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Contract Opportunity
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Aug. 17, 2022, 10 p.m.
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Statement of Work
Replacement of the Adjustable Pressure Phase Separator (APPS)
Hollings Marine Laboratory
331 Fort Johnson Rd
Charleston, SC 29412

The Hollings Marine Laboratory have the requirement to retain the services of a company to replace the
existing Adjustable Pressure Phase Separator system (APPS-160 Gen.2) and vacuum insulated piping
due to failures because of age and deterioration at Hollings Marine Laboratory.

The objective of this contract is to replace the Adjustable Pressure Phase Separator system (APPS-160
Gen.2 ) vacuum insulated piping, flex hoses and associated equipment due to failures because of age
and deterioration at Hollings Marine Laboratory as required to provide a safely operating APPS system in
the Hollings Marine Laboratory laboratories. The APPS purpose is to split the incoming two-phase flow
into separate liquid and vapor streams. The vapor stream is vented to the atmosphere while the single-
phase liquid is dispensed to the equipment. A failure of the APPS equipment could result in a substantial
safety hazard, monetary loss, and information loss to the United States Government.

The selected contractor must be authorized by the manufacturer to provide service on the identified
system and demonstrate competency and experience in Adjustable Pressure Phase Separator systems
including the mechanical / electrical knowledge of shut down and startup procedures. The contractor
must have at the time of proposal all applicable licenses as required under the laws of South Carolina, the
federal government, and local ordinances for the performance of work under this agreement.

Scope of Work
The contractor shall remove and replace the existing Adjustable Pressure Phase Separator system
APPS-160 Gen.2 system, vacuum insulated piping, flex hoses and associated equipment and associated
piping at the 331 Fort Johnson rd. The existing system a will be removed and the new system will be
installed in the same location. Electrical connections will be reused. The contractor shall ensure that all
repairs to the APPS system meet Federal and State current code and regulations and operational and
safety tests are run on the system and the Contracting Officers Representative is present during the tests.
All removed materials must be properly disposed of per State and Federal Regulations and codes.

Item Description:

APPS-160 Gen.4 9Operating Pressure 10-50 PSI
APPS-160 VJ Flex Hose ½” x 8’ OAL
Vacuum Jacketed Piping and associated equipment.

Guarantee of work: Contractor shall guarantee all work and agree to remedy, at its own expense, any
defects caused by poor workmanship or materials.

Work Schedules/Shifts: The Contractor shall accomplish all work for the HML Laboratory between the
hours of 0600 and 1800 Monday through Friday, excluding Federal Holidays. This allows the flexibility for
the Contractor to schedule eight hours of work during a time when HML staff will be at the facility. If
weekend work is required a meeting with the Government Point of Contact (GPOC) and the client will be
held to address the best way to proceed in this matter and the Contractor will be notified of the outcome.

The contractor must:

1) Register at HML front desk and receive a temporary pass for one day (if needed a door pass

card will be provided).

2) The front desk personnel will have you read a brief statement concerning the EMS. The

Facility Engineer or designated maintenance staff member will convey to the contractor any
other items that need to be done to protect HML and the environment.

Security/Safety/Environmental Considerations
Contractor shall ensure that their employees are aware of the roles and responsibilities identified by the
environmental management system and how these requirements affect their work performed under this
contract. All safety requirements and electrical tag out procedures will be coordinated with the onsite

Government Point of Contact (GPOC):

Calvin Missildine
331 Fort Johnson Rd Charleston, SC 29412

Site Visit
All vendors interested in submitting a quote are encouraged to attend a site visit at HML. The site visit
times and date will be promulgated by the Government Point of Contact (GPOC). During the site visit,
prospective vendors will have the opportunity to review engineering drawings and inspect locations
around the facility where material laydown areas can be set up. The GPOC/Facility Manager and Chief
Engineer will be available to answer questions and provide handouts on existing systems during the site

Period of Performance: All work associated with replacement of the faulty valves, pumps, piping and
fittings shall be accomplished within 60 days from date of award.