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July 13, 2022, 11:49 a.m.
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Window Wash System
Statement of Work Joint Base Andrews (ADW)

The requirements in this document present requirements to support the installation of Cab Window Wash
System in the Air Traffic Control Tower (ATCT) at Joint Base Andrews (ADW) in Camp Springs,

The Site Coordinates are 38°48'18.81"N, 76°52'39.75"W.

There are times of the year when the ATCT Cab windows develop a fog and the Air Traffic Controllers
are not able to see out of certain windows at these times.

This project will provide a new permanent system piped directly into water supply line and will include
pumps, copper piping, Rain Bird sprinkler heads, solenoid valves, and control panels. It will be divided
into zones so that the operator can wash each window separately simply by pulling a switch for that
window. It will drain down automatically at the end of operation so there will be no standing water
leftover in the pipes to create a freezing hazard.

We have developed a drawing package outlining how we envision the new window wash system to look
and operate. The specifications are included directly on the drawings. The successful Contractor shall be
responsible for all aspects of furnishing and installing the new window wash system as described in this
Statement of Work, including any electrical and mechanical work.

Furnish and install new booster pump and chemical feed pump as indicated on drawings. Furnish and
install new copper piping and solenoid valves as indicated on drawings. Furnish and install new Rain
Bird sprinkler heads as indicated. Furnish and install new control panel as specified.

End of Statement of Work