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March 14, 2022, 9:55 a.m.
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Renovate Space for SARRTP Impact

Project 575-21-114

VA Western Colorado Health Care System


Provide labor, materials, equipment, and other services as necessary to modify space in conformance with the plans and specifications of the project. Work will take place on the Grand Junction VA campus, 2121 North Ave., Grand Junction, CO 81501, in Building 1.


Items listed below are in order of priority:

Phase 1: 4th Floor renovations

Category of work: Infection Control

Remove windows for infection control negative air machines in rooms 4404 for first part of work then 4403 for second part of work. Once construction complete, re-install windows to previous existing condition.

The Stations will install STARRC walls in hallway but requires three-day notice. Placement is to be as shown on sheets 1 & 2 as shown on plans.

Category of work: Wall construction

Install metal framed, drywall faced and painted in room 4404 as shown on sheet 1 and 2 on plans.

Wall construction in 4404 and 4403 will be metal framing with drywall.

Area will be in use by hospital staff Monday through Friday, 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM. All work must be completed in such a manner that access to adjacent work areas are accessible during these hours, and that fire egress is not impeded.

Install 3 doors in room 4404 and 4403 that access separate rooms as shown in sheets 1 & 2 of drawings.

Install metal framed, drywall faced and painted walls in room 4402 as shown on sheet 2 of plans.

Replace suspended ceiling in 4402.

Install 1 door in room 4402 for access into middle room as shown on sheet 2 on plans.

Category of work: Electrical

Install power and data outlets in rooms 4404, 4403, and 4402 in locations shown on sheet 3 in the drawings.

Power shall be pulled from 1EQ4B Location room 4413

Data shall be pulled from IT closet Location in 4411

Category of work: Flooring finishes

Remove carpet, old LVT flooring underneath, and cove base from area shown on sheet 1 & 2 in plans and dispose of offsite.

Install luxury vinyl flooring and new cove base in modified. Provide threshold between new vinyl and remaining carpet.

The Station will require a minimum of three work weeks between the completion of Phase 1 work in this area and the start of Phase 2 work on the 4th floor. (Plumbing can be installed in basement during this time.)

Phase 2: 1st Floor Renovations.

Note: Renovation work must be done on groups of rooms, and only one group at a time can be under construction. Rooms 1423, 1422, and 1418 are group 1. Rooms 1419 and 1417 group 2. Rooms 1410, 1408 and 1406 group 3. and rooms 1409 and 1407 are group 4. Access to other Colorado Corridor offices must be maintained at all times.

Category of work: Infection Control

Install infection control zipper doors into rooms where work will be conducted. Zipper doors should be installed as rooms become available for construction.

Air Scrubbers should be placed in rooms where construction is taking place.

Category of work: Wall construction -See Sheet 4.

Remove connecting doors between 1410, 1408, 1406, 1417 and 1419 as shown on plans; frame, insulate, and drywall in opening. Door frame is not required to be removed.

Install lavatory and case work to meet or exceed basis of design in rooms shown on sheet 4 in plans.

Patch holes in walls and paint IAW specification section 09 06 00 Schedule for Finishes.

Category of work: Floor Finishes

Remove carpet and old cove base and install new vinyl flooring and cove base, as indicated in plans on Sheet 4.

Category of work: Plumbing

install supporting piping shown on plans sheets 5 & 6. Plumbing vents will have Air Admittance Valve (AAV) installed for venting.

Install sinks in case work as shown on drawings.

Install potable water piping and cut out valves at tee next to riser and at sink

Core drill through floor for sewer connections at noted location on sheet 5 in plans. This work must be done between 5:00 PM and 10:00 PM on weekdays.

Sewer will connect to existing piping in basement as shown on sheet 5 in plans.

Category of work: HVAC

In room 1415 cut and cap 12x4 exhaust duct. Install new 6” round tap from 16x12 return duct, install 24x24 lay-in diffuser. Balance return to 70CFM then balance supply valve VAV to 100 CFM.

In room 1408 cut and cap 12x4 return duct and demo grill. Install new tap and 24x24 lay-in-grill on exhaust and balance to 130CFM. Adjust supply balancing damper to 80CFM.

Install exhaust ducting for bathroom 1426A.

Coordinate with COR for shutdown of air handling unit for modifications to HVAC.

Adjust ventilation in clean and dirty rooms as shown on plans sheet 9.

Category of work: Electrical (See Sheet 8)

Contractor shall add 2 single duplex receptacles fed from a new critical power panel in room 1600 to each exam room. Contractor should coordinate the installation placement of outlets with the COR. The duplex outlets shall be red faced 20-amp tamper resistant hospital grade with stainless steel cover plates. Label each outlet cover with circuit and panel designation. Outlets shall match existing elevations and be flush mount unless structure does not allow for cutting in the outlets. There shall be a maximum of 4 outlets per dedicated 20-amp circuit.

Contractor shall install a new 15 KVA transformer and a 30 circuit 125-amp main lug 120/208 panel to feed the new outlets. The 15 KVA transformer shall be fed from a new 3 pole breaker in existing panel CCP-1, room 1600. The new transformer and panel should be mounted in the corner left of Panel CCL-1.

Contractor shall run two 1” EMT conduits from the new panel in room 1600 to feed the new outlets in the exam rooms. One conduit should have 2 dedicated circuits and the other 3 dedicated circuits. The conduits will most likely need to be run over the office spaces due to congestion in the hall. Provide panel schedule reflecting new circuits and room numbers. Contractor may have to phase the installation of the new outlets to coincide with infection control requirements.

Category of work: Firestopping (Sheet 7)

All pipe through penetrations are to sealed IAW spec section 07 84 00 Firestopping, and NFPA 101.

Contractor to fire caulk all penetrations in corridor and any other smoke or fire rated walls. Construction above existing offices may need to be completed after normal working hours to minimize impacts on hospital operation.

Phase 3: Demo pony walls and patch exposed areas in room 1610 as shown on plans sheet 4.


See Infection Control measures described above, on plan sheets, and specified in 01 35 26 Safety and Infection Control.

Contractor will be provided a laydown area to park trailer and storage container. The area will be approximately 12x60 and will be coordinated with COR after award.

Contractor staff must show proof of COVID vaccination, or negative test results not older than 72 hours, to gain access to the work site.

There is no suspected asbestos in the area of work for this contract. If suspected asbestos mastic material is discovered, the contractor should submit a request for modification to include asbestos abatement. See attached asbestos report for confirmation.


The Dept. of Veterans Affairs (VA) requires strict adherence to the Code of Federal Regulations 29, Part 1926. This includes the requirement that the contractor have a “Competent Person” on the job at all times (must have a 30-hour OSHA card), and that all contractor employees have received a minimum of ten (10) hours of OSHA construction safety training.

Actual dimensions shall be verified by contractor before start of work.

All utility shutdowns shall be coordinated with the COR at least 2 weeks prior to starting the utility work.

The Contractor is solely responsible for compliance with all federal, state and local laws, the Occupational, Safety and Health Act (OSHA) (Public Law 91-596) and the resulting standards, OSHA Standards 29 CFR 1910 and 1926, as applicable, and the protection of their employees. Additionally, the Contractor is responsible for the safety and health of all subcontractor employees.


Based on the above list of work items the general contractor selected must successfully manage a variety of trades and tasks, coordinate just-in-time delivery of materials, get those materials to the job site, and schedule the necessary labor to construct various parts of this project in a timely fashion. Therefore, a critical aspect of this contract is construction management including but not necessarily limited to:

Scheduling using the critical-path-method.

Running and documenting an OSHA-compliant construction safety program.

Managing job site access and security.

Compliance with all VA security policy and Police requirements, to include badging of all personnel working on site.

Managing the separation of construction activities from on-going hospital patient-care operations.

Managing periodic utility shutdowns including appropriate permitting procedures including lockout/tag out, hot work, etc.

Implementing and maintaining required interim life safety measures (ILSM) as needed

Coordinating with VA COR to maintain acceptable conditions for all on-going hospital functions.

Coordinate all training with COR

Attend weekly construction meetings on phone or in person


Contractor shall submit the follow… Show All