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Section C – 0100000/0200000/1503020 Pest Control – 2022_1669329 0100000 – General Information Spec Item Title 1 General Information 1.1 Outline of Services 1.2 Acquisition of Additional Work 1.3 Background Information 1.4 Navy PBSA Approach 1.5 Standard Template 1.6 Related Information 1.7 Verification of Workload and Conditions 1.8 Contractor's Knowledge 1.9 Technical Proposal Certification 0200000 – Management and Administration 2 Management and Administration 2.1 Definitions and Acronyms 2.2 General Information 2.2.1 Government Regular Working Hours Observed Federal Holidays Restriction to Contractor Working Hours 2.2.2 Wage Determinations 2.2.3 Requirements Hierarchy 2.3 General Administrative Requirements 2.3.1 Required Conferences and Meetings 2.3.2 Training for Maintenance and Operation of New and Replacement Systems and Equipment 2.3.3 Partnering Informal Partnering Contract Partnering Administration Contract Partnering Session Attendees 2.3.4 Permits and Licenses 2.3.5 Insurance Certificate of Insurance Minimum Insurance Amounts 2.3.6 Protection of Government Property 2.3.7 Directives, Instructions, and References 2.3.8 Invoicing Procedures 2.3.9 Forms 2.4 Government-Furnished Items 2.4.1 Government-Furnished Property (GFP) 2.4.2 Government-Furnished Facilities 2.4.3 Government-Furnished Vehicles and Equipment 2.4.4 Government-Furnished Utilities 2.5 Contractor-Furnished Items 2.6 Management 2.6.1 Safeguarding Information 2.6.2 Dissemination of Information 2.6.3 Work Reception 2.6.4 Work Control 2.6.5 Work Schedule 2.6.6 Deliverables 2.6.7 Service Interruptions 2.6.8 Quality Management System (QMS) Quality Management (QM) Plan Quality Inspection and Surveillance Section C – 0100000/0200000/1503020 Pest Control – 2022_1669329 0200000 – Management and Administration Spec Item Title Quality Inspection and Surveillance Report 2.6.9 System and Equipment Replacement 2.7 Personnel Requirements 2.7.1 Key Personnel Project Manager (PM) Quality Manager Quality Control Personnel Site Safety and Health Officer (SSHO) Environmental/Energy Manager 2.7.2 Employee Requirements Employee Certification and Training Employee Appearance Employee Conduct Identification as Contractor Employee Removal of Employees Proof of Legal Residency 2.7.3 Service Contract Reporting (SCR) 2.8 Security Requirements 2.8.1 Employee Listing 2.8.2 Vehicles 2.8.3 Passes and Badges 2.8.4 Access to Installation DBIDS Program DBIDS Credentials 2.8.5 Access to Buildings 2.8.6 Access Arrangements Escort Arrangement for Secured Areas 2.8.7 Security Clearances 2.8.8 Access to Controlled Unclassified Information 2.8.9 Access to Government Information Technology (IT), Operating Technology (OT), and Facility Related Control Systems (FRCS) 2.8.10 Access to Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI) 2.8.11 Employee Status 2.9 Contractor Safety Program 2.9.1 Contractor Safety Requirements Experience Modification Rate (EMR) OSHA Days Away From Work, Restricted Duty, or Job Transfer (DART) Rate 2.9.2 Accident Prevention Plan (APP) 2.9.3 Activity Hazard Analysis (AHA) 2.9.4 Safety and Occupational Health (SOH) Risks and Compliance Plans Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Plan Chemical Hazard Communication Program Confined Space Program Critical Lift Plan Fall Prevention and Protection Plan Pathogen Exposure Control of Hazardous Energy (lockout/tagout) 2.9.5 Crane Operations Crane Inspections Rigging Gear Crane Operators 2.9.6 Accident and Damage Reporting Section C – 0100000/0200000/1503020 Pest Control – 2022_1669329 0200000 – Management and Administration Spec Item Title Accident Reporting and Notification Criteria 2.9.7 Fire Protection 2.9.8 Monthly On-Site Labor Report 2.9.9 OSHA Citations and Violations 2.9.10 Safety Inspections and Monitoring 2.9.11 Safety Certification 2.9.12 Safety Apparel on Jobsites 2.9.13 Emergency Medical Treatment 2.9.14 Excavations 2.10 Environmental Management and Sustainability 2.10.1 Energy Management Program Water Conservation Plan Energy Efficient Products 2.10.2 Environmental Protection Sampling, Testing and Laboratory Services Solid Waste Management and Recycling Spill Prevention, Containment, and Clean-up Hazardous Material Management Protection of Endangered and Threatened Species (Flora and Fauna) Noise Control Asbestos Containing Material (ACM) 2.10.3 Sustainable Procurement and Practices Environmentally Preferable Products Use of Recovered Materials Use of Biobased Products 2.11 Disaster Preparedness 2.12 Technical Library 2.13 Warranty Management 2.14 Recurring Work Procedures 2.14.1 Recurring Work Preparation of Proposals 2.14.2 Notification to the Government for Work Above the Recurring Work Limitations 2.14.3 Recurring Work Exhibit Line Item Numbers (ELINs) 2.15 Non-Recurring Work 2.15.1 Unit Priced Task (UPT) Work (Non-Negotiated) Acceptance and Performance Invoicing and Receiving Payment 2.15.2 Unit Priced Labor (UPL)Work (Negotiated) Non-recurring Work Preparation of Proposals Labor Requirements Direct Material and Construction Equipment Requirements Issuance of Final Task Order 2.15.3 Non-Recurring Work ELINS 1503020 – Pest Control 1 General Information 1.1 Concept of Operations 2 Management and Administration 2.1 Definitions and Acronyms 2.2 Personnel 2.2.1 Certification, Training and Licensing 2.3 Special Requirements 2.3.1 Business Licensing Section C – 0100000/0200000/1503020 Pest Control – 2022_1669329 1503020 – Pest Control Spec Item Title 2.3.2 Permits 2.3.3 Vehicles 2.3.4 Equipment 2.3.5 Pesticides New Pesticide Request and Planned Pesticide Use (PPU) Sheet Reporting 2.3.6 Disposal 2.3.7 Spills 2.3.8 On-Site Mixing 2.3.9 On-Site Materials Storage 2.3.10 Occupied Spaces 2.3.11 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) 2.4 References and Technical Documents 3 Recurring Work 3.1 Scheduled Pest Control 3.1.1 Nuisance Pest Control 3.1.2 Public Health Pest Control 3.1.3 Structure Damaging Pest Control 3.1.4 Lawn, Turf and Ornamental Plant Pest Control 3.1.5 Vegetation Management 3.1.6 Vertebrate Pest Control 3.2 Pest Control Service Orders 3.3 Pest Management Reporting 4 Non-Recurring Work Section C – 0100000/0200000/1503020 Pest Control – 2022_1669329 0100000 – General Information Spec Item Title Description 1 General Information 1.1 Outline of Services Except where otherwise stated, the Contractor shall furnish all labor, supervision, management, tools, materials, equipment, facilities, transportation, incidental engineering, and other items necessary to provide the services outlined below and described in this Performance Work Statement (PWS) at various locations within a 100 mile radius of the Washington Navy Yard comprised of both Recurring Work and Non-Recurring Work Items. Locations to include:  Naval Support Activity, Washington Navy Yard, Washington, DC;  Naval Research Laboratory (NRL), Washington, DC;  Marine Corps Barracks, 8th and I Streets, Washington, DC;  Naval Support Facility, Arlington Service Center (ASC), VA;  United States Naval Observatory (USNO), Washington, DC;  Naval Support Facility, Carderock, West Bethesda, MD;  Naval Support Facility, Dahlgren, VA;  Naval Support Facility, Indian Head, MD;  Naval Support Activity, Bethesda, MD. The PWS is organized into annexes. Annex 1 is "General Information". Annex 2 contains the on-site project management and administration requirements. Annexes 3 through 18 contain the technical requirements. The annex numbers are identified as 1 through 18 in the description column, but the fully expanded annex numbers include seven digits (e.g., Annex 1 expanded number is 0100000 as shown in the header row at the top of this page). Annex 1 General Information Annex 2 Management and Administration Annex 3 Command and Staff N/A Annex 4 Public Safety N/A Annex 5 Air Operations N/A Annex 6 Port Operations N/A Annex 7 Ordnance N/A Annex 8 Range Operations N/A Annex 9 Health Care Support N/A Annex 10 Supply N/A Annex 11 Personnel Support N/A Annex 12 Morale, Welfare and Recreation Support N/A Annex 13 Galley N/A Annex 14 Housing N/A Annex 15 Facilities Support Sub-Annex – 1503020 Pest Control Annex 16 Utilities N/A Annex 17 Base Support Vehicles and Equipment N/A Annex 18 Environmental N/A 1.2 Acquisition of Additional Work The Government reserves the right to acquire additional services at additional locations, within the scope of the annexes and areas included in Spec Item 1.1 Outline of Services, in addition to the services and locations identified in the requirements of this contract. Additional services will be incorporated into the contract in accordance with the CHANGES clause, SECTION I or ordered under the non-recurring work provisions of the contract. Items of work not covered by this contract but within the general intent are considered in the scope of this contract. Section C – 0100000/0200000/1503020 Pest Control – 2022_1669329 0100000 – General Information Spec Item Title Description 1.3 Background Information With the nation's capital at its heart, the Naval District Washington Region encompasses over 4,000 square miles, including the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia. Naval District Washington is responsible for efficiently delivering common operating support services to over 120 mission commands located within the Region. Naval District Washington is the regional provider of common … Show All