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Dec. 15, 2021, 9:26 p.m.
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1Know the symptoms! If you (or anyone in your family) is ill, contact your transportation office to reschedule your shipment. Your moving company will verify to you--in writing--that their personnel have been screened for illness and will be properly equipped to work in your home.A current list of symptoms from the CDC can be found at Limit the number of family members in the residence tothose needed to supervise your move.If this is not possible, prepare a dedicated room where familymembers can stay while personnel are working.Moving companies have been directed to bring the minimumnumber of personnel required to handle the shipment.Wear cloth face coverings.Anyone in your home during your move, whether on or offa military installation, shouldfollow CDC guidelines on theuse of face coverings.All moving companies have been directed to wear face coveringsper CDC guidelines while at your residence.CDC guidance on use and instructions for homemade facecoverings can be found at are empowered to make decisions! Work with your chain of command and transportation office to reschedule your pack-out or delivery if you are notcomfortableat any point of your move. Visit to find the contact info for your local shipping office.Measures to Protect Your Health While Moving in a COVID-19 Environment2345Routinely clean frequently touched surfaces.Moving companies will be equipped and prepared to clean surfaces they frequently touched (they will seek your permission first).28 Apr 2020