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Performance Work Statement (PWS)

Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard

and Intermediate Maintenance Facility

Fryer Machine Systems

Fryer HR-14

Inspection and Repair Services


Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard & Intermediate Maintenance Facility (PHNSY & IMF) is a US Navy regional industrial center that maintains, overhauls, and repairs various vessels of the US Navy. Its industrial operations provide the US naval forces with a wide range of services and resources located on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, with direct and indirect support to SSN 688 and 774 class submarines, surface vessels and shore based activities in the Pacific

Objective and Scope:

The Contractor shall supply a Manufacturer Trained Certified Technician from Fryer Machine Systems. The contractor will perform on-site inspection and repair services on 3EA. Fryer HR-14 Horizontal milling machines. The equipment was delivered on August 2020 and never been used but was damaged at the warehouse. The Contractor shall provide services to include removal of enclosure, repairing sheet metal, remove broken bolts, clean old ceiling material, reseal enclosure, remount enclosure, coolant test enclosure, and provide an inspection report on 3EA. Fryer HR-14 Horizontal milling machines.



Serial no


Fryer Machine Systems



Fryer Machine Systems



Fryer Machine Systems



Performance Requirements:

Inspection and Repair. The contractor shall provide all management, labor, materials, supplies, transportation and tools required for inspection and repair of all equipment in paragraph 2.1 in accordance with the applicable manufacturer’s manual to ensure proper operation of equipment. Contractor shall provide a contact phone number and alternate phone number for use during the contract duration. The contractor shall notify the Technical Point of Contact (TPOC) if any machine covered under this contract cannot be restored to operational status within the contract period. All software upgrades, if required, shall be provided. The Contractor shall ensure that upgrades include all applicable software licensing agreements.

Software Upgrades. All software upgrades, if required, shall be provided. The Contractor shall ensure that upgrades include all applicable software licensing agreements. The Contractor shall create complete system backups, prior to and after any configuration changes to hardware or software to ensure no loss of data.

Inspection and Repair Reports. The contractor shall submit a written inspection and repair report to the Technical Point of Contact (TPOC) within 1 week after the completion of repair. The report shall contain at a minimum, the identification and location of equipment, the type of repair performed, materials replaced, date of repair, service technicians name and an assessment of the overall condition of the equipment serviced.

Removal and disposal of replacement parts and materials. Contractor shall transfer replacement parts and materials to PHNSY & IMF, and will properly dispose of damaged parts.

Hazardous Waste and Scrap Metal shall be turned over to PHNSY & IMF. For specific guidance, guidelines, and procedures governing the use and disposal of hazardous material or hazardous waste at PHNSY & IMF, direct all questions to the TPOC.

Photography, photographic equipment, computing and recording devices are prohibited at PHNSY & IMF without prior approval. This includes personal and company cellular phones with camera features. Direct all questions to the TPOC.

. Place of Performance. Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard, Controlled Industrial Area (CIA), Shop 31 Bldg.67, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

. Period of Performance. All work to be completed within six months after award of contract. The contractor shall meet with the Technical Point of Contact (TPOC) to establish a schedule and complete all work on 3EA. Fryer HR-14 Horizontal milling machines with 9 working days for 2EA. technicians.

. Hours of Performance. Normal Hours. All work shall be performed during normal business working hours of 0630 to 1500 hours, daily, Monday through Friday, excluding Federal Holidays. If the Federal Holiday falls on a Saturday, the holiday is observed on the following Monday. Facilities may close due to local or national emergencies, administrative closings, or other Government directed facility closings. PHNSY & IMF typically observes an annual curtailment closure between Christmas and New Year’s, consult with TPOC for details. Contractor access to Government facilities during closures is not permitted.

Workmanship. The Contractor shall ensure that all work performed is done by a factory trained and authorized service technician and shall provide a 1-year warranty on the work performed. The warranty shall begin when all work is completed.

Service Delivery Summary Table A:

Performance Requirement



Performance Threshold

Perform Inspection and Repair

Paragraph 3.1

100% delivery and compliance.

2. Provide software upgrades if required.

Paragraph 3.2

100% delivery and compliance.

3. Provide written Inspection and repair report within one week of service.

Paragraph 3.3

100% delivery and compliance.

4. Removal and disposal of replacement parts and materials.

Paragraph 3.4

100% delivery and compliance.

5. Hazardous waste and scrap metal to be turned in to PHNSY & IMF.

Paragraph 3.5

100% delivery and compliance.

Quality Assurance.

The Contractor is responsible for implementing and maintaining a Quality Control Plan (QCP) that identifies and results in the correction of potential and actual problems. The QCP shall be implemented on the first day of contract performance and a copy of QCP shall be provided to the Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR) prior to contract performance.

The QCP shall outline the Contractor’s plan to ensure the quality of deliverables as outlined in this PWS. The QCP shall address what will be reviewed and shall outline actions to be taken by the Contractor, should the review(s) identify areas requiring remedial action.

The Contractor shall keep records of any inspections and corrective actions taken, as outlined in the QCP and shall make such records available to the COR upon request.

Government Furnished Property and Services.

GENERAL: The Government will provide the following:

All reasonably required amounts of electricity for Contractor supplied tooling or test equipment.

Removal and disposal of Hazardous Waste, used lubricants, coolants, and cleaning solutions generated from servicing.

No other property, utilities or services will be provided by the Government.

Contractor Qualifications:

The Contractor shall provide a factory trained and authorized service technician and the necessary management and administrative support associated with personnel, equipment and services are provided.

Contractor personnel shall have a valid driver's license and a vehicle pass for base access. The Government will submit the base access request to JBPHH Security. In accordance with the Security Requirement - Appendix III, the Government will provide escorts as required while in the CIA and CNIA.

The Contractor must be able to attain and maintain a CIA badge.

Contractor employees shall clearly identify themselves as a Contractor (i.e. company shirt, badge, company identification) in a visible location on the front of exterior clothing, above the waist, (except when safety or health reasons prevent such placement). Identification badges shall be worn at all times when performing work.

The Contractor performing services shall be required to comply with all PHNSY&IMF rules, regulations and training that are applicable to conduct, safety, security, and procedures governing site entry and exit. Contractor personnel will be escorted when working in sensitive areas, as required. The TPOC will make arrangements to provide escort service if required.

Security Requirements:

Prior to the start of work, the contractor shall provide the COR (on company letterhead) a request for access to PHNSY & IMF and include the following information – full name of all personnel working on this contract; Social Security number; date of birth, place of birth, and citizenship. The contractor shall state that information has been verified and shall have supporting records on file if required for examination.

The contractor shall pass a background check to gain access PHNSY & IMF. The contractor’s employees must be a U.S. Citizen and registered with the Defense Biometric Identification System (DBIDS). The contractor shall coordinate with the COR to obtain a gate pass at Building 3455 Pass Office. Only those individuals with favorable investigations shall be utilized on this contract. Contractor will coordinate with building 3455 Pass Office in the completion of current form SECNAV 5512/1.

Contractor personnel must meet the requirements for a “green” unescorted badge for access to areas requiring services related to this contract. Contractor will coordinate with PHNSY Security Office at building 207 in the completion of Visit Request for Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard current form PH-SYD 5512/28.

Security Requirements: This contract does not require a security clearance level and clearance granted by the Defense Security Service (DSS). Contractor shall comply with Security requirements specified in Appendix III

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