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Contract Opportunity
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Aug. 25, 2022, 3:41 p.m.
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Commander Navy Region Southwest
Individual and Family Resiliency Instructor
San Diego Metro Area


Commander Navy Region Southwest (CNRSW) requires facilitators for Chaplain Religious Enrichment·
Development Operation (CREDO) in Navy Region Southwest. This personnel support requirement is needed to
expand access to Regional Religious Program and CREDO pastoral care programs which sustain the Fleet, enable
the Fighter and support Families. The Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) characterizes CREDO as a "Family
Readiness Program". OPNAVINST 1738.1 series provides specific policy guidance for CREDO programming.
This directive aptly characterizes CREDO as "not faith-specific" but "spiritual in nature which refers to that which
gives meaning and purpose to life, or to the practice of a philosophy, religion or way of living." CREDO
programming is a specialized aspect of CNIC Religious Programs that promotes a culture of moral leadership as
well as individual and family resiliency to withstand the stresses of military life.


The purpose of this order is to provide a qualified Contractor General Instructor necessary to complete the mission
and objectives of the CREDO workshops, seminars and meetings to address the needs of our Sailors, their family
members, and other uniformed DoD personnel in an active duty status.
The Contractor shall provide all contract employees, non-personal services, and materials (except as otherwise
provided for in this contract) to implement CREDO Southwest programming as a professional facilitator, and assist
CREDO staff in providing administrative support as necessary to meet its mission of strengthening Fleet, Fighter
and Family. Hereafter, when referring to activities which take place within the San Diego metro area, the term
“Contractor” shall be inclusive of the Contractor’s employees and/or subcontractors. A “typical weekly” hours are
modified not to exceed 40 hours per week over 7 days.

The Contractor employee shall perform the following tasks (specific requirements delineated in para. 2.0):

a. Facilitate Core Programs, Core Plus Workshops, Core Plus, and Tone of the Force and other briefs;
b. Conduct marketing and face-to-face meeting with military commanders and leaders;
Identify and develop additional capabilities and initiatives that can be delivered by Chaplain Religious
Enrichment Development Operation (CREDO);

d. Make appropriate referrals to a chaplain or other helping professionals;
e. Collect data and use the Navy Chaplain Ministry (CRP-AT) Support Tool to capture measures of

performance and measures of effectiveness regarding CREDO programs;
f. Collaborate with other helping professionals within the Navy system; and
g. Submit monthly reports to respective Command Chaplains, CREDO Southwest Director, and the COR

3. TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS: The Contractor’s employees providing facilitation and implementation of
CREDO Southwest programs shall:

a. Be proficient in reading, writing, speaking, and understanding the English language;
b. Have earned a Master's degree or equivalent, in one of the following fields:
c. Divinity; Pastoral Care; Pastoral Counseling; or similar/relevant field of study;
d. Or, Licensed and/or Registered Clinical Social Worker; Counselor, Certified Life-Coach;
e. Or, have a minimum of three (3) years' professional experience facilitating/leading groups in a

supportive context.


f. Have an in-depth working knowledge of the military, ethical values, social issues, and military

g. Be able to work within a military structure and environment;
h. Be able to work with little to no supervision, effectively lead groups, effectively communicate in

varied settings, and effectively speak in front of large and small audiences;

i. Have passed a background investigation in accordance with section 3.6; and,
j. Be a U.S. Citizen.

4. GENERAL CONTRACT SUPPORT: The Contractor/Vendor is directly responsible for ensuring the accuracy,
timeliness and completion of all tasks and deliverables in sections 5 and 6 below. This requirement enables the
means to achieve reliable, sustainable, seamless, cost effective and timely delivery of CREDO programs and
services throughout the NRSW enterprise.

4.1 Possess an understanding of military customs, courtesies, traditions, protocol, and honors rendered in
conjunction with military ceremonies.

4.1.2 Maintain office hours at the CREDO NRSW Office.

4.1.3 Must demonstrate ability to interact with people from all socio-economic backgrounds, military, their family
members and civilians.

4.1.4 The US Navy Chaplain Corps supports religious pluralism and provides for the free exercise of religion and as
such, the Contractor employee shall work in an ecumenical environment sensitive to all participating in the program
and abide by all Department of Defense, Department of the Navy, and Federal laws, rules, and guidelines, including
those laws and guidelines pertaining to marriage. Department of Defense policy states that all legally married
military couples shall be treated equally and as such, all CREDO marriage and family enrichment retreats are open
to all legally married military couples. Contractor’s employees shall be willing to facilitate retreats for all eligible
military personnel and their dependents. The Contractor shall ensure that no effort or coercion to conform a
participant to a particular religious denomination or faith group shall be manifested directly or indirectly. Proper
respect for all religious faith groups shall be maintained.

5. OBJECTIVES AND TASKS: The Contractor employee shall facilitate and implement CREDO Southwest
programs based on the Performance Work Statement requirements to ensure an effective program. This program
shall address the following areas:

a. A quarterly calendar of events and trainings to establish planning
b. A core curriculum developing of retreats, workshops, and briefs
c. Appropriate advertising of weekly, monthly, and special events
d. Meeting with military commanders and other leaders
e. Coordinating and collaborating with other Navy services and helping professionals
f. Coordinate with installation commands and tenant commands to deliver Core Plus Workshops and Tone
of Force and other briefs on an on-demand basis.

5.1 The Contractor employee shall submit in writing all planning items listed above to the respective Command
Chaplains for approval no later than the 5th day of the second month after the effective date of the contract. No
advertisement of proposed event or activity, either printed or verbal, shall be released until approved by the
respective Command Chaplain and the CREDO Southwest Director. Plans shall include the following events at a

5.1.2 Core Programs: The Contractor employee shall facilitate, near respective installations, NTE eight retreats per
year, to include Marriage Enrichment Retreats, Family Enrichment Retreats, Personal Resiliency Retreats and
Personal/Professional Growth Retreats. Each retreat shall begin at 1700 Friday evening and conclude no later than
1200 Sunday. Content and curriculum will be provided by CREDO Southwest and the Contractor employee shall
deliver the retreat as set forth by CREDO Southwest. Personality and personal experience of the Contractor
employee is welcomed and expected, but the atmosphere is one of facilitation and involvement of the group, not
simply teaching.

5.1.3 Core Plus Workshops: The Contractor employee shall devise a schedule, coordinated with and approved by
the respective Command Chaplain, and published quarterly, which provides for, but is not limited to, the following
Workshops (curriculum content provided by CREDO Southwest):

a) ASIST – Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training 2-day workshop
b) safeTALK – Suicide Alertness for Everyone 3-hour workshop
c) PREP – Divorce Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program
d) Survival Skills for Healthy Families – Family Wellness
e) Resilient Family Institute - BAM
g) Team Building – Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator
h) Arbinger Leadership Development
i) Franklin Covey Leadership Workshops
j) Arsenal Training

5.1.4 Special Events: The Contractor employee’s requirement concerning off-base retreats, special events, or
training is as follows:

a. Brief After-Action Reports shall be submitted to the CREDO Southwest Director within five (5) days

following the completion of a retreat. The Contractor employee shall maintain continuity folders and
incorporate the action reports.

b. Contractor employees shall count actual hours worked during a retreat, to include travel time, but shall

not include meal-time or sleeping time in their work-week hour count. For example, a retreat begins 1700
Friday night and ends 1200 Sunday. This retreat would count for 24 hours toward the 40-hour work week, as

2.5 hours
Travel time to retreat site:

3.5 hours
Friday night session (1700 – 2130):
Saturday morning session (0800 – 1200): 4.0 hours
Saturday afternoon session (1300 – 1800) 5.0 hours
3.0 hours
Saturday evening session (1830 – 2130):
3.5 hours
Sunday morning session (0800 – 1200):
2.5 hours
Travel time from retreat site:

c. Contractor employees shall provide their own transportation to special events and/or retreats, and shall be
reimbursed by the Contractor, according to the travel funding provided in this contract.

5.1.5 Coordination: The Contractor employee shall coordinate all support requirements with Installation Command
Chaplain or appropriate Chapel staff.

5.1.6 Performance Standards: The Government will evaluate the Contractor employee’s performance under this
contract using the method of surveillance specified in Performance Requirement Summary – Technical Exhibit (1).