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Nov. 2, 2022, 5:03 p.m.
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This statement of work (SOW) is to provide details and requirements for Vendors bidding

STATEMENT OF WORK - Annual Re-Inspection of Liferafts – NOAA Ship REUBEN LASKER
to conduct a full annual inspection of the NOAA Ship Reuben Lasker’s Liferafts and associated
equipment in accordance with 46 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 160, Subpart
160.151 – Inflatable Liferafts.
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

The NOAA Ship REUBEN LASKER is a U.S. Government research vessel owned by the



2.1.a. Vendors shall provide a base price for the inspection and testing of six (6) Elliot
SOLAS Style Mk III TO Polyurethane 20-person Life rafts.

2.1.b. This base price shall include ALL costs related to the inspection and testing of the
Liferafts and equipment. All standard annual maintenance and parts replacements shall
be included in the base price. Vendor shall also include a standard labor rate and
shipping estimate.

2.1.c. Vendor shall provide a certificate of Re-Inspection for each Liferaft.

2.1.d. After the inspection, testing and standard annual maintenance and repair, the
Vendor shall provide a Condition Found Report to the Contracting Officer’s
Representative (COR) and the Point of Contact.

Vendors shall provide a base price for the inspection of 4-6 Type I personal flotation

devices (PFDs).

Ship Assistant Safety Officer: TBD


Dockside at:
10th Ave Marine Terminal
1839 Water Street
San Diego, CA 92101






Liferafts shall be delivered back to the ship NLT 12/17/2021.

The Contractor shall be responsible for technicians, delivery persons and all other

5.1 Work for the Base Contract is requested 11/15/2021 – 12/17/2021 during working hours

personnel meeting security requirements for shipboard and Marine Terminal access as
required. Vendor personnel must be U.S. citizens and show ID prior to entering the facility.
Identification must be state or federally issued (ex. State ID = Driver’s License or ID Card ex.
Federal = Passport, CAC or TWIC card). A list of personnel requesting access to the Marine
Terminal shall be supplied to the Point of Contact no later than 11/15/2022 via email.
forth by the OEM, United States Coast Guard (USCG), American Bureau of Shipping (ABS),
Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Department of Transportation (DOT), Occupational Safety
and Health Administration (OSHA), National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health
(NIOSH), Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA), and National Fire Protection
Association (NFPA), Underwriters Laboratories (UL), and Factory Mutual Research Corp (FM)
as applicable.
Elliot factory certified technicians. The Vendor must ensure that employees or technicians,
whether employed directly or subcontracted, have Certifications/Approvals that are maintained
current throughout the period of performance.


The Vendor shall ensure that all work be completed by original equipment manufacturer

All systems and equipment shall be maintained in accordance with requirements as set

Transport Liferafts to inspection facility


9.1.a. Liferafts and attached hydrostatic releases will be waiting pier-side on the
scheduled pick-up day. Arrangements for pick-up should be made with the Point of
Contact in advance.

9.2 Conduct inspection of Type I PFDs either aboard NOAA Ship Reuben Lasker, or
transport the PFDs to inspection facility

9.2.a. All PFDs will be aboard REUBEN LASKER for inspection on the scheduled
inspection day. Arrangements should be made with the Point of Contact in advance.

9.3 Perform Annual Inspection on 6 Elliot SOLAS Style Mk III TO Polyurethane 20-person

9.3.a. Inspection shall be in accordance with 46 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)
Part 160, Subpart 160.151 – Inflatable Liferafts. Renew all expired items.

9.3.b. All replacement pyrotechnic signaling devices (including aerial flares and hand
held signals) must be within 9 months of the date of manufacture when replaced on the
life rafts during servicing.

9.3.c. Expired pyrotechnics shall be given back to REUBEN LASKER for disposal.

9.3.d. Life rafts without a radar reflector will be affixed with a weather proof label that
reads “RADAR REFLECTOR NOT INCLUDED” on the life raft case near the
manufacturers plate.

Guarantee workmanship and material against defects for twelve months.

9.4.a. Authorized repairs or replacements will be approved within a reasonable time
after written notice that the goods are deemed defective.

Return of Liferafts

Certificates of Re-Inspection

9.5.a. Liferafts to be delivered to location of pickup. Arrangements for delivery should
be made with the Point of Contact in advance.

9.6.a. Provide Certificates of Re-Inspection for each Liferaft, as well as a Certificate of
Inspection for the PFDs.


10.1 All data, reports and certificates will be supplied to the vessel’s representative and COR.

10.2 Minimum deliverables include:

- Condition Found Report
- Annual Certifications


10.3 Deliverables shall be provided no later than the last day of the period of performance
specified above.

11.1 Vendor shall provide a Condition Found Report listing all additional services and repairs
needed (to include labor and material) needed to meet safety requirements (as required by
pertinent regulations).

11.2 The Condition Found Report shall include a pricing breakdown that includes all
associated labor, parts, shipping and travel. Vendor must use the labor rate provided on their
original bid submission.

11.3 After review and acceptance this additional work shall be awarded as a modification to
the base contract. No additional work shall be performed until the vendor receives written
acceptance from the contracting officer.