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June 6, 2022, 9:22 a.m.
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Statement of Work

Title: Quantum Memory and Single Photon Source Development for Quantum Communication and Networking


The Applied and Computational Mathematics Division (ACMD) at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is developing quantum communication and network technology, which is capable of transferring, distributing, and storing quantum information. The ultimate goal of the project is to realize quantum internet that supports distributed quantum computing and distributed quantum sensing. The performance of quantum communication and networks is mainly dependent on its devices, for example, single/entangled photon source, quantum memory, quantum interface and single photon detectors. It is critical to design, develop and test key devices to realize a high-performance quantum network.

The main objective of the project covered by this Statement of Work (SOW) is to complete the design, development and testing of new devices for quantum communication and network, including the single/entangled photon source based on Silicon Carbide (SiC), lithium niobate and other new material and the quantum memories based on electromagnetically induced transparency (EIT).


The Contractor shall work with NIST scientists involved in the quantum communication and network project in ACMD to design and develop single/entangled photon sources and quantum memories. The Contractor shall perform experimental set-up for the development and characterization of the devices. The Contractor shall implement these devices, characterize their performance, and improve them to satisfy the quantum communication needs of this requirement and to integrate the devices into quantum communication systems.


The Contractor shall be responsible for project oversight, equipment, administration, and technical execution of this contract. The Contractor shall perform the following specific tasks throughout the period of performance.

Complete a set-up of 2-dimensional Magneto-Optic Trapping (2-D MOT). The 2-D MOT set-up shall be based on Cesium atoms and use a 852 nm laser as pump and repump. Contractor shall characterize the optical depth of the 2-D MOT set-up.

Implement EIT based quantum memory with the 2-D MOT set-up, and characterize the performance of the quantum memory, including storage efficiency, storage time and fidelity.

Assist in the development of a cavity enhanced entangled photon source based on a spontaneous parametric down-conversion waveguide cavity. Implement temperature stabilization and frequency tuning of the waveguide cavity to be compatible with the EIT based quantum memory.

Complete the experimental set-up to test single/entangled photon sources.

Implement an experiment of single/entangled photon sources based on SiC or other material in the confocal microscope system. Characterize the performance of the photon sources, including efficiency, noise and fidelity.

Produce documentation, including a power point presentation and final report, on the experimental set-up and the experimental results. The documentation shall be submitted for publication at major networking conferences or journals.


The following deliverables shall be completed during the period of performance. All deliverables are subject to clause 52.227-17, Rights in Data Special Works.



Due date (no later than)

Monthly progress review meetings with the Technical Point of Contact (TPOC)

Progress report


Quantum Memory experiment

Update on 2D MOT set-up and quantum memory experiments.

Every two weeks

Single/Entangled photon source

Update on single/entangled photon source systems setup and experiments.

Every two weeks

Final report on the overall experimental results.

PowerPoint presentation and written technical report

Within 2 weeks before the end of the task order

Standards for Acceptance of Deliverables: The TPOC shall provide comments on each deliverable within 14 calendars days from receipt of a given deliverable. The Contractor shall make any needed changes to the deliverables within 14 calendar days from receipt of electronic or written comments from the TPOC.


The period of performance shall be effective for 12 months from the date of award.


All the tasks shall be accomplished at NIST, Gaithersburg, Maryland. The Contractor shall work Monday through Friday with the exception of Federal holidays or other official closures.


All property, data and information provided by the Government in the performance of this requirement remains the property of the Government and shall be surrendered to the Government upon completion or termination of this requirement. Likewise, all deliverables remain the property of the Government.

Upon award of this requirement, NIST will provide on-site office space, workstation, PC, email and Internet access, telephone, routine office supplies, and access to all facilities needed for the project. The Contractor shall only access low risk general-purpose IT equipment and common network services available to NIST associates.


The HSPD-12 Security Risk Level assigned to this contract is low risk.


Desired Output

Required Service

Performance Standard

Monitoring Method

Continuous interaction

between the Contractor and NIST during the course of the project

Meeting between the

Contractor and TPOC on a weekly basis.

The Contractor shall

demonstrate step-by-step progress in experiments with quantum memory and photon sources.

TPOC review

Quantum memory experiments.

2D MOT set-up and quantum memory experiments.

Complete set-up of 2D MOT with Cesium Cs atom. Carry on EIT quantum memory experiment with the 2D MOT set-up

The TPOC will review the progress of quantum memory experiments.

Photon source experiments.

Confocal microscope set-up and single/entangled photon source experiment.

Complete set-up of a confocal microscope system. Carry on single/entangled photon source with the confocal microscope set-up.

The TPOC will review the progress of photon source experiments.

Final report

Describe set-up of 2D MOT and confocal microscope system. Present the experimental results of quantum memory and single/ entangled photon source.

The final report shall be of high quality so that it can be submitted for publication at major networking conferences or journals.

The TPOC will review the written report.


One contractor key personnel is required for this effort. The key personnel shall possess theoretical knowledge and practical experience in optics, nanophotonic and nonlinear photonics. The Contractor shall have a Ph.D. degree in physics or similar field. The Contractor shall also be familiar with optical system set-up and adjustment and be able to perform advanced optical experiments. The contractor shall have a record of published scientific papers detailing experience in advanced optical experiments. The Contractor shall be able to independently design and efficiently implement all aspects of optical experiments. Experience with software, Labiview and Matlab are also needed. The contractor shall possess 5 years of experience in this or a related field.