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July 16, 2021, 2:11 p.m.
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Statement of Work (SOW)

Improve PMRS Space

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Service

Project No. 598-20-106


















Project Overview:

The Eugene J. Towbin Healthcare Center located in North Little Rock, AR requires renovations to the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Service (PMRS) space.

The general goal of this project is to allow relocation of Veteran waiting space to a more private and spacious area, increase private treatment space for therapists and physicians, relocate Veteran check in space for improved privacy, and renovate employee work areas that have fallen into disrepair. The design shall improve patient flow through the spaces. The work plan will generally involve considerations for the following: approximately 3,200 sf of patient/therapy space, approximately 800 sf of exam rooms, and approximately 2,800 sf of administrative/common.

This project will allow PMRS for more focused and efficient delivery of services, afford privacy for our veterans and their families, and increase both patient and employee satisfaction through more appropriate environment for service delivery. Through more effective use of current space PMRS will be able to afford greater options for treatments provided and improved choice regarding locations where veterans receive care. PMRS would then have inpatient and outpatient clinical treatment areas and private treatment rooms in more appropriate environment for service delivery. This would allow more space for the evaluation and treatment of the patients seen in the specialty clinics (Lymphedema, Polytrauma, Brace, Amputee), as well as provide private treatment rooms for therapists and physicians.

Scope of Work

Provide an Architectural/Engineering (A/E) design solution for the above referenced Project Overview through site investigation/verification of the existing systems, preparation of design development, construction documents, specifications, cost estimates, construction period services and construction site visits. The project is in the VA Hospital Historic District at the Eugene J. Towbin Healthcare Center Building 170 located in North Little Rock, AR, 72114.

The Architect/Engineer A/E will work with Central Arkansas Healthcare System (CAVHS) staff, Engineering Staff, Utility Shop, Patient Care staff and other staff as required to collect all information required to design a solution in accordance with the Technical Information Library (TIL), local, state and federal building codes and standards.

A/E services to include phasing recommendations, work flow studies, planning, consultation and site visits, investigation before design, design work, preparation of contract drawings and specifications for construction bidding, constructability reviews at each design review, design for accessibility for maintenance and operation of all systems, preparation of cost estimates including contractor bid analysis and recommendations, and participation in any pre-bid and pre-construction conferences. In addition, provide construction period services for demolition, construction, and inspection of all work for project.

The A/E shall conduct the site and building surveys as required to meet all design requirements, commissioning, and ensure accurate specifications during the design process. This includes validating existing drawings and conducting “above the ceiling” observations to verify and validate existing conditions. These are not all inclusive of the survey requirements. Site investigations must be sufficiently thorough to ensure that design details are compatible with the project site.

Asbestos survey. The A/E will review the existing asbestos survey and determine any additional locations required to be on the asbestos survey, if any. Any construction in areas requiring abatement is identified on the survey. Asbestos abatement will follow Master Construction `s Section 02 82 13 from TIL local, state and federal requirements.

Electrical load survey. The A/E will determine the electrical load/ usage requirements for all operations and equipment in project area. The A/E will determine the electrical load requirements through the design process.

Mechanical Requirements Survey. The A/E will conduct a mechanical requirements survey of project area to determine needs to be incorporated in the project. Consideration will include air exchange requirements, air supply and ventilation.

All design will be done according to VA specifications, VA Design Manual, Joint Commissions Standards, Design Guides, Infection Control guidelines and all applicable codes. The design will be structured in a way which will allow minimum interruption of space function and accessibility during construction. All work shall meet the most current edition of NFPA/Life Safety Code and comply with all applicable building codes.

To protect patients, federal employees and visitors from exposure to tobacco smoke, smoking is not allowed on VA campuses.

Work performed involving environmental aspects must be done in compliance with laws, policies, and guidelines in accordance with CAVHS Green Environmental Management Systems (GEMS) Program, Waste Management, VA Directive 2004-069 and the Federal Pollution Prevention Act.

Life safety and infection control will be considered during all phases of design. Final construction documents will detail measures to be taken by the contractor to assure life safety

and infection control. A preconstruction risk assessment will be completed and included in project submissions.

Plans for phasing construction to minimize impact on the medical center will be incorporated into the construction documents. Items to be addressed may include timing of entrance and exit of the facilities, road closures, limited lane closures, work after normal working hours, and limited parking closures, etc. Plan construction to include impacts on the medical center such as providing alternate facilities entrance and exit, parking or temporary access points.

Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC)

1) In an effort to reduce construction change orders due to design errors and omissions, the A/E shall develop, execute, and demonstrate that the project plans and specifications have gone through a rigorous review and coordination effort. The requirements are as follows:

Provide an outline of the actions that your firm will take during the design process.

Two Weeks after Receipt of the NTP: Submit a detailed QA/QC Plan describing each step that will be taken during the development of the various phases of design. Each step should have an appropriate space where a senior member of the firm can initial and date when the action has been completed.

100% Submittal: Submit the completed QA/QC Plan along with the latest marked-up documents (plans, specifications, etc.) necessary to ensure that a thorough review and coordination have been completed.

The A/E will have an experienced staff with a minimum of 5 years’ experience to conduct the design to include but not limited to administration buildings, data centers, and warehouses.

The project construction will be under the supervision of the COR/Project Engineer. The A/E shall furnish assistance during the design and construction period, including review of shop drawings, RFI response, submittals, site visits and serve as necessary in clearing up any problems that may arise. Bidding shall be handled by the Veterans Affairs Contracting Officer.

Prepare Design Submittals

At 10% submittal the A/E will document and validate project requirements and the construction costs. The submittal shall include preliminary schematic plans, a narrative describing each aspect of the project and a parametric estimate. Provide a detailed QA/QC Plan describing each step that will be taken during the development of the various phases of design.

At 35% submittal the A/E will provide a conceptual design with sufficient detail to show how functional and technical requirements will be met, indicate the designer’s approach to the solution of technical problems, shows compliance with design criteria, and provide a valid concept cost estimate.

At 65% submittal the A/E is to ensure that funding limitations are not being exceeded and the drawings, design analysis, specifications, and cost estimate are proceeding in a timely manner, and that the design criteria are being correctly interpreted.

At 90% submittal it represents a 100% complete design with the exception of incorporation of any review comments resulting from the review of the submittal.

Completed design shall result in a cost that is within the budget limitations. To ensure this, the A/E shall set up two or more bid deduct alternatives totaling 20% of the construction cost. If the base bid cost exceeds budget and deduct alternates do not bring the project within the construction budget, the A/E shall re-design or take necessary steps to reduce the cost so that budget limitations are not exceeded.

Prepare cost estimate and provide Construction Period Services and site visits.

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