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May 12, 2022, 10:35 a.m.
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DESCRIPTION OF WORK/SERVICE: The Contractor shall provide all labor, supervision, tools, materials, and equipment necessary to accomplish the repair and inspections
on 100-TON Link Belt Crane, Model RTC-80100 II, Serial# J7J9-1544, US Air Force
Registration Number 09D609 as outlined in 1.1.3.

1.1.1 WORKMANSHIP: All work shall be performed to the highest standards of the trade
and shall conform to all codes governing that trade. All work performed shall be in accordance
with all requirements of the State of Arizona and local codes. The work will be conducted so as
to avoid damage to other property or equipment in the area. All damage thereto shall be made
good by the contractor at his own expense.

1.1.2 LOCATION: Work must be accomplished at the chosen vendor place of business. If the
chosen vendor is within the Tucson and Phoenix area the 309 AMARG will arrange for the
shipment of the crane to include all required shipping permits to the vendors work facility. If a
vendor is chosen from outside these areas that vendor must make all necessary arrangements to
include permits to have the crane picked up from Davis-monthan AFB and taken to their work
facility, and for its return to Davis-monthan AFB.

1.1.3 TASKS: The contractor shall perform all required repairs on 100-TON Link Belt cranes
to include the following task per designated crane:

• Repair Hydraulic leak on the Telescopic Boom Cylinder that is leaking.
• Replace all Seals on the Telescopic booms three Cylinders.
• Replace the Wire Rope on the Telescopic boom.
• Perform a diagnostics and repair the cranes Drum Roll Indication.
• Perform an annual safety inspection on the crane, as well as an annual lubrication on the


• Repair the cranes Johnson Hook Block (See photos for damage parts on the hook block,

and the data information of the block).

• Perform a Load test of 100 percent of the cranes lift capacity after all repairs and

• Provide a written report of the Load Test Results, Annual Safety Inspection and what was

inspections are complete.


1.1.4 WORKSITE: Prior to commencing any work the contractor shall coordinate the date
and time for repair with the Contracting Officer and the AMARG POC. All repairs and
inspections must be completed by 31 August 2022. Upon completion the contractor shall provide
the Government with two copies of all necessary maintenance manuals, certification and all
warranty documents.

1.1.5. GENERAL INFORMATION CONTRACTOR POC. Contractor shall assign a designated contract point of contact
(CPOC) in support of this contractor who is authorized to approve adjustments to the services
required. Contractor shall provide the name and contract information of the CPOC to the
Contracting Officer. CONTRACTOR EMPLOYEE RESTRICTIONS. The contractor shall not employ
persons for work on this contract if such employee is identified to the contractor by the Contracting
Officer as a potential threat to the health, safety, security, general wellbeing or operational mission
of the installation and its population. CONFLICT OF INTEREST. The contractor shall not employ any individual who is
an employee of the United States Government if the employment of that individual would create
a conflict of interest, nor shall the contractor employ any person who is an employee of the
Department of the Air Force, either military or civilian, unless such person seeks and receives
approval of the employment in accordance with Department of Defense Directive (DODD) 5500-
7, Standards of Conduct. In addition, the contractor shall not employ any person who is an
employee of the Department of the Air Force if such employment would be contrary to the policies
contained in Air Force Instruction (AFI) 64-106, Air Force Industrial Labor Relations Activities. MILITARY PERSONNEL. The contractor is cautioned that off-duty active military
personnel hired under this contract may be subject to permanent change of station (PCS), change
in duty hours, or deployment. Military reservists and National Guard members may be subject to
recall to active duty. The abrupt absence of these personnel could adversely affect the contractor’s
ability to perform. Their absence at any time shall not constitute an excuse for non-performance
under this contract. CONTRACTOR TRAVEL ON DMAFB. Contractor employees shall not loiter in any
working area before or after performing services. All contractor employees shall limit their travel
on DMAFB only to the specific areas required for performance of services or in travel directly to
and from these locations. Upon completion of contract work, contractor employees shall promptly
depart DMAFB. CONTRACTOR EMPLOYEE CONDUCT. The Government reserves the right to
require removal from the installation any contractor employee who endangers persons or property,
whose actions are inconsistent with professional conduct, whose continued employment is
inconsistent with the interest of military security or who is found to be incapacitated or under the
influence of alcohol, drugs, or other substances. Removal of employees for any reason does not
relieve the contractor of the requirement to perform services specified herein. APPEARANCE. Contractor personnel shall be easily recognizable as contractor
personnel while on the installation in conjunction with this contract. This shall be accomplished

through the wear of distinctive clothing, overcoats, or hats, bearing the company name or logo.
The coloring or design of the items selected should be such that identifies personnel easily and
quickly for reasons of safety and personal protection. ENVIRONMENTAL LAWS AND REGULATIONS. The contractor shall comply
with all applicable Federal, State, and local laws, regulations, and requirements regarding
environmental protection. In the event environmental laws/regulations/requirements change
during the term of the contract, the contractor shall comply with such law/regulation as changed.
The contractor is responsible for any penalties, fines, etc. resulting from violations. The contractor
shall immediately notify the Contracting Officer and 309 AMARG POC when violations occur,
and cooperate fully with fire department personnel and Government investigators. SAFETY. The contractor shall comply with all local, state and federal laws and safety
regulations. Compliance with OSHA and other applicable laws and regulations for the protection
of contractor employees is exclusively the obligation of the contractor, and the Government will
assume no liability or responsibility for the contractor’s compliance or noncompliance with such
responsibilities. The contractor is responsible for furnishing contractor employees with all
necessary personal protective equipment to perform services. FIRE PREVENTION AND SAFETY STANDARDS. Contractor employees shall
comply with the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA), Davis-Monthan AFB Fire
Protection Program, Air Force Occupational Safety, and the Fire Prevention and Health Program. SAFETY MONITORING. The Government reserves the right to require safety and/or
Quality Assurance monitoring of delivery, transfer and/or pickup operations performed by the
contractor. The direction or
local guidelines conveyed by safety regarding delivery,
transfer/loading operations are to be followed in strict compliance. Failure by the contractor to
promptly correct any identified unsafe or potentially unsafe condition may result in the issuing of
a Stop Work Order and/or removal of contractor personnel from the premises, and/or termination
for default. GOVERNMENT INSPECTION. All contractor performed services in this SOW are
subject to inspection and review by Government personnel. ON-SITE INSPECTIONS. The operations performed on Government installations
may be inspected on a continuous or sample basis without prior notice. SMOKING IN AIR FORCE FACILITIES. The Air Force has placed restrictions
on the smoking of tobacco products in Air Force facilities. AFI 40-102, Tobacco Use in the Air
Force, outlines the procedures used by the commander to control smoking in our facilities.
Contractor employees and visitors are subject to the same restrictions as Government personnel.
Smoking is permitted only in designated smoking areas. HOURS OF OPERATION. Normal hours of operation will be Monday through
Friday from 7:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. FEDERAL HOLIDAYS. The following federal holidays are observed at DMAFB.
If a holiday falls on Saturday, the preceding Friday will be observed. If a holiday falls on a Sunday,
the following Monday will be observed. The contractor shall reschedule holiday services on the
first duty day after the holiday observance.

New Year’s Day
Martin Luther King Day
Washington’s Birthday

Memorial Day

Independence Day

Labor Day
Columbus Day
Veteran’s Day
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day

1.1.8. SECURITY REQUIREMENTS LISTING OF EMPLOYEES. The contractor shall maintain a current listing of
employees performing services on DMAFB. The list shall include employee's name, social
security number, driver’s license number and state of issue. The contractor shall submit the list of
employees to the Contracting Officer and 309 AMARG POC, upon contract award. The contractor
shall immediately submit an u