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SECTION 01 32 16.01Architectural and Engineering CPM SCHEDULES



The Architect/Engineer of Record (A/E) shall develop a Critical Path Method (CPM Schedule) plan and schedule demonstrating fulfillment of the contract requirements as designated in VA PG 18-15, shall keep the CPM up-to-date in accordance with the requirements of this section and shall utilize the plan for scheduling, coordinating, and monitoring work under this contract. Conventional Critical Path Method (CPM) Precedence Diagramming Method (PDM) technique will be utilized to satisfy both time and cost applications. All schedule data and reports required under this specification section shall be based upon regular total float, not relative total float schedules.


A.The A/E shall designate an authorized representative in the firm who will be responsible for the preparation of the CPM Schedule and review and report progress of the project with and to the Project Manager and the Contracting Officer.

B.The A/E's representative shall have direct project control and complete authority to act on behalf of the A/E in fulfilling the requirements of this specification section and such authority shall not be interrupted throughout the duration of the project.


A.To prepare the CPM Schedule and subsequent periodic updates, which reflects the A/E's project plan, the A/E shall either designate a qualified individual within their firm or engage an independent CPM consultant (CPM Developer) who is skilled in the time and cost application of scheduling using (PDM) network techniques for Design projects, the cost of which is included in the A/E's bid.

B.Within 5 business days after award of the contract, the A/E shall submit to the Contracting Officer:

1.The name of the CPM Developer.

2.The Computer Software to be utilized.

3.Sufficient information to show that the CPM Developer has the qualifications to meet the requirements specified in the preceding paragraph.

C.The Contracting Officer has the right to approve or disapprove the designated CPM developer and will notify the A/E of the VA decision within seven calendar days from receipt of information. In case of disapproval, the A/E shall resubmit another CPM Developer within 5 business days for renewed consideration. The A/E must have their CPM Developer approved prior to submitting the Initial CPM Schedule.


A.The A/E shall provide to the VA Project Manager, Contracting Officer, and CPM Schedule Analyst, monthly computer processing of all computer-produced time/cost schedules and reports generated from monthly project updates. A hard copy listing of all project schedule changes and associated data will be made at the update along with an electronic file of this data. These reports shall be submitted with and substantively support the A/E’s monthly payment request. The Project Manager shall identify the different report formats that the A/E shall provide based upon the monthly schedule updates.

B.The A/E is responsible for the accuracy and timeliness of the computer-produced reports. The A/E is also responsible for the accurate and timely submittal of the updated project schedule and all CPM data necessary to produce the computer reports and payment request that is specified.

C.The VA shall report errors in computer-produced reports to the A/E’s representative within ten calendar days from receipt of reports. The A/E will reprocess the computer-produced reports, when requested by the Contracting Officer’s Representative, to correct errors which affect the payment and schedule for the project.


A.Within 15 calendar days after receipt of Notice of Award, the A/E shall submit for the Project Manager and Contracting Officer's review: three blue line copies of the complete CPM Schedule on sheets of paper 30 x 42 inches and an electronic file. The submittal shall also include three copies of an activity/event ID schedule showing project duration; phase completion dates; and other data, including event cost. Each activity/event on the schedule shall contain as a minimum, but not limited to, activity/event ID, duration, predecessor and successor relationships, area code, description, budget amount, early start date, early finish date, late start date, late finish date, and total float. Work activity/event relationships shall be restricted to finish-to-start and start-to-start without lead or lag constraints. Activity/event date constraints not required by the contract will not be accepted unless submitted to and approved by the Contracting Officer. The A/E shall make a separate written detailed request to the Contracting Officer identifying these date constraints and secure the Contracting Officer’s written approval before incorporating them into the CPM Schedule. The Contracting Officer’s separate approval of the CPM Schedule shall not excuse the A/E of this requirement. Logic events (non-work) will be permitted where necessary to reflect proper logic among work events but must have zero duration. The complete working CPM Schedule shall reflect the A/E's approach to scheduling the complete project. The final CPM Schedule in its original form shall contain no contract modifications or changes which may have been incurred during the final CPM Schedule development period and shall reflect the entire contract duration as defined in the bid documents. These changes/delays shall be entered at the first update after the final CPM Schedule has been approved. The A/E should provide their requests for time and supporting time extension analysis for contract time as a result of contract changes/delays after this update and in accordance with Article, ADJUSTMENT OF CONTRACT COMPLETION.

B.Within 10 business days after receipt of the complete project CPM Schedule, the Project Manager or Contracting Officer will do one or both of the following:

1.Notify the A/E concerning his/her actions, opinions, and objections.

2.Hold a meeting with the A/E at or near the job site for joint review. Correction or adjustment of the proposed plan will be scheduled if required. Within 5 business days after the joint review, the A/E shall revise and submit three blue line copies of the revised CPM Schedule, three copies of the revised computer-produced activity/event ID schedule, and a revised electronic file as specified by the Contracting Officer. The revised submission will be reviewed by the Contracting Officer and, if found to be as previously agreed upon, will be approved.

C.The approved baseline CPM Schedule and the corresponding computer-produced schedule(s) shall constitute the approved baseline schedule until subsequently revised in accordance with the requirements of this section.


The A/E shall cost load all work activities. The cost loading shall reflect the appropriate level of effort of the work activities/events. The cumulative amount of all cost loaded work activities/events (including alternates) shall equal the total contract price. Prorate overhead, profit, and general conditions on all work activities/events for the entire project length. The A/E shall generate from this information cash flow curves indicating graphically the total percentage of work activity/event dollar value scheduled to be in place on early finish, late finish. These cash flow curves will be used by the Contracting Officer to assist him/her in determining approval or disapproval of the cost loading. In the event of disapproval, the A/E shall revise and resubmit in accordance with Article, THE COMPLETE PROJECT CPM SCHEDULE SUBMITTAL. Negative work activity/event cost data will not be acceptable, except on VA issued contract changes.


A.Show on the CPM Schedule the sequence and interdependence of work activities/events required for complete performance of all items of work. In preparing the CPM Schedule, the A/E shall:

1.Exercise sufficient care to produce a clear, legible, and accurate CPM Schedule.

2.Show the following on each work activity/event:

a.Activity/Event ID number.

b.Concise description of the work represented by the activity/event. (35 characters or less including spaces preferred).

c.Performance responsibility.

d.Duration (in workdays.)

e.Cost (in accordance with Article, ACTIVITY/EVENT COST DATA of this section and less than $99,999 per activity).

f.Manpower required (average number of men per day).

3.Show activities/events as:

a.A/E's time required for submittal of drawings.

b.VA review and approval of drawings, equipment schedules, samples, templates, or similar items.

c.Interruption of VA Medical Center utilities, delivery of Government furnished equipment, project phasing, and any other specification requirements.

4.Show activities/events for work for each discipline.

5.Break up the work into activities/events of duration no longer than 20 workdays each, except for which the Project Manager and/or the Contracting Officer may approve the showing of a longer duration.

6.Describe work activities/events clearly so the work is readily identifiable for assessment of completion. Activities/events labeled "start," "continue," or "completion," are not specific and will not be allowed. Lead and lag time activities will not be acceptable.

7.Uniquely number each activity/event with numbers ranging from 1 to 99998 only. The CPM Schedule should be generally numbered in such a way to reflect disciplines, phase, or location of the work.

B.Submit the following supporting data in addition to the CPM Schedule, activity/event ID schedule, and electronic file(s). Failure of the A/E to include this data will delay the review of the submittal until the Contracting Officer is in receipt of the missing data:

1.The proposed number of working days per week.

2.The holidays to be observed during the life o