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Sept. 2, 2022, 10:09 a.m.
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Designation and Sentence Computation Center/Grand Prairie Office Complex- PROJECT
Install CRVs DSCC


A.1 The Federal Bureau of Prisons (FBOP), South Central Regional Office U.S. Armed Forces Reserve Complex 344 Marine
Forces Drive, Grand Prairie, TX 75051, intends to make a single award to a responsible entity that will provide all
necessary equipment, labor, materials, and incidentals to install two In-Row CRV Systems for server room located inside
the Designation and Sentence Computation Center (DSCC) Building 345.

All equipment specified in this statement must be brand name or an equal product. Should your firm choose to submit
an equal product, you must submit all technical specification of the equal product to be analyzed and a technical
determination issued with acceptance/non-acceptance.

Install CRV In-Row 10-Ton System(s)

This project basis for design is CRO35RA air-cooled 35kW with DX Cooling Coil(s) and a period of performance of 182
calendar days. Contractor shall supply and install (2) new Liebert air handlers in server room located inside DSCC
Building 345 including (2) associated Liebert air-cooled condenser units on rooftop with disconnects. (1) system to be set
up as redundant system.

Scope of Work Clarification
-Rooftop installation shall include required roof rails and roofing patch back ensuring no water leaks. ***(Ref.
Attachment D)***
-Contractor shall provide all required crane and rigging.
-New systems will utilize R410A or R407A refrigerant.
-Air Handler units to be installed on floor location inside server room with best air flow determined on-site by
contractor. ***Reference Attachment B for current rack location(s).***
- Certified contractor shall install new line sets from condenser to air handlers, install both 24v control wire and CANbus
communication wire between indoor and each outdoor condenser.
-Install (2) 480v 3ph 50-amp dedicated circuits to Liebert air handlers. Install (2) 480v 3ph 15-amp dedicated circuits to
Liebert condenser on rooftop with disconnects. (All existing electrical distribution equipment is currently Square D
brand) ***Reference Attachment B for electric panel locations and estimated feet required for power runs. ***
-Install copper 3/8 supply domestic water piping from mechanical room to each air handler for humidifiers.
-Install condensate drain piping from each air handler to a floor drain in the mechanical room.
-Pressurize refrigerant line set and check for leaks.
-Pull vacuum online set below 500 microns.
-Charge system with factory charge.
-Factory start up on installed equipment.
-Include 1 Year entire parts and labor warranty.

B.1 Reference Documentation

1. Attachment A (Work Site Building 345 – First Floor)
2. Attachment B (Existing Electric Panel and Server Rack Locations)
2. Attachment C (Server Room install location with dimensions)
3. Attachment D (Pictures of Roof Access Points, roof pathways, and proposed condenser locations)


The Contractor shall notify the COR a minimum of five (5) days prior to the final testing of manufacturer start up and
certification so that arrangements can be made to have BOP required staff available to observe testing. A complete plan
detailing test procedures must be submitted to the COR no later than (5) days in advance for final operational checks
and testing of the CRV system(s).

All seismic zone requirements, environmental compliance, Life Safety, NFPA, ADA-ABA, and Federal, State and Local
codes and regulations will be considered during all phases of this project.

Services and materials provided by the contractor will adhere to and shall be consistent with the most current industry
standards, the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and the General and the National Electric Code (NEC).

It is the contractor’s responsibility to obtain permitting, should it be required. Copies of all permits must be submitted
to the COR upon receipt from local agency.


The FBOP will provide water, use of restrooms and minimal electricity service (120V) for small hand power tools
including battery chargers. The contractor will provide all other equipment, supplies and materials needed to complete
this project.


The Contractor shall notify the COR (2) working days prior to the final system testing and certification so that
arrangements can be made to have BOP required staff available to observe manufacturer start-up and testing. A
complete plan detailing test procedures must be submitted to the Contracting Officers Representative (COR) in advance
for final check out and testing of the complete system.


The contractor awarded the contract will be responsible to ensure the premises are always kept clean and free from
accumulations of waste materials and rubbish. The contractor will remove all debris, scrap, and rubbish from the work
area daily. Surplus materials and all equipment shall be promptly removed from the site upon completion of the work.
The Contractor shall be responsible to remove all debris and waste materials from the job site at South Central Regional
Office site upon conclusion and acceptance of the project. These items must be disposed of in accordance with all
Federal, State, and local laws.


1. The contractor shall provide written submittals to the COR describing recommended equipment within (3) days from
receiving the Notice to proceed for approval.

2. If required all security clearance paperwork/documentation shall be submitted to the COR a minimum of (3) working
day prior to the start of work.

3. The Contractor shall prepare and provide to the COR for approval, PDF file specifications of all material and products
prior to their use. Submittals will be prepared as PDF package and transmit to Government by sending via email.
Contractor shall also provide three (3) copies of the Safety Data Sheets (SDS) on all materials and substances that may
be used during the course of the project. In the event the material is not approved by the Safety Manager, it shall be the
responsibility of the Contractor to locate and procure an alternative product.

4. For security and safety purposes, forty-eight (48) hour advance notice in writing, prior to disruption to the system
must be given to the Contracting Officer and COR.

5. Provide complete narrative descriptions of all system operations.

6. The contractor shall provide an Installation Certification of the completed and tested systems that contains an
affidavit signed by the contractor and manufacturer’s representative, notarized, certifying that the complete systems
meet the contract requirements and is fully operational per the manufacturer's recommendations.

7. Any deviations from this Statement of Work will be considered a Change Order Request and must be authorized
through the institution’s Contracting Officer prior to the implementation of the requested change.

8. It is the Contractor’s responsibility to repair and/or replace any Government property damaged by
contractors/subcontractors’ employees. Damage will be corrected and restored to previous condition at no cost to the

9. It shall be the Contractor’s responsibility for obtaining all measurements and data requirements to comply with
manufacturer’s installation recommendations. All installations must be in accordance with product manufacture’s

Upon completion of the installation, testing, and acceptance by the Government, the contractor shall provide
operation/maintenance manuals for each piece of equipment/system installed.

The contractor shall furnish manufacturer’s factory-certified training and provide system certification for two (2) Bureau
of Prisons employees, thus enabling them to maintain and repair all equipment and systems.


A. Work Hours:

Work Hours for the contractor are 7:00 AM – 4:00 PM, Monday - Friday, excluding weekends and federal holidays. Any
work required to be completed at any other time than noted above must be requested in writing to the COR five (5)
working days prior to the start of the work. In the event of any equipment being replaced that would result in downtime
of the normal orderly running of the institution, alternate work hours may be authorized in accordance with the time
frame stated above.

Access to the site will be available during normal working hours except during emergencies. It shall be the responsibility
of the Contractor to familiarize himself, his employees, and his subcontractors of the working hours and conditions in at
the facility, as working hours may not constitute a full eight-hour workday. The Government assumes no responsibility
to the Contractor nor to any of his subcontractors for shorter hours due to institutional emergencies or entry and/or exit
of workers necessitated by normal institution routines.

B. Delivery of Materials:

All construction materials/equipment required for work on this project is required to be processed by the Contractor
and coordinated with the institution COR for temporary storage.

Any construction related deliveries which are directly shipped to the contractor can be received between the hours of
7:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding Federal Holidays. At no point will a Bureau of Prisons (BOP)
staff member receive or sign for a delivery if the contractor or his representative is not present to verify and accept the

Under no circumstances will SCRO or its staff be responsible for the acceptance of any Contractor or company deliveries.
The contractor shall be responsible for providing their own means of