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Defense Transportation Regulation – Part IV 4 April 2018 Personal Property IV-G2-1 ATTACHMENT G2 PUBLICATIONS AND COMMERCIAL STANDARDS The publications below have been coded as mandatory or advisory. The contractor is obligated to follow those coded as mandatory. The contractor will be guided by those publications coded “advisory” to the extent necessary to accomplish requirements in the Performance Work Statement. Each applies to the current edition, unless otherwise specified. Table G2-1. Publication Codes Specification Title Mandatory Advisory ASTM-D3953-15 Standard Specification for Strapping, Flat Steel and Seals X ASTM-D4169-16 Standard Practice for Performance Testing of Shipping Containers and Systems X ASTM-D5118/D5118M-15 Standard Practice for Fabrication of Fiberboard Shipping Boxes X ASTM-D5168-12 Standard Practice for Fabrication and Closure of Triple Wall Corrugated Fiberboard Containers X ASTM-D6039/D6039M-11 Standard Specification for Crates, Wood, Open and Covered X ASTM-D6251M-11 Standard Specification for Wood Cleated Panelboard Shipping Boxes X International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures Publication No. 15 International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPM): Guidelines for Regulating Wood Packaging Material (WPM) in International Trade X Military Standard-129 Department of Defense Standard Practice, Military Marking For Shipment and Storage X PPP-C-1797A Cushioning Material, Resilient, Low Density, Unicellular Polypropylene Foam X DTR 4500.9-R Defense Transportation Regulation, Part II, Cargo Movement and Part IV, Personal Property X SDDC PAMPHLET 55-12 Commercial Containers for Department of Defense Household Goods Shipments X NOTE: All publications marked as Mandatory will be maintained at the contractor’s facilities. Copies of government publications may be obtained by submitting a written request to: DLA Document Services Headquarters 5450 Carlisle Pike Bldg. 09 PO Box 2020 Mechanicsburg, PA 17055-0788 Copies of commercial standards may be obtained by submitting a written request to: American Society of Testing and Materials 100 Barr Harbor Drive West Conshohocken, PA 19428-2959 Telephone Number: 610 832-9585 Facsimile: 610 832-9555 Defense Transportation Regulation – Part IV 4 April 2018 Personal Property IV-G2-2 The request must contain the title of the specification, its number, and date. Supplements or amendments to these mandatory publications may be issued during the life of the contract and must be in full force and effect as soon as possible but not later than 30 days after receipt by the contractor. Changes in the contract price due to publication supplements and amendments may be considered under the Changes clause.