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Project Date: September 1, 2021

Project Title: Repair Airfield Striping and Lighting

Project Number: VGLZ222002

Project Engineer: Brian McMenemy

Project Inspector: Brian McMenemy


1.1. Scope: The contractor shall provide all personnel, equipment, tools, materials, supervision and quality
control necessary to paint pavement markings on portions of the runway outlined in this Statement of
Work. The contractor shall perform in accordance with standards specified in the contract.

1.2. Background: Airfield pavement markings, in specified locations, are significantly deteriorated. The

subject airfield markings should be restored so pilots can clearly identify the markings when
operating aircraft.

1.3. Period of Performance: Services shall be completed within 60 days of the contract award.

1.4. General Information:

1.4.1. Quality Control (QC): The Contractor shall develop and maintain an effective QC
Plan (QCP) to ensure services are performed in accordance with (IAW) this SOW.
The Contractor shall develop and implement procedures to identify, prevent, and
ensure non-recurrence of defective services. A written copy of the contractor’s QCP
shall be furnished to the Contracting Officer (KO) at the pre-performance meeting.
Records of the contractor’s quality inspections shall be maintained for the life of the
contract and made available to for Government inspection as requested. After
acceptance of the QCP, the Contractor shall obtain the KO’s acceptance in writing of
any proposed changes to the QCP. Quality Assurance (QA): The Government shall evaluate the contractor’s
performance under this contract in accordance with the Quality Assurance
Surveillance Plan (QASP). This plan is primarily focused on what the
Government must do to ensure that the Contractor has performed IAW the
performance standards. It defines how the performance standards will be
applied, the frequency of surveillance, and acceptable quality levels / defect
rates. The Contractor shall ensure that timely and effective corrective action is
obtained for all deficiencies identified by the Government. All deficiency
responses shall include identification of the root cause of the deficiency to
preclude reoccurrence and an analysis of the quality program’s effectiveness
in the area of deficiency.


1.4.2. Recognized Holidays: The Contractor is not required to work during Federal

Holidays. The following are recognized US Holidays.

- January 1 New Year’s Day Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday - Third Monday in January Washington’s Birthday - Third Monday in February Memorial Day Juneteenth Independence Day - July 4th Labor Day
- First Monday in September Columbus Day - Second Monday in October Veterans Day

Thanksgiving Day - Last Thursday in November
Christmas Day

- Last Monday in May

- November 11th

- December 25th

- June 20th

1.4.3. Place and Performance of Services: The Contractor shall perform the services required
under this contract within core operating hours, which are 7:00 am until 4:30 pm
Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Friday, except on recognized US holidays or
when the Government facility / installation is closed due to local or national
emergencies, administrative closures, or similar Government-directed
facility/installation closings. Performance shall be in locations as illustrated on the
Project Drawings provided within the contract. The Contractor shall at all times
maintain an adequate work force for the uninterrupted performance of all tasks
defined herein. The Contractor may request permission to work outside these working hours
by obtaining approval from the KO at no additional cost to the Government
(includes weekends and extended daily working hours). Overtime and/or
weekend, or holiday work typically involves internal extra costs to the
Government and generally is not approved unless determined to be absolutely
necessary to sustain mission critical facilities. Unscheduled gate closures by the Selfridge Security Forces may occur at any
time causing all personnel entering or exiting a closed installation to
experience a delay. This cannot be predicted nor prevented. Contractors are
not compensated for unexpected closures or delays. Vehicles operated by
Contractor personnel are subject to search pursuant to applicable regulations.
Any moving violation of any applicable motor vehicle regulation may result
in the termination of the Contractor employee’s installation driving privileges. The contractor’s employees shall become familiar with and obey regulations
of the installation; including fire, traffic, safety and security regulations while
on the installation. Contractor employees should only enter the restricted areas
when required to do so and only upon prior approval. All Contractor
employees shall carry proper identification with them at all times. The
Contractor shall ensure compliance with all regulations and orders of the
installation which may affect performance. Base entry: The Contractor and Contractor employees shall comply with all

base traffic regulations. Award of this contract does not create a right to have
access to any military installation.

STATEMENT OF WORK (SOW) Retrieving Identification Media: The Contractor shall retrieve all

identification media, including vehicle passes, from employees who depart for
any reason before the contract expires (i.e. terminated for cause, retirement,
etc.) and upon completion of all work of the contract. Contractor shall turn in
all retrieved media to the Pass and Identification Office. Employees with Criminal Records: Employee’s with criminal records shall be

identified on an individual basis to the KO. Employee Training: The Contractor is responsible for providing a fully

trained and qualified workforce. Therefore, except as otherwise indicated, the
Contractor shall train, qualify and certify personnel for specific job tasks to be
performed at the contractors own expense. Records of training, qualification
and certification shall be maintained by the Contractor and made available for
Government review upon request.

1.4.4. Security Requirements: The contractor, the contractor’s employee’s and all

subcontractors are subject to, and shall abide by and comply with, all relevant statues,
ordinances, laws and regulations of the United States (including Executive Orders of
the President) and any state (or other public authority now or hereafter lawfully
enforced). COMSEC/IT Security: All communications with DoD organizations are

subject to communications security (COMSEC) review. All telephone
communications networks are continually subject to intercept by unfriendly
intelligence organizations. DoD has authorized the military departments to
conduct COMSEC monitoring and recording of telephone calls originating
from, or terminating at, DoD organizations. Therefore, the Contractor shall
ensure wide and frequent dissemination of the above information to all
employees dealing with DoD information. Base Access / Security: Prior to access to this installation the Contractor shall
provide a list to the KO of Contractor employees that include the employee’s:
full name, date of birth, driver’s license number, state of issue, gender and
race. The Contractor shall submit a revised list to the KO whenever changes
occur (for example, for a new hire and when / if an employee is terminated) Contractor and Contractor personnel shall comply with Selfridge

ANGB registration requirements for company and privately
owned vehicles on Government property. Entry authorizations
and vehicle registrations must be renewed as required by the
Selfridge Pass and Identification Office. Vehicles: Contractor personnel are subject to random personnel

and vehicle searches. If Contractor personnel refuse to be
searched, they will be denied access to the base. Denial of entry
to personnel who refuse to be searched, or detention of personnel
found to be in possession of contraband, may result in loss of
base driving privileges, debarment from the base, or other
administrative action.

STATEMENT OF WORK (SOW) Contractor personnel are subject to random vehicle speed control
checks. Contractor personnel cited for speeding on the installation
may lose base driving privileges, debarment from the base, or
other administrative action. Contractor personnel wishing to
operate a privately owned vehicle at Selfridge ANGB and must
comply with base registration requirements. Weapons, Firearms and Ammunition: Contractor employees are

prohibited from possessing weapons, firearms,… Show All