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Oct. 31, 2022, 4:09 p.m.
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The NOAA Ship REUBEN LASKER is a U.S. Government research vessel owned by the

Vendors shall provide a base price for: (1) inspection and testing of ship fire systems described

This statement of work (SOW) provides details and requirements for vendors bidding to conduct

STATEMENT OF WORK - Annual Fire Systems Inspection – NOAA Ship REUBEN LASKER
a full annual inspection of the NOAA Ship REUBEN LASKER’s fire protection system in accordance
with 46 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 71.25-20 and the National Fire Protection Association
(NFPA) Codes and Standards.
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).
below; (2) delivery of associated required documentation.

This base price shall include all costs related to the initial fire inspection and testing of the system and equipment including travel and lodging for vendor personnel and subcontractors if applicable. Vendor
must also provide their hourly labor rate for work conducted during regular working hours 0730-1600 M-
F, not including Holidays. The same labor rate shall be applied to modifications under this contract.
as a potential modification to this contract. (Note: cylinder hydro-testing for any suspect cylinders shall be
considered additional work.)

Any additional work found necessary shall be placed on the Condition Found Report and treated


Ship Assistant Safety Officer: TBD


Location of ship:
Dockside at:
10th Ave Marine Terminal
1839 Water Street
San Diego, CA 92101


5.1 Work for the Base Contract is requested Date of award – 12/17/2021 during working hours
(0730-1600). If practicable, we request the Condition Found Report to be submitted by COB on
12/2/2021 in order to award modifications and complete work by 12/17/2021.




All systems and equipment shall be maintained in accordance with requirements as set forth by
The Contractor shall be responsible for technicians /personnel meeting security requirements for
shipboard and Marine Terminal access as required. Vendor personnel must be U.S. citizens and show ID
prior to entering the facility. Identification must be state or federally issued (ex. State ID = Driver’s
License or ID Card ex. Federal = Passport, CAC or TWIC card). A list of personnel requesting access to
the Marine Terminal shall be supplied to the Point of Contact no later than 11/15/2022 via email.
the OEM, United States Coast Guard (USCG), American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), Code of Federal
Regulations (CFR), Department of Transportation (DOT), Occupational Safety and Health Administration
(OSHA), National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), Mine Safety and Health
Administration (MSHA), and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), Underwriters Laboratories
(UL), and Factory Mutual Research Corp (FM) as applicable.
The vendor shall ensure that their company and technicians, whether employed directly or
subcontracted, have Certifications/Approvals that are maintained current throughout the period of


Inspect and test Consilium Fire Detection System


9.1.a. Equipment to be serviced:

- Consilium control alarm panels (n=2 )
- Heat detectors (n=6 )
- Flame detectors (n=2)
- Smoke detectors (n=101 )
- Pull stations (n=23 )

9.1.b. Minimum requirement(s):
- - -

Inspect and test system supervisory functions
Inspect and test remote annunciator(s)
Inspect and test trouble condition
Inspect and test lamps and LEDs
Inspect and test power supply
Inspect and test alarm sirens

- -

Inspect and test smoke detector(s)
Inspect and test heat detector(s)
Inspect and test fire alarm manual pull box(es)
Inspect and test adjusted smoke detection sensitivity

Inspect and test fixed CO2 release systems

9.2.a. Equipment to be serviced:

- CO2 release pull stations (n= 8)
- Pressure switches (n=8 )
- CO2 release time delays (n=8 )
- CO2 protected spaces (n=8)
- Fixed CO2 bottles (n=21)

9.2.b. Minimum requirement(s):

Inspect cylinder valve(s) visually

- Check Cylinder contents by liquid level indicator or by manual weighting
- Check pilot bottles - Check cylinder rack(s) and connection(s) for tightness - - - - - -
- Ensure that total system is reconnected, sealed, tagged and set to a ready-to-use condition

Inspect and test system manifold
Inspect and test main valve(s) and distribution
Inspect and test total flooding release system
Inspect and test distribution piping and release nozzle(s)
Inspect and test pull stations(s)
Inspect instruction to operate plate(s) and space protected by CO2 plate(s)
Inspect and test door(s), hinge(s), and lock(s)
Inspect and test time delay(s)
Inspect and test pressure switch(es)
Inspect and test alarm siren(s)
Inspect and test smoke detection system
Inspect and test all electrical shutdowns

Inspect and test Automatic Water Mist system

9.3.a. Equipment to be serviced:

9.3.b. Minimum requirement(s):

- Check pump

- Hiller Systems Local Application SecuriPlex Fire-Scope 5000, 4 zones

Inspect directional valves
Inspect solenoid valve(s)
Inspect and test manual actuation station(s)
Inspect actuation points
Inspect and test foam-mixing automatic actuation
Inspect and test solenoid valves
Inspect and test directional valves
- - - - Ensure that total system is reconnected, sealed, tagged and set to a ready-to-use condition

Inspect and test General Alarm

9.4.a. Equipment to be serviced:

- Ship’s General Alarm System

9.4.b. Minimum requirement(s):

- Test general functionality
Inspect for proper labeling

Inspect and test Galley Gaylord Hood Fire suppression system

9.5.a. Equipment to be serviced:

- Gaylord Hood Fire Suppression and Ventilation systems located in Galley
- All connected system components

9.5.b. Minimum requirement(s)

Inspect and test agent bottles
Inspect and test remote pull(s) and local control of bottle release(s)
- Weigh and pressure check pilot bottle(s) - - - -
- Ensure that total system is reconnected, sealed, tagged and set to a ready-to-use condition

Inspect and test fusible link(s) release cable
Inspect and test all system switches
Inspect bottle(s) and bracket(s)
Inspect piping and fitting(s)
Inspect nozzle(s)
Inspect nozzle cap(s)
Inspect and test remote pull station(s)
Inspect operation and warning label signs

Inspect all portable fire extinguishers throughout the vessel

9.6.a. Equipment to be serviced:

15 lb. CO2: (n=34)
10 lb. Dry Chemical: (n=43)

9.6.b. Minimum requirement(s)

Inspect condition off all portable extinguishers
- Note hydrostatic test dates for all portable extinguishers
- Hydrostatically test any portable fire extinguishers within +/- 3 months of 5-yr hydro

testing date

- Replace any extinguishers that fail hydro testing
- Recharge portable extinguishers as required

Inspect and test all Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) tanks, packs, regulators and

9.7.a. Equipment to be serviced:

- Scott SCBA Bottles (n=16)
- Scott SCBA Air-Packs with regulators attached (n= 8)
- Scott SCBA Masks (n= 12)

9.7.b. Minimum requirement(s):

Inspect and test total integrated system for proper function and condition
- Test low pressure warning systems
- Test all system alarms and bells
- Complete system flow test
- Measure facemask pressure for all systems
- HUD functionality (as applicable)
- Pressure gauge testing and calibration as needed Inspect and test IAW all other OEM annual flow test and inspection requirements
- Hydrostatically test any SCBA tanks within +/- 3 months of 5-yr hydro testing date
- Replace any extinguishers that fail hydro testing

Pressure test all Fire Hoses according to 46 CFR 107.257

9.8.a. Equipment to be tested:

1.5” Diameter x 50’ Long, (n=16)
2.5” Diameter x 50’ Long, (n=6)

9.8.b. Minimum requirement(s):

Each fire hose (both 1.5’’ and 2.5” diameter types) shall be subjected to a pressure test of
at least 100 psi; pressure test pressures shall not exceed the hose’s pressure rating.
REUBEN LASKER’s fire main pressure is insufficient for this task; vendor shall supply
the means of achieving required pressures onsite (e.g. pier side water compressors/pump)
or remove fire hoses for testing offsite. No more than 50% of ship fire hoses may be
taken off the ship at one time.

Sierra Monitor Corporation Gas Detection System Model 2102 (n=2 Alarms)

Inspect and test hydrogen sulfide (H2S) alarms

9.9.a. Equipment to be tested:

9.9.b. Minimum requirement(s):

Inspection and testing IAW OEM requirements


10.1 Calibration reports, inspection reports and certificates shall be provided to the vessel
representative and COR (due no later than 12/17/2022).

10.2 Minimum deliverables include:

- Condition Found Report
- Annual Certifications
- Updated Fire System Inventory
- Validated Fire Control Plan
- Calibration Reports for SCBAs
Inspection and Testing Checklists

10.3 Deliverables shall be provided no later than the last day of the period of performance specified


11.1 Vendor shall provide a Condition Found Report listing all additional services and repair needed
(to include labor and material) needed to meet safety requirements (as required by pertinent regulations).

The Condition Found Report shall include a pricing breakdown that includes all associated labor,

parts, shipping and travel. Vendor mus