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March 30, 2022, 6:45 a.m.
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Contractor shall provide a turnkey 100% installation of all overhead mounted patient lifts for the Richard
L. Roudebush VA Medical Center, 1481 W 10th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46202. The overhead, ceiling
mounted patient lift system shall be complete with track system, lift units, motors and complete
structural mounting system to attach to the existing structural/roof system. The contractor shall
provide and install a complete XY or H Track Configuration with continuous charge based on the need of
each room. A minimum hoist Capacity of 600 lbs., or 1,000 lbs. for bariatric applications must be
supported by the product chosen. Installation Service shall include removal of all previous overhead
mounted patient lifts, appropriate configuration and installation of all Unistrut with direct mounting to
the building. Service must be provided by OEM certified technician and must use certified OEM parts.
All service shall be coordinated through the COR/Richard L. Roudebush VAMC Healthcare Technology
Management staff and Clinical staff. The contractor, after receiving award will have a period of twelve
(12) months to complete the installation of all of the lifts. The number of/lifting capacity of each is
defined below:

o 169 Standard – Lifting Capacity of 600 lbs.
o 17 Bariatric – Lifting Capacity of 1,000 lbs.


All services provided under this contract must be performed in conformance with the Original
Equipment Manufacturer and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards and
specifications. Work must meet all VA requirements including certification for compliance as required by
AL14-07PSA Checklist. All services must be coordinated with Biomedical Engineering/Healthcare
Technology Management (HTM).


A. Hours of Work for support are defined as standard hours Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to

4:30 p.m. local time, not including Federal holidays or Contractor Holidays or as otherwise arranged
with the Contracting Officer Representative (COR).

B. The eleven holidays observed by the Federal Government are New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King
Day, Washington’s Birthday, Memorial Day, Juneteenth, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus
Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. Also, any other day declared by the
President of the United States to be a national holiday.


A. Submittals


a. Contractor shall submit planned installation drawings to the COR for approval before

installation of each patient lift.

b. Contractor shall submit all updated as-built’s/architectural drawings to the COR upon

completion of the installation of each patient lift. Can be submitted in batches for contractor

c. Contractor shall submit Certificates of compliance and all VHA required verification

documentation upon completion of installation for each lift (Form AL14-07).

a. Contractor shall coordinate with COR and Clinical staff to schedule downtime for each

patient room/exam room where lifts will be replaced.

b. Contractor shall be responsible for all required electrical work to complete the installation

of all overhead mounted patient lift systems.

i. If current power receptacles are not in an appropriate location, contractor will be

responsible for the relocation of power to support the lift system.

ii. If additional power is required, the contractor shall be responsible for pulling power
from the appropriate source to the location determined appropriate for the lift

c. Remove old overhead mounted patient lift system to clear way for new system

i. This includes any repairs that must be made to the structural support from the

removal of the previous overhead mounted patient lift.

d. During track installation, that contractor shall be responsible for all modifications to existing

structural systems to support the patient lift track, including but not limited to any
penetrations into the concrete deck.
Install new overhead mounted patient lift system as per manufacturer’s specifications,
installed by manufacturer’s certified installer as shown on provided drawings.

i. If distance between the suspended ceiling and anchors is more than 12”, lateral

braces will be required/installed.

f. Contractor shall be responsible for purchase and replacement of all ceiling tiles that are

affected during the installation of the new overhead lift systems.

i. All new tiles must match existing tile in the room where the lift is being installed.

g. Contractor shall be responsible for the repair (patch/sand/paint) of all hard ceilings that are

affected during the installation/deinstallation of ceiling mounted patient lifts.

Instruction and Personnel Training

a. Training shall be provided for the required personnel to educate them on proper operation

and maintenance for the lift system and equipment.

D. Testing and Certification

a. Conduct performance test, verifying that the patient lift system equipment and control
devices operate properly and in accordance with design and specification requirements;
including weight testing and deflection testing.

ICRA/ILSM Requirements

a. Contractor shall comply with all facility infection prevention requirements

i. All requirements will be outlined in the infection prevention and control

construction permit that will be issued by facility infection prevention staff

ii. Requirements will include but are not limited to

1. Remove or Isolate HVAC system in area where work is being done to

prevent contamination of duct system.

2. Complete all critical barriers i.e. sheetrock, plywood, plastic, to seal area
from non-work area or implement control cube method (cart with plastic
covering and sealed connection to work site with HEPA vacuum for
vacuuming prior to exit) before construction begins.

a. Type of barrier will be determined by infection prevention staff

3. Maintain negative air pressure within work site utilizing HEPA equipped air

filtration units if indicated.

4. Contain construction waste before transport in tightly covered containers.
5. Cover transport receptacles or carts. Tape covering unless solid lid. Remove

barrier materials carefully to minimize spreading of dirt and debris
associated with construction.

6. Vacuum work area with HEPA filtered vacuums.
7. Wet mop area with disinfectant upon completion of work.
8. Remove isolation of HVAC system in areas where work is being performed.
b. Contractor shall comply with facility interim life safety measures as determined appropriate

by facility engineering staff.

Interim life safety measures will correct existing significant life safety code
deficiencies or conditions as a result of construction.

ii. Additionally, measures will be implemented when monitoring systems are impaired

a. Contractor shall supply a minimum of three-year parts and labor warranty for all installed

>4 hours

F. Warranty

patient lifts.


A. Lift System

The Overhead ceiling mounted patient lift system shall be complete with track system, lift units, motors
and complete structural roof system.

B. Ceiling Track System

The ceiling track shall be made from high strength extruded aluminum at a minimum thickness of
3/16” (4.8mm).

Lift Unit

a. The lift unit shall be constructed of a metal frame system driven by a gear reduced high

torque motor.
Lift unit and all non-disposable accessories shall include proper cleaning instructions.

i. All Lift units must be wipe-down compatible with most widely used disinfecting


Lift unit shall have the following features

i. Lift Capacity: 600 lbs. SWL, 1000 lbs. SWL

1. For 1000 lbs. dual lift systems are preferred. Lift System must utilize a
single handset. Lift system must be able to reposition from a full
reclined position to a full sitting position.

ii. Emergency lowering device, with redundant, manual lowering device.
iii. Emergency stopping device
iv. Circuit Overload Protection to prevent damage in case of overload.
v. Safety device that stops the motor to lift when batteries are low.
vi. Lifting speed:

1. Minimum 2.0 in/s when there is no load on the lift, minimum 1.3in/s in

full capacity for the lift.
vii. Cab: VO plastic-fire retardant, UL94 compliant
viii. Vertical Axis Motor for lift mechanism
ix. Emergency Brake (in case of mechanical failure)
x. Strap length greater than 94”
xi. Electronic Soft-start and soft stop motor control
xii. Easily removable motor assembly for part replacement in rails
xiii. Quick disconnect spreader bar system

i. The Life cycle for batteries shall be in compliance with IEC 801-2.
ii. Provide rechargeable batteries with up to 35 transfers with maximum rated

i. Charger input: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz. Type: Continuous Charge via Lined Rail

ci. Batteries

cii. Charger




The Contractor shall submit a field service report following each installation, which shall include detailed
descriptions of the work performed. The field service report shall include location of work. Any
additional charges not included within this contract shall have the prior approval by receipt of a
separate purchase order before those costs are incurred. Any costs incurred without obtaining a
separate purchase order may be determined by the VA to be unauthorized work and the contractor may
bear the burden of such costs.
The contractor’s performance shall be monitored by the COR through service reports and quarterly
quality assurance evaluations provided by the contractor.
Invoices shall be submitted through the approved VA invoice payment processing system.
Replacement of all lift systems are to be completed within 12 months of contract award date.


All installation and maintenance services requir