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July 27, 2022, 6:02 p.m.
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Oshkosh Original Equipment Manufacturer Training

PANMCC-22-P-0000 005274

Part 1

General Information

1. General: This is a non-personal services contract to provide training on Oshkosh manufactured equipment. The Government shall not exercise any supervision or control over the contract service providers performing the services herein. Such contract service providers shall be accountable solely to the Contractor who, in turn is responsible to the Government.

1.1 Description of Services/Introduction: The Contractor shall deliver the services for the dates required. The Government reserves the right to extend or curtail services and the Contracting Officer Representative (COR) will notify the Contractor within 24 hours if such a requirement is needed.

1.2 Background: 4ID G4 (Maintenance) is requesting Oshkosh OEM training to develop troubleshooting and maintenance skills of 4ID mechanics. These services allow 4ID and Fort Carson units to refresh skills and gain better knowledge on Oshkosh equipment. The contract will provide multiple blocks of instruction throughout the fiscal year; IAW the Oshkosh training outline and training modules requested by 4ID.

1.3 Objectives: Oshkosh will provide 1 instructor for 12 students (2:24 per quarter) to train FCCO maintainers on Oshkosh equipment. The Government reserves the right to vary quantities by +/- 30% due to operational requirements and to make multiple awards to meet said requirements. Oshkosh OEM Training is to be conducted in designated locations inside Ft. Carson. The COR will provide the contractor each location.

The government will provide the facility and equipment per the requirements in the Oshkosh training proposal: (1) Classroom equipped with tables, chairs, writing board, and viewing screen; (2) Shop bays for three vehicles near the classroom for the duration of the class; and (3) Shop tools and PPE as necessary for respective level of training.

1.4 Period of Performance: The period of performance shall be for 1 Year from 30 September 2022 through 31 August 2023

1.5 General Information

1.5.1 Quality Control: The contractor shall maintain an effective quality control program to ensure services are performed in accordance with this PWS. The contractor shall develop and implement procedures to identify, prevent, and ensure non-recurrence of defective services. The contractor’s quality control program is the means by which he assures himself that his work complies with the requirement of the contract.

1.5.2 Quality Assurance: The government shall evaluate the contractor’s performance under this contract in accordance with the Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan. Each location will contain a COR (Contracting Officer Representative) who will evaluate and inspect the quality of each item under their direct control.

1.5.3 Recognized Federal Holidays: The contractor shall NOT be required to perform services on holidays.

New Year's Day

Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday

President's Day

Memorial Day


Independence Day

Labor Day

Columbus Day

Veterans Day

Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Day

1.5.4 Hours of Operation: The contractor is responsible for conducting business, between the hours of 0800hrs – 1600 hrs. Monday thru Friday except Federal holidays or when the Government facility is closed due to local or national emergencies, administrative closings, or similar Government directed facility closings. The Contractor must at all times maintain an adequate workforce for the uninterrupted performance of all tasks defined within this PWS.

1.5.5 Place of Performance: The work to be performed under this contract will be performed at Ft. Carson, CO.

1.5.6 Type of Contract: The government will award a Firm-Fixed Price Contract.

1.5.7 Security Requirements: Contractor personnel performing work under this contract do not need Security clearance at time of the proposal submission. PHYSICAL Security: The contractor shall be responsible for safeguarding all government equipment, information and property provided for contractor use.

At the close of each work period, government facilities, equipment, and materials shall be secured. Antiterrorism and Operations Security Requirements

AT Level I training. All contractor employees, to include subcontractor employees, requiring access Army installations, facilities and controlled access areas shall complete AT Level I awareness training within 30 calendar days after contract start date or effective date of incorporation of this requirement into the contract, whichever is applicable and annually thereafter. The contractor shall submit certificates of completion for each affected contractor employee and subcontractor employee, to the COR or to the contracting officer, if a COR is not assigned, within 05 calendar days after completion of training by all employees and subcontractor personnel. AT level I awareness training is available at the following website:

Access and general protection/security policy and procedures. Contractor and all associated sub-contractors employees shall provide all information required for background checks to meet installation access requirements to be accomplished by installation Provost Marshal Office, Director of Emergency Services or Security Office. Contractor workforce must comply with all personal identity verification requirements (FAR clause 52.204-9, Personal Identity Verification of Contractor Personnel) as directed by DOD, HQDA and/or local policy. In addition to the changes otherwise authorized by the changes clause of this contract, should the Force Protection Condition (FPCON) at any individual facility or installation change, the Government may require changes in contractor security matters or processes.

Contractor and all associated sub-contractors employees shall comply with adjudication standards and procedures using the National Crime Information Center Interstate Identification Index (NCIC-III) and Terrorist Screening Database (TSDB) (Army Directive 2014-05/AR 190-13), applicable installation, facility and area commander installation/facility access and local security policies and procedures (provided by government representative), or, at OCONUS locations, in accordance with status of forces agreements and other theater regulations.

For contractors requiring Common Access Card (CAC). Before CAC Issuance the contractor employee requires, at a minimum, a favorably adjudicated National Agency Check with inquires (NACI) or an equivalent or higher investigation in accordance with Army Directive 2014-05. The contractor employee will be issued a CAC only if duties involve one of the following: (1) Both physical access to a DoD facility and access, via logon, to DoD networks on-site or remotely; (2) Remote access, via logon, to a DoD network using DoD-approved remote access procedures; or (3) Physical access to multiple DoD facilities or multiple non-DoD federally controlled facilities on behalf of the DoD on a recurring basis for a period of 6 months or more. At the discretion of the sponsoring activity, an initial CAC may be issued based on a favorable review of the FBI fingerprint check and a successfully scheduled NACI at the Office of Personnel Management.

For contractors that do not require CAC, but require access to a DoD facility or installation. Contractor and all associated sub-contractors employees shall comply with adjudication standards. Procedures using the National Crime Information Center Interstate Identification Index (NCIC-11I) and Terrorist Screening Database (TSDB) (Army Directive 2014-05/AR 190-13), applicable installation, facility and area commander installation/ facility access and local security policies and procedures (provided by government representative),or, at OCONUS locations, in accordance with status of forces agreements and other theater regulations.

iWATCH Training. The contractor and all associated sub-contractors shall brief all employees on the local iWATCH program (training standards provided by the requiring activity ATO). This locally developed training will be used to inform employees of the types of behavior to watch for and instruct employees to report suspicious activity to the COR. This training shall be completed within 30 calendar days of contract award and within 05 calendar days of new employees commencing performance with the results reported to the COR NLT 30 calendar days after contract award.

For contracts that require a formal OPSEC program. The contractor shall develop an OPSEC Standing Operating Procedure (SOP)/Plan within90 calendar days of contract award, to be reviewed and approved by the responsible Government OPSEC officer. This plan will include a process to identify critical information, where it is located, who is responsible for it, how to protect it and why it needs to be protected. The contractor shall implement OPSEC measures as ordered by the commander. In addition, the contractor shall have an identified certified Level II OPSEC coordinator per ARS30-l.

For contracts that require OPSEC Training. Per AR 520-1, al contractor employees must complete Level I OPSEC training within 30 calendar days after they report for duty and annually thereafter.

Per AR 530-1, Operations Security: new contractor employees and/or contracts of a specific duration requiring access to Fort Carson must complete Level I OPSEC tra… Show All