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BASE CIVIL ENGINEER MICHIGAN AIR NATIONAL GUARD BATTLE CREEK ANG BASE, MICHIGAN 49037-5567 STATEMENT OF WORK MBMV212839 REPAIR FLOORS BASE WIDE 23 July 2021 1 | Page 1.1 Project Description: A. Background: Current flooring conditions in multiple facilities have passed their remaining service life leading to difficulty in maintenance and in some locations present a tripping hazard. B. Purpose: The contractor shall remove and dispose of existing flooring and cove base, and install new flooring, transition strips, matching cove base, and entry mats as detailed below. All work shall be performed in accordance with federal, state, local laws and regulations, commercial standards, manufacturer’s recommendations, and this Statement of Work (SOW). C. Objective: Replace flooring within 9 facilities base wide: 6905, 6911, 6913, 6914, 6925, 6930, 6954, 7010, 7020. 1.2 Performance Period: A. The performance period for this contract shall be 180 calendar days from contract award to substantial completion. The Contractor shall commence all non-physical construction requirements of this contract; to include submittal of bonds and/or insurance documents, background investigation documents (as applicable), and material submittals within 10 calendar days after contract award. Notice to Proceed will be issued by the Contracting Officer upon acceptance of all required documents, submittals and receipt of Security clearances. Physical work shall only be allowed after the issuance of Notice to Proceed. B. Final completion shall occur no later than 30 days after substantial completion. Final completion includes, all site cleanup activities, punch list items, and closeout documents (see 1.7 Submittals). 1.3 Work Specifications: A. Contractor shall provide all labor, materials, tools and equipment necessary to: 1. CLIN 0001: EXISTING FURNITURE a. The contractor shall be responsible for the removal or movement of furniture as required for carpet removal and installation for the offices which will be verified by contractor. b. The Government will coordinate and schedule with any other contractor(s) that are occupying the area where the work is to be performed, for the removal and reinstallation of the other contractor’s equipment and personnel to accommodate contractor's flooring work. c. Occupied Areas. The work to be performed under this contract shall be performed in occupied facilities. The contractor shall be held responsible for any damage to equipment or facilities as a result of negligence on the part of the contractor or the contractor’s representatives. The contractor shall coordinate all work and activities in such a manner that both the Government and the contractor can continue operations with the least possible interference and inconvenience. The contractor shall perform all work so that means of egress to and from the facilities are maintained. The contractor shall be responsible for furnishing, installing and maintaining suitable, approved barricades, roped barriers, etc. to warn occupants 2 | Page of hazardous areas at the jobsite for the duration of the project at no additional cost to the Government. 2. CLIN 0002: DEMOLITION a. The contractor shall remove and properly dispose of approximate SF of existing carpet, tile, wall cove base, and any associated adhesive and transition strips as detailed in Appendix 1. b. If during the removal process, the contractor sees any indication of asbestos containing materials, they shall immediately stop work and contact the assigned Government representative. c. Contractor shall clean and scrape any existing adhesive on the subfloor d. Contractor is responsible for proper disposal or recycle of old flooring according to federal, state, and local policies 3. CLIN 0003: INSTALLATION a. Once removal and installation have begun in a facility, the contractor has 7 working days to complete the task. All measurements and quantities shall be verified by the contractor prior to installation. b. Contractor shall ensure subfloor is level. c. Contractor shall replace parts of the subfloor as necessary and with approval from the Government. d. All flooring finishes will be replaced with same or similar material, with the exception of existing VCT. e. CARPET. 1. The contractor shall install approximate SF of mid-grade carpet tiles detailed in Appendix 1. The contractor shall prepare floors in accordance with commercial carpet installation standards and practices prior to installation of the carpet. All floor seams shall be sealed and new transition strips installed where the carpet adjoins uncarpeted surfaces. Adhesive is the responsibility of the contractor. 2. Minimum Technical Specifications: i. Carpet Tile Product Size 24 in x 24 in ii. Construction Multi-Level Pattern Loop iii. Primary Backing Synthetic iv. Gauge 1/12 in v. Stitches 8.5 per in vi. Finished Pile Thickness 0.092 in vii. Average Density 6261 oz/yd³ viii. Total Thickness 0.230 in ix. Tufted Weight 16 oz/yd² x.Installation Pattern for Flooring Ashlar f. PORCELAIN TILE. 1. The contractor shall install approximate SF of 12” x 24” porcelain tile detailed in Appendix 1 and identified as Ceramic. Contractor will provide porcelain tile which is ADA compliant and appropriate for commercial floor applications with a Coefficient of Friction (ASTM C-1028) of 0.7 dry and 0.6 wet with durability (ASTM C-1027) of Class IV. 2. Minimum Technical Specifications: i. DCOF AcuTest Pass 3 | Page ii. Break Strength ≥450 lbf. avg. iii. Recycled Content 40% iv. Surface Hardness 7 Mohs v. Water Absorption ≤0.5% vi. Thickness 10mm (12x24) vii. Thinset 1. Highly versatile and polymer-modified 2. Interior and exterior use; water and frost resistant 3. VOC: 0 4. Meets or exceeds ANSI 118.4 5. Meets or exceeds ANSI 118.11 viii. Grout: 1. Epoxy Grout 2. Meets or exceeds ANSI 118.3 3. VOC: 2.67 g/L per ASTM D2369 ix. Transition: Roll-formed stainless steel V2A material no. 1.4301 g. RUBBER TILE. 1. All VCT will be replaced by Rubber Plank/Tile Flooring. Where VCT SF appears in Appendix 1, use as applicable SF for Rubber Tile Flooring. 2. Minimum Technical Specifications: i. Size: 12” x 24” tile ii. Classification Rubber Floor Tile (ASTM F1344) iii. Total thickness ASTM F386 0.125 “(3.18 mm) iv. Installation method Glue-Down v. Commercial warranty 5 years limited vi. Chemical Resistance ASTM F925 Good vii. Static Load Limit ASTM F970 Pass viii. Heat stability ASTM F1514 ΔE ≤ 8.0 ix. Slip resistance ASTM D2047 SCOF ≥ 0.6 x. Flammability ASTM E648 Class 1 (≥ 0.45 W/cm²) xi. Smoke Density ASTM E662 < 450 xii. Hardness ASTM D2240 Not Less than 85 Shore A h. COVE BASE. 1. The contractor shall provide and install approximate LF of new rubber and tile cove base as detailed in Table 1. Vinyl cove base shall be made of thermoplastic rubber, 1/8” gauge and 4” high, color selected by the government upon award. Tile cove base wi11 be 6” high in same material as floor tile. 2. Minimum Technical Specifications: i. Vinyl Cove Base: 1. Chemical Resistance ASTM F 925 2. Resistance to light ASTM F 1515: ΔE< 8 3. Fire Resistance ASTM E 648 (NFPA 253): Critical Radiant Flux – Class I ii. Tile Cove Base: 1. DCOF AcuTest Pass 2. Break Strength ≥450 lbf. avg. 4 | Page 3. Recycled Content 40% 4. Intended Use Residential, Light Commercial & Heavy Commercial 5. Surface Hardness 7 Mohs 6. Water Absorption ≤0.5% i. RECESSED ALUMINUM ENTRY MATS. 1. The contractor shall provide entry mats at every exterior entrance to facilities. The mats will be level with tile surface, recessed mounted and roll back for easy cleaning. Final color selected by the government upon award. 2. Minimum Technical Specifications: i. 7/16" Recessed Grille Mat ii. 300 lb rolling load capacity per wheel 1.4 General Requirements A. Utilities 1. Existing utilities are to remain in service throughout the performance of the scope of work (e.g., data/communications cabling, power, lighting, etc.). Identify and protect against damage during work. 2. Verify location of utilities and existing conditions. Soil disturbance activities must not commence until utility clearance and marking activities are completed. Contractor will initiate a MISS DIG (State of Michigan 3rd Party Utility Locate Service) and an AF Form 103 Work Clearance is on site. 3. Power will not be made available for the Contractors use by the Government. Power shall be provided by the Contractor’s own resources if needed, unless approved by Contracting Officer Representative (COR). 4. Utility outages – Coordinate with the COR or his Inspection Representative. Utility outages are to be outside of the BCANG Base business hours unless approved by the COR. 7 day notice is required. B. Surface preparation and painting 1. Volatile materials, including soiled rags, soiled brushes, etc., shall be stored in airtight containers or removed from the job site at the end of the day. 2. Take all precautions necessary to prevent fire or explosion. 3. Painting shall be performed by a licensed painting contractor. C. Contractor coordination 1. Provide notice to the COR/Inspection Representative five days prior to starting work on the job site. 2. Contractor shall provide any and all equipment necessary for working at heights above six (6) feet. This work pertains to selective demolition, lead paint removal, surface preparation and painting. 3. Advanced approval is required by