliminating the need for separate A/V cabinet)
Room for optional technology in the instructor podium
Guest laptop connection
Reconfigurable furniture in select classrooms

The ECP collaborates with proponents to provide the infrastructure, configuration and technology to match the course content and methods of instruction so that learning can occur.

TRADOC oversees 85 Army schools organized under 10 Centers of Excellence; trains and educates over 500,000 Soldiers and service members each year

~ 1,200 programs of instruction support 214 Military Occupational Specialties at all career levelsClassroom Configuration
Providing the Right Solution
Labs and Unique Equipment - unique classroom equipment in labs to facilitates instruction. Configuration may include cameras and monitors for instructors and fellow students to observe each other.

Mobile carts - Providing mobile carts with large displays in equipment bays and aircraft hangers to enable access to on-line course and reference material, facilitating hands-on learning.

Matching technology - Installing technology and audio visual equipment supporting blended, peer-to-peer and instructor-led instruction.
Close collaboration with stakeholders provides solutions specifically tailored to their needs. The new configuration may impact exiting classrooms and include new or emerging requirements. Examples of tailored support -
Tailored Classroom SolutionsClassroom Sustainment
All ECP-managed classrooms are maintained and sustained to ensure classroom readiness. ECP-managed classrooms have an annual average readiness rate of over 95%.

Classroom Sustainment includes:

Tier 1 Classroom Support Personnel (CSP)
There are 24 Classroom Support Personnel located at 7 installations
CSPs perform preventive maintenance and troubleshoot classroom equipment
They install replacement parts
CSPs coordinate with Tier 2 and 3 technical support
Request support through the ECP technical services support website if they are unable to resolve the issue by submitting a request - referred to as the trouble ticket system

Tier 2 Centralized Technical Support Desk
Accessible through a 1-800 number and web based trouble ticket system
Troubleshoots equipment issues by phone
Provides the means for classroom POCs to ship equipment for repair to specified repair site and return
Identify/prepare/submit quote for Tier 3 site visit support, if required

Tier 3 Site Assistance Visits Certified Audiovisual/Information Technology Techs
Remove/replace heavy or installed classroom equipment such as video displays, projectors, projector screens
Reprogram/reload touch panel codes
Perform classroom moves/resets