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Performance Work Statement

Equipment Pillar (TOA) & Defense Property Program Accountability Manager

Naval Construction Group ONE (NCG1), Code N43

Port Hueneme, CA

1.0SCOPE: This Naval Construction Group ONE (NCG 1) staff position is considered the expert on unit Table of Allowance (TOA) readiness and accountability as it pertains to the Readiness and Cost Reporting Program (RCRP) and/or the Defense Property Accountability System (DPAS), and reports directly to and advises the TOA Manager (N43) of NCG 1 on all readiness issues related to TOA, supply readiness, and TOA accountability to include items over $5,000 purchased with NCG 1 or subordinate unit’s Operational Target (OPTAR). Additionally, the Contractor will work with the NCG 1 Readiness Manager and unit RCRP/DPAS Equipment managers to ensure accurate unit readiness reporting of unit TOA’s and Consolidated SEABEE Allowance Lists (COSALs) in RCRP/DPAS.


BACKGROUND: NCG 1 is an Echelon IV command under operational/ administrative control of Naval Expeditionary Combat Command (NECC)/Naval Expeditionary Combat Command Pacific (NECCPAC) who serves all NCG-1 forces deployed throughout Pacific Command (PACOM) area of responsibility. NCG 1 organizes, mans, trains, equips, sustains, certifies, and mobilizes the Pacific Fleet Seabees. We lead and manage the capability of the Navy Construction Force units to deploy in support of Combatant Commander and Navy Component Command tasking specifically in the Indo-Asia-Pacific Area of Responsibility (AOR) across the full spectrum of operations to control and enable the freedom of action through the sea-to-shore and inland operating environment.

Upon the decommissioning of the FIRST Naval Construction Division, numerous responsibilities and tasking rolled down to the NCG’s including the robust functions of managing and maintaining the 5 readiness pillars that make up RCRP, NECC’s Readiness Reporting System and DPAS, NECC’s inventory management tool for all units. With a value of approximately $2.5B and estimated 795K line items covering 10 NCF units, it is imperative that the Equipment Pillars show an accurate accountability picture. As such, NCG-1 requires critical contractor support in order to accurately maintain TOA readiness and accountability reporting.

NCG 1 subordinate unit TOA’s consist of the 30th Naval Construction Regiment (30NCR), six Naval Mobile Construction Battalions (NMCBs), a Construction Battalion Maintenance Unit (CBMU), an Underwater Construction Team (UCT), and various geographically dispersed detachments throughout the United States and the PACOM AOR. Contractor support shall primarily track and report the TOA readiness of Naval Construction Force (NCF) Pacific units, and assists in developing and exploring new Readiness Cost Reporting Program System (RCRP) and Defense Property Accountability System (DPAS) reporting tools in support of all NCG 1 operations relating to unit Table of Allowances (TOA) readiness. RCRP/DPAS is NECC’s near real time web based Readiness system which establishes capabilities based, adaptive, reporting system by using a common lexicon of mission essential tasks lists (METLs) or similar indicators for all assigned missions. RCRP/DPAS collects data on the readiness of NECC forces and support organizations performing missions.

The work will include interfacing with the Readiness and Cost Reporting Program (RCRP) and Defense Property Accountability System (DPAS) systems which provide the Navy Expeditionary Combat Enterprise (NECE) with a standardized analytical tool to feed readiness data into the Defense Readiness Reporting System-Navy (DRRS-N) which is the Navy’s primary Readiness reporting system. Contractor support is required to act as a liaison with the Equipment Pillar Managers and commodity managers from all subordinate units as and the NECC Equipment Pillar Manager and NCG 1 commodity managers as well as with his/her counterpart at NCG 2.


• NTRP 1-03.5 Defense Readiness Reporting System-Navy Reporting Manual


• COMNECC INST 3500.4B (DRRS-N Supplemental Guidance)

• NCG ½ 3500.1 (Readiness Program)

• RCRP Business Rules (RCRP Portal)



•AO Administrative Officer

•AQL Acceptable Quality Level

•ACOR Alternate Contracting Officer Representative

•AT Augment Tools

•CBR-OSIMS Chemical Biological Radiological Operating Space Inventory Management System

•CFR Code of Federal Regulations

•CNO Chief of Naval Operations

•CONUS Continental United States (excludes Alaska and Hawaii)

•COR Contracting Officer Representative

COSAL Consolidated SEABEE Allowance List

•COTR Contracting Officer Technical Representative

•CTR Central Tool Room

•DGR Designated Government Representative

•DOD Department of Defense

•DD254Department of Defense Contract Security Requirement List

•DFWP Drug Free Work Place

•DPAS Defense Property Accountability System

•DON Department of the Navy

•DRMO Defense Reutilization & Marketing Office

DRRS-N Defense Readiness Reporting System-Navy

DRRS-S Defense Readiness Reporting System-Strategic

•DISCO Defense Industrial Security Clearance Office

•DONCAF Department of Navy, Central Adjudication Facility

•FEDLOG Federal Logistics Data Program

•FD-258Finger Print Cards

•FSO Facility Security Officer

•FAD Facility Access Determination

•FOIA Freedom Of Information Act

•HSPD-12Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 – Policy for a Common Identification

•Standard for Federal Employees and Contractors

•ILO Integrated Logistics Overhaul

•ILS Integrated Logistics Support

•IAW In Accordance With

•IR Inspection Report

•MHE Material Handling Equipment

•MICRO SNAP Micro Shipboard Non-Tactical Automated Data Processing System

•MRP Material Returns Program

•NACI National Agency Check with Inquiries

•NACLC National Agency Check with Local Agency and Credit Checks

•NBVC Naval Base Ventura County

•NCF Naval Construction Force

•NCR Naval Construction Regiment

•NISP National Industrial Security Program

•NON-CESE Non-Civil Engineering Support Equipment

•NRFI Not Ready for Issue

•NSN National Stock Number

•OPM Office of Personnel Management

OPTAR Operational Target

PACOM Pacific Command

RCRP Readiness and Cost Reporting Program

•RFI Ready for Issue

•SAAR-N System Authorization Access Request – Navy

•SBU Sensitive, but Unclassified

•SCI Sensitive Compartmented Information

•SF85 Questionnaire For Non-Sensitive Positions

•SF85P Questionnaire For Public Trust Positions

•SF86 Questionnaire For National Security Positions

•SFOM Supply Figure of Merit

•TOA Table of Allowance

•USCIS United States Citizenship and Immigration Services

•VAR Visitor Authorization Request


3.1 Equipment/Supply Pillar Readiness Program Manager: Contractor employee will serve as the Readiness Program Manager for the Equipment (E)/Supply (S) pillars for the readiness and accountability of NCG 1 and subordinate units in RCRP/DPAS. Estimated to require (1) Full Time Equivalent (FTE).

Contractor will be responsible for the operation of RCRP Equipment (E) Pillar, Supply (S) Pillar and DPAS which provides a measurable assessment of how well a unit is equipped to perform all missions in support of Major Combat Operations (MCOs) and also to sustain itself or other units and to track items that support equipment or personnel.

Contractor will track warfare primary mission area readiness as it pertains to subordinate units by coordination, compilation, and analytical evaluation of RCRP, DRRS-N, DPAS and brief the Commodore and Logistics Officer (N4) typically monthly but no more than weekly.

Contractor will compile raw data, project wartime readiness of subordinate units, and formulate recommendations for improvement. Recommendations shall be provided to the Chain of Command COR in writing on a monthly basis.

Serve as the subject matter expert (SME) to all subordinate units relating to Equipment Figure of Merit

(EFOM) and Supply Figure of Merit (SFOM) in RCRP.

Maintain status of equipment and supply reporting systems, DPAS, RCRP and DRRS-N and liaise with higher headquarters on system management and issue resolution.

3.1.6 Coordinate with NCG 1 Readiness Manager and N43 to solve DPAS/RCRP Readiness issues in support of the NCG1 mission and subordinate units’ operations in the Pacific AOR.

3.1.7 Contractor employee shall perform TOA Readiness support services as follows: Review unit DRRS-N comments weekly as they pertain to TOA/Supply Readiness and verify accuracy based on DPAS and RCRP data and real time data if it differs. Assist and train approximately 20-unit TOA/Equipment Pillar managers and commodity managers in DPAS/RCRP management functions, business rules and button-ology. Work with the DPAS contracted provider for interaction or assistance when using the DPAS database. Maintain status of equipment and supply reporting systems and communicate status with headquarters Equipment Pillar Manager. Utilize DPAS/RCRP and DRRS-N to track TOA inventory, including Rotational Pool equipment, quantity-tracked equipment, and unit-managed equipment. Monitor operational to non-operational status of equipment to ensure situational awareness of operational av… Show All