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Aug. 3, 2021, 3:17 p.m.
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1 Existing Packaging Statement of Work January 2019 SPECIAL PACKAGING INSTRUCTIONS RETRIEVAL & EXCHANGE SYSTEM (SPIRES) Contractors may request the use of SPIRES website to view item packaging requirements or search for Special Packaging Instruction drawings via the following website: REUSABLE CONTAINERS The contractor shall safeguard all received reusable shipping containers that meet the requirements of the AFMC Form 158 and are suitable for return shipment of serviceable assets. The contractor shall dispose of and replace unserviceable containers with new containers that meet requirements of the AFMC Form 158. Contact the Administering Contracting Office (ACO) for disposition and replacement when Long Life Reusable Containers (LLRC) are received in an unserviceable condition. REPORTING DISCREPANCIES The contractor shall use Web Supply Discrepancy Report (WebSDR) to submit/reply to a Supply Discrepancy Report (SDR), when improperly packed assets are received/shipped in other than the contracted packaging requirements (coded data or Special Packaging Instructions (SPI) drawings) from Department of Defense (DoD) components or contractor activities. The contractor shall request a WebSDR account via the following website: (See Defense Logistics Management (DLMS) 4000.25-M, Volume 2, Supply Standard and Procedures, Chapter 17, Supply Discrepancy Reporting) Exceptions when no damage has occurred are as follows: - Items packaged before the current SPI date. - An alternate pack may be used, provided the prime Air Force Sustainment Complex, Packaging Office at the Air Logistics Complex (ALC) approves and issues a waiver and deviation number, which would be annotated on the exterior container on the lower right hand portion of the identification side of the container. - In accordance with Technical Order (TO) 00-85B-3, How to Package Air Force Spares, the contractor may substitute the next larger size fast pack, of the type I or type II to ship transportation priorities 1 and 2 shipments as long as there is no decrease in any of the container dimensions without the requirement of a waiver deviation. TO 00-85B-3, para 4.2 can be accessed via the website: - ASSIST Documents for Specifications Listed in the GSA Index of Federal Specifications, Standards and Commercial Item Descriptions The contractor shall use the ASSIST website to access specification, standards, data item descriptions documents listed in this contract solicitation: FAR 52-211-2 Availability of Specifications, Standards, and Data Item Descriptions listed in the Acquisition Streamlining and Standardization Information System 2 Existing Packaging Statement Of Work (Cont) AFSC 406 SCMS/GULAA Attn: ROBERT (BOBBY) TOMAC DSN: 777-4454 COMM: 801-777-4454 E-mail: ROBERT.TOMAC@US.AF.MIL APPLICABLE GOVERNMENT PACKAGING DOCUMENTS NOTE: UTILIZE THE MOST RECENT REVISION DLMS 4000.25, Defense Logistics Management Systems, Volume 2, Change 10, Supply Standards and Procedures, Chapter 17, Supply Discrepancy Reporting TO 00-85B-3 How to Package Air Force Spares